Luxury salons - twenty-five ideas to decorate with style

design salon white modern style

Are you passionate about decoration and interior design? Today we present twenty-five fabulous examples of design luxury salons with the most modern and avant-garde style. We will see that it is not necessary to have too much space to create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere, do not miss our selection of photographs.

Design of modern luxury salons

luxurious decorated marble rooms

At present, many designers opt for neutral tones to decorate luxury salons. In many of the examples we can see decorations with much use of beige, variants of browns and grays, and of course, white. These combinations provoke a sense of comfort since no strong color breaks the harmony and all the inhabitants can get to feel satisfaced .

Luxurious lounges in modern style

modern living rooms luxurious furniture

Another fundamental characteristic of the luxury salons are the first quality materials and the soft textures. They do not serve any beautiful furniture if they are not really comfortable, that's why it is important to look for a furniture that not only combines with the design that we have chosen but also ensures that its use is healthy and ecological.

Modern living room with black elements

nice black room modern design

In the image above, a lounge design with dark tones appears. The black has managed to bring a masculine look with a lot of style, and l The lacquered finishes of some elements give an interesting brightness to the place. In order not to obscure the whole environment, the black color only appears in the boundaries of the lounge area.

Large living room design with garden views

nice design great room views

This example makes us go to that modern trend of connecting the different spaces of the house, eliminating any kind of obstacles and barriers like walls or doors. Above we have a living room example semiexterior that shares the same space with the kitchen and the dining room. In turn, l The French-style large windows visually connect the interior with the garden, it is a really great model.

Design of a modern lounge overlooking the pool

nice design lounge overlooking pool

The combination of finishes in this living room screams luxury at first glance. The glass helps to expand and illuminate the space; the stone adds a rustic accent; the wood, warmth; the leather, the texture; and cement