Luxury bathrooms - 50 ideas for using marble in your design


Marble has long become one of the preferred materials for decorating first-class residential and public places. Modern luxury bathrooms can surprise you not only with furniture, accessories and accessories bathroom originals, but also with an interesting selection of different types of marble, which can be included in the design in many different ways.

In this article, for your inspiration, we have compiled 50 stunning modern bathrooms, decorated with an iconic luxury material: marble . With exquisite curves or modern straight lines, light or dark in color, this material literally exudes richness and a commitment to high quality. Make sure that different types of marble allow you to create a wide variety of moods: from brilliant artistic statements to a perfectly balanced resting area.


Such a noble and rich material, like marble, has been used for a long time inside residential premises. As a general rule, it is used in the design of floors, walls, to create furniture and decoration. Its unique and complex texture allows it to create a truly luxurious interior.

Luxury bathrooms ideas for large places


In this article we will also inform you about the use of marble tiles for the bathroom. Light or dark in color, with modern and exquisite straight lines, as we said earlier this material is a commitment to high quality. But, despite these advantages, marble also has some drawbacks.


The details made of natural marble give the design of the bathroom or the product that has been created a refined and unique style. The natural energy of the stone is able to provide happiness and relaxation, and its high cost gives the room a luxurious air. The furniture and marble decoration elements have a high cost due to the complexity of the creation process.

Luxury bathrooms with black and white marble


But the natural texture of the material, whose pattern does not repeat exactly, makes the design of the bathroom really unique. Marble as a material is, in a certain sense, universal. Its use is relevant not only in the manufacture of tiles, which cover the floor and walls. In addition, furniture and various decorative elements can be made from it.


Advantages and disadvantages of a marble bathroom.

To understand precisely whether to decorate a bathroom with marble, it is necessary to think carefully about all the advantages and disadvantages of the material. The advantages include the following:


Nice appearance If it's luxury bathrooms these definitely include marble. If you plan to create a luxurious and elegant interior, then marble is simply irreplaceable here. The surface of the material is impregnated with beautiful veins, which give it a unique appearance. When placing tiles you will not find two identical ones. In addition, it has a shiny texture, so that the floor and walls of the room reflect the light, which makes it visually brighter and more spacious. Marble is manufactured in various shades, so that almost any design can be implemented.


High durability This material has a high margin of safety, which allows it to withstand the blows of several objects falling. If you use it inside your bathroom, you can be sure that it will not do the repair here soon. This applies to both the tiles placed on the walls and the floor, and the material from which the furniture is made.


There are also some disadvantages of the material:

It can not be denied that marble is an expensive material. In some cases, the cost of marble tiles can be five times higher than the usual cost. This disadvantage is somewhat leveled by the high durability. The spots are formed on its surface, caused by the high porosity of the material. Therefore, careful care is needed for said surface and its additional treatment with protective agents. If there are cosmetics for coloring or perfumery on marble furniture, you should remove them immediately.


If you plan to use marble inside the bathroom, you must prepare for the high maintenance costs. You must collect detergents without chlorine, and wash the floor with water, it must be cleaned immediately. Otherwise, the marble surface will absorb and soften it.


Luxury bathrooms - What elements of the interior can be marble

This material is mainly used for the creation of tiles. In addition, the range of different manufacturers offers a large number of different models, which differ in color and shape. Such tiles can cover both the floor and the walls of the room. But for the design of the roof its use is impractical. This is due to the high weight of the material, as well as the fact that, visually, such a ceiling will reduce the space of a small room.


The furniture in the bathroom can also be marble. In particular, we are talking about work surfaces. They are carried out using a perfect technology, which allows to create the appearance of a single marble plate in which a sink and a mixer are built.


Luxury bathrooms What are the colors you can use?

The main advantage of using marble is its decorative variety, you can find marble that fits both the design and the tone of your bathroom. It is the color that determines the functionality and quality characteristics of the material.


The white stone inside the room looks more luxurious and soft. Here the presence of various impurities is excluded, and the structure itself is soft and plastic. This is what provides the flexibility of the material in the processing, which is ideal for shaping various products. The work surfaces and the floor with such material is better not to be coated, since it is more difficult to care for.


