Luxury houses - the mansion in Roux, France

luxury houses

In this article we are going to talk about one of the luxury houses in France which is located in the Roux region. This region has a very thick and green nature that offers spectacular views. The photos have been taken by photographer Jessica Alice Hath. We are going to show you the images in which you can see a very interesting and original combination of several Styles .

Luxury houses in Roux, France

france luxury houses

Oor a part, seeing some of the rooms in the house we would say that it is a modern and very elegant house with glass and curtains that increase the style of the interior and also of the exterior. the glass allows a greater light input during the day and at night the view of the house with the lights turned on is wonderful.

A very modern house located in the middle of nature

luxury houses roux

One of the typical characteristics of modern houses is the use of glass as a decorative detail that is also used as a material in construction. On the other hand, the fine fabric of the curtains gives a very peculiar air to the interior.

Walls decorated with large stones

modern luxury homes

When we keep going inside the house and we get to the kitchen we can see that a combination of two styles has actually been pursued. The large stone that has been used to decorate the walls converts the luxury homes into some very original places. However, the stone also gives a cold touch to the interior

A simple living room that transports us to the rustic style

france luxury houses

On the other hand, there is hardly any decoration in the living room on the walls. In this way, the elegant house becomes a normal place even a little empty in which to live. On the other hand, the elements of the two styles do not stop combining. The smooth and simple walls are combined with the modern and elegant chimney and in this way a very interesting contrast is created between two styles that are totally different.

A rustic interior with stones combined with elegance

france modern houses

Something similar happens in the bedroom where the stone walls and the chairs in vintage or retro style contrast to some extent with the rest of the decoration inside.

Very modern and original stairs on a rustic background

modern house france

However, the staircases of this elegant house are the ones that most impact. The reason is that its shape is quite original and also reminds to some extent to the luxurious houses. The cement rails follow some right angles and the walls give a very rural air to the interior of the corridor by the stones with which they are decorated.

The views and the landscape offered by the position of the house

rural smart house

However, seen from the outside you would say that this house is one of the luxury houses in which you would like to live for its landscape, the pool, etc. The decoration of the exterior continues to maintain the line of stones or rocks, but one of the disadvantages or the advantages of this material, as seen, is that it creates interiors with a colder atmosphere.

A very elegant house seen from the outside

rural luxurious houses

In this photo you can see the house seen from further away, its shape and its landscape and decoration.

The pool is a few steps down from the terrace

modern roux houses

The style and elegance of the crystals on the walls

elegant roux house

The modernity seen at sunset

modern roux house

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