Luxury bathrooms: ideas for luxurious bathroom decoration

bathtub pearls black atoms oil

We present forty images of the furniture series of luxury bathrooms of the Maison Valentina firm. We will see several sets of unique designs for dreamy bathrooms, innovative styles with a lot of brightness and attractive to look at, fantastic and original combinations between functionality and beauty.

Luxury bathrooms with dream furniture

oil basin pearls luxury

The upper image shows the model washbasin Newton . As we can see the design differs a lot from what we usually see normally. The author has tried to create a contemporary and futuristic piece using high quality materials, the result obtained is really fantastic

Single washbasin of the Newton series

oil a person basin newton

In this same series we find another sink of smaller size ideal for toilets with reduced space. Again we will see eccentric designs with bright finishes with lacquered black and metallic gold. The rounded shapes of the black pearls of different sizes were inspired by the shapes of the atoms.

Design wall lamp model Atomic

lamp model atomic pearls oil

And to complete the series, we also present the lamp wall model "Atomic". We can find this fabulous piece in different colors such as black and gold, black and silver, white and gold; and white and silver. The shapes that we find are asymmetrically intentional as they try to imitate the molecular formations.

Simphony model dressing table

model toilet symphony with mirror

We now go on to show you the collection called "Simphony", in this case inspired by music. The design may be reminiscent of the metal tubes of an old church organ, and the golden tone brings a lot of class to luxury bathroom designs. The compartments and drawers on the upper part support a mirror with a classic appearance, very appropriate for this style.

Single washbasin for luxury bathrooms

basin tube bar lips lips

The individual washbasin in this range shares this original cylinder design with golden vertical tubes, perhaps inspired by a metal wind instrument. In addition we can appreciate that the tap pretends to be an extension of these tubes that ends up twisting creating a nice contrast with the glass of black color.

Luxurious design bathtub Simphony model

golden bathtub symphony style luxury

If we look at the bathtub of this same collection we will see some differences in terms of design. Firstly, it is striking that the author has preferred that the surface of the glass of the bathtub in this case be white, but above all what stands out in this piece is the tap that, although it also has a tubular shape, in this case is of a somewhat more minimalist and modern style.

Luxury model Koi bathtub

tub model koi sideways

In the following model what we can see is a strong oriental influence of the zen culture . The bathtub called "Koi" symbolizes the most important characteristics of this beautiful fish. Widely used in different decoration styles, it is known that Koi carp can adapt to different environments to survive.

Diamond model bathtub for luxury bathrooms

luxury baths diamond bathtub

Next, we present the "Diamond" bathtub model. It is a really exquisite piece that all luxury bathrooms should have. Represents the desire of today's society for high-value objects and fashion trends. The design is truly spectacular, as if it were a mineral intentionally carved imperfectly.

Designer washbasin for luxury bathrooms

washbasin luxury bathrooms black diamond

To match the previous piece we can find the sink "Diamond". Again luxury materials are appreciated for smooth and shiny finishes, but in this case we are also surprised by a large interior compartment of the furniture that has a golden colored background, perfect for storing accessories or hygiene products.

Design mirrors Bronx

two black bronx model mirrors

Mirror model Bronx black

mirror model bronx black square

Bathroom mirror model Haiku bronze color

Haiku model mirror close up

Bathroom mirror model Liberty silver

Liberty model mirror close up

mirror model liberty shape flower

bronze color haiku model mirror

mirror model neapoli shape sun

luxurious baths koi golden bath

Model neapoli mirror close up

mirror color black bathroom luxury

mirror eye black color bronze

sun mirror golden apollo model

mirror shape sun golden guilt model

lamp model atomic white silver

lamp model atomic white gold

lamp model atomic black silver

soleil model lamp luxurious designs

lamp soleil rays pointy

lamp shape sun golden rays

washbasin gold color luxurious style

basin model fish koi luxury

luxury bathtub modern bathroom

washbasin a golden person luxury

pans basin luxurious tube koi

Kiki model stool up close

stool model kiki luxury design

stool model koi bathroom luxury

toilet model melrose black color

corner model melrose corner

large black diamond bathtub

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