Luxury design bathroom, details to make them functional.

bathroom design elegant animal rug

Bathroom design of lijo is our proposal today as we dedicate ourselves to create a bathroom with luxurious and elegant appearance. Whenever we think of something luxurious we relate it to the exclusive, the quality and beauty in the style. The important thing is that this space has the necessary balance. We must also take into account that luxury is also part of the functionality and not just a feeling of exclusivity. In terms of bathroom luxury design current standards are focused on facilitating daily life.

Luxury design bathroom with works of art

bathroom design yellow background accessories mirrors

This mod3e combines both the artistic and the practical. There are details that we can use to give an air of luxury to our bathroom. One of them is the use of smoked glass. In terms of price does not differ much from the conventional. It gives an excellent touch of sophistication. The traditional one can be used for screens in the area of ​​the shower. You can use tiles that fit in color to your ethyl. Specifically, its placement must be done from floor to ceiling.

Bathroom design for small space

bathroom design seats natural bathroom decoration

You can choose different patterns of figures and colors for each space. You decide to give more prominence highlighting the floor or walls. Another of the luxury variants is a large mirror. In terms of effect it is ideal to enlarge the space visually. There are even those who recommend one that covers all the wall . The modern design bathroom is nothing without adequate lighting. The choice of lights is vital. The presence of a mirror also requires illumination.

Design with glass wall in the background

bathroom design sunset background wall led

In the functional aspect the mirror It is basic especially for ladies in the matter of beauty. The ideal is to get a light as natural as possible. If you wish, the luminous wall lamps or hanging lamps add a lovely light. Here I leave some images with excellent proposals as the following image that recreates a magical environment. With LED lights and textured walls that make this bathroom unique.

Decorative wall with textures

bathroom design led decoration luxury wall

Smart application of wood

bathroom creative design luxury elegant wood

Bathroom with elegant mirror

bathroom design luxury curtain glass washbasin

Luxury style in apartment

bathroom design luxury modern elegant lamps

Excellent view from the bathtub

bathroom design luxury window bathtub

Use of natural light boosted with white

bathroom design entana modern wood glitter

Natural accent with flowers

warm shine bathtub plants marble

warm rocks dark bath trend

contemporary bathroom style wood glass

contemporary warm pictures red wall

curtains luxury shine bathroom surfaces

open design bathroom modern trend

golden bathroom decoration oval mirror

golden curtains rug vintage table

modern creative bathrooms bathtub petals

modern style bath towels flowers

modern black bath trend led

modern dark bathroom decorated lamparas

Stylish white couple suited carpet

classic plants wooden shelves raditional

intense red sheen modern lacquer

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