Luxurious homes - Superhouse exclusivity is in the simple

luxury houses superhouse exclusive design modern ideas

Today we will talk about the luxurious houses and in particular of Superhouse, a brand that intends to create 30 properties around the world for the "super-rich" clients. The concept was created by the founder of Ström Architects¹, Magnus Ström, whose idea was to design limited edition of luxurious houses together with a naval architect, responsible for the super design yachts . The mission of Superhouse is to design households with a relative focus that addresses the individual lifestyles of the clients.

Luxurious homes - a Superhouse image from the seating area that surrounds a beautiful fire dish

luxury houses superhouse exclusive design garden ideas

The intention was to design a large luxurious but discreet family house. The clients had a wish list that included an open space that perfectly combines the exterior with the interior, as well as being able to enjoy to the maximum the location next to the sea that has the terrain of the house.

Luxurious homes - the pool of this modern house surrounded by limestone tiles

luxury houses superhause exclusive design pool ideas

The owners also wanted the house to be a refuge for them to have the feeling of being in a luxury private resort, without the coldness and lack of personality that these spaces often have.

The house has a spiral concrete staircase

luxury houses superhouse exclusive design ideas

Part of the house hides its own personal treasures such as the large collection of contemporary art that we see in the photos and an important collection of classic cars. Next to them we have comfortable rooms and suites for guests.

Combination of natural materials for the design of the exterior and the interior of the Superhouse

luxury houses superhouse exclusive design open air ideas

Like all luxury homes, this one also has a luxury entrance. Even the house is reached through a sumptuous path that meanders through the mountainous landscape. An entrance courtyard with high walls of local stone inspired by the presence of the same in the bay.

A place to sunbathe and an infinity pool

luxury houses superhause exclusive outdoor design ideas

The design concept is very simple: two L-shaped stone walls surround the house; Within these retaining walls there are two volumes of wood. On the first floor we find the kitchen, storage spaces and rooms for staff.

An image of the house from a distance that shows us a wooden pier that takes us to the garden

luxury houses superhouse exclusive design options ideas

The kitchen and dining room are separated by sliding doors that can sink into the floor to disappear completely and connect the two spaces. This allows an open plan when the family wants it but the kitchen can also be completely closed.

The views from this impressive house

luxury houses superhouse exclusive design beautiful view ideas

The second volume contains a spa and gym. Again, sliding doors that are used to allow the connection between the internal spa and the gym spaces with the external areas. There is a staircase that leads to the master suite above, allowing residents to go down directly for morning exercise or for a swim.

The entrance of the house with walls of natural stone and concrete

entrance house luxury options design ideas

The two volumes have walls covered with hard wood, which define the open living space. The main facade of the living room has glazing that can be opened completely, since it is sliding windows that are hidden inside the walls. The façade, with no columns, allows an unobstructed integration of internal and external environments.

The impressive view of the sea from the living room

luxury houses superhause exclusive design views ideas

In the center of the main living room there is a double height space with a sunken circular seating area, in which there is a suspended fireplace, hung from the ceiling. The vertical chimney emphasizes the connection of the two floors as it comes down from the ceiling that is in the second volume of the house.

The beautiful staircase is a focal point in each of the spaces on the first floor

luxury houses superhaose exclusive design salon ideas

The second floor is accessed by an elegant staircase, which leads to the master suite at one end of the house and four smaller suites on the other. Between these two extremes there is a large gallery and a library space.

A large window through which we see the entrance courtyard and walls decorated with works of art

luxury houses superhaose exclusive interior design ideas

In this gallery we can see the contemporary art collection of clients composed of large paintings and sculptures. An important requirement of the client was that the art was part of the house.

A perfect place to sit and enjoy the view

luxury houses superhaose exclusive design furniture ideas

The office is also located on the first floor, and this is the only space from which you can not enjoy the view of the sea. That was a decision of the owner to separate work from pleasure.

A place to sit and enjoy a good book and the works of art that surround it

luxury houses superhouse exclusive design ideas chair

Outside the house, we can see an infinity pool that is right between the house, the beach and the living space. When you look at it from the inside, you can see that the architects have created a visually perfect transition between the surface of the pool and the sea.

A quiet and inspiring space in which to work

view kitchen modern design picture ideas

A large living and dining area located towards the sea, are located next to the kitchen area to facilitate the service. The sliding glass doors in this part open to reveal a bar.

The bed with wooden backrest very original and modern

luxury houses superhouse exclusive design bedroom ideas

The house is designed as a building framed by concrete which allows the temperatures inside the house to react slowly to changes in temperature outside so that a more uniform temperature is achieved inside.

One of the bedrooms with a large window and beautiful views

luxury houses superhouse exclusive design modern bedroom ideas

Bathroom with view and wonderful marble floor and luxurious bathtub

luxury houses superhouse exclusive design bathroom ideas

1 Ström Architects






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