Luxurious bathroom furniture with modern designs

bathrobe hung coat rack bathroom wall

Would you like to have a bathroom with the latest in technology and great detail? Do not miss this fantastic compilation of images of bathroom furniture of design for a dreamy decoration. A fabulous spa center at home that will make all the stress and bad vibrations of everyday life so busy disappear.

Luxurious design bathroom furniture


The designer Pavel Vetrov has created this contemporary vision by using simple and minimalist bathroom furniture in a very industrial atmosphere. The wood in different finishes that complement each other to create a relaxed atmosphere for one of the most intimate places in the home.

Luxurious bathroom furniture

white bathtub room furniture bathroom

Next, an artistic touch that will change our conception of bathroom furniture. It is a design of Jesters Philip and Catherine for the Perspective firm. They have included several very striking elements that intend to transport us to natural and magical places where no one can break in, a true wonder.

Luxurious bathtub with modern design

bathtub top view bathroom

We are struck by the great variety of elements that have intervened in the creation of this spectacular design. Under the bathtub we find a conglomerate of polished stones that remind us of Zen gardens Oriental style, an ideal surface to massage the soles of the feet when leaving a relaxing bath of foam.

Modern bathroom with tropical design

modern bathroom divided luxurious

Next Yevgeny Dyakonov shows us his creation for luxury bathroom furniture of a unique style. The main theme is the tropical, making itself noticed in certain natural elements that appear in a remarkable way. With this we refer to the pieces of wood but above all to the fantastic fireplace of futuristic design.

Modern design bathroom with laminate

super modern laminate design bathroom

Finally, it is worth mentioning the fabulous bathroom furniture design by Natalia Chibiryak. Here we will see the most current trends in terms of modern decoration for bathrooms. Again the wood laminate for the most extensive surfaces and bathroom furniture with rounded shapes is appreciated.

Tropical bathroom design with natural elements

super bathroom tropical modern fireplace

Luxurious style bathroom by Paul Winds

contemporary design paul luxurious bathroom

Design by Paul Winds for luxury bathrooms


Luxurious design for bathroom

bathtub plant furniture modern bathroom

Modern design bathrooms

modern bathroom brown shampoo boats

modern bathroom narrow wooden design

Luxurious bathrooms Jarron flowers colors

modern cistern toilet furniture

shower cabin modern bathroom furniture

crystals hanging nice round bathtub

modern luxurious bathroom rooms design

hanging stairs pictures light bulb

modern stairs hanging furniture bathroom

bathroom sun lounger stairs

foto veintiuno furniture bathroom fashion

laminate wood floor walls platforms

washbasins modern design bathroom

modern porcelain flat futuristic washbasins

modern washbasins bathroom furniture

washbasin top view modern bathroom

book bathrobe bathrobe hanging laminate

screens glass doors cabinet shower

luxurious bathroom cabinet

bathroom furniture laminate wood walls

bathroom furniture golden pendant lamps

Luxurious bathroom furniture design rocks

furniture bathroom chair brown leather

furniture bathroom chair stool views

pavel vetrov furniture lounger bath

pool pond patio small vertical

modern chair washbasins minimalist design

modern towel rack modern bathroom furniture

lounger leather stairs stool grandmother

leather lounge chair luxurious bathroom

water bide modern bathroom furniture

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