Gray marble has a thicker texture due to the content of impurities and porous structure. But inside it is not inferior to white stone. The impurities in their composition form very complicated interwoven patterns. This material looks good if the design of the bathroom contemplates its use in combination with white marble.


Also in the range of stone presented and colored. It is characterized by a higher percentage of impurities, but it occurs in a variety of colors. Despite the impurities, it is characterized by a high resistance to external influences. It was demonstrated especially in the manufacture of tiles and countertops or to cover furniture.


This tonal dispersion allows you to implement almost any bathroom design. It is generally accepted that the use of marble in the interior as it is believed to neutralize the negative energy. Therefore, during the reception of the hygiene procedures, you will truly rest.


Worthy material imitation

If you want the design of your room to look beautiful, but the cost of marble stops it, then there is a worthy replacement for it: an artificial stone, which is based on marble chips. Also in the composition there are acrylic resins, various hardeners, coloring pigments. This stone is composed of plates and then covered with a colored or transparent gel. It is he who gives depth to the image and provides protection against water.


The furniture and sanitary ware of artificial stone can have very different forms. This is achieved through the use of casting technology. In addition, the tonal diversity is improved, from which only the design of the room benefits. The addition of marble in the composition of the artificial molten material gives it a fairly high resistance, but even in performance it is inferior to the rock.


Marble can be used not only in the design of traditional bathrooms, but also in more modern interiors. We tell you and show you in what styles this material fits perfectly.

However, it is worth remembering that this stone can overload the interior, so it is better to use it as part of the decoration or the main accessory. But if one skillfully and competently combines marble with other materials, it will definitely emphasize the respectability of the space and the delicate flavor of the owners.


Luxury bathrooms in a modern style

The modern style is dominated by sophisticated colors and tones, which are combined with clear lines and forms of furniture. The marble here can be used as an accent, which will add clarity to the laconic interior. And you can always emphasize the stone with the help of interesting lighting.


Luxury bathrooms ecological style

The marble combines perfectly with any tone of wood. You can do it in tone or, on the contrary, play in contrast. It will look great on a decorative wall, which highlights the beauty of marble with the "butterfly" design: symmetrically polished slabs.

In addition, you can use the stone in the design of the countertop or sink. This will create a feeling of oneness with nature and allow you to be able to touch natural beauty every day.

Luxury bathrooms-J-Patryce-Design

Luxury bathrooms in minimalist style

White, gray or black marble will be the perfect complement to minimalism: the beauty of the stone and its peculiarities will refresh the interior and fill the atmosphere with tranquility and harmony.

It is not necessary to completely decorate the bathroom in stone; In a minimalist style, just look at a wall, a floor or a ceiling.

luxury bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms art deco style

The shocking, but elegant Art Deco style is meant to surprise, so you should not limit the standard wall decor; You can make an original podium or custom furniture. Here, soft curves and curvilinear shapes are welcome, so marble with a flowery pattern will be very appropriate.

luxury bathrooms-marble-color-warm

In addition to marble, you can use onyx, as it is considered one of the most beautiful stones actively used by furniture manufacturers and interior designers. He is loved by the rich range of colors, the ability to transmit light and by incredible fantasy patterns. From this material, you can make objects of art, worthy not only of the bathroom, but also exhibitions of contemporary art.

luxury bathrooms marble-style-fashion

Luxury bathrooms Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style in spirit is close to minimalism: the same cleanliness and simplicity of the lines, lots of light and air. This is suitable for shades of gray and white marble, the main thing is to use it with pleasure. The details made of marble, countertops or several walls will perfectly complement the bathroom in the spirit of the northern countries.

luxury bathrooms-marble-ideas-space-narrow

Luxury bathrooms oriental style

The Moroccan, Arabic and Turkish styles imply a rich palette of colors. That is why the marble of juicy tones will give the necessary color to such an interior.

You can combine ornaments and furniture, decorated with stone, and not fear the brightness of the colors and the inherent originality of the oriental style.

luxury bathrooms-marble-mothe-design

To finish we advise you to be careful with the care of marble. Many home improvement and tile businesses sell an aerosol cleaner that is also a sealer. You can use this cleaner periodically in high-use areas such as luxurious bathrooms.
























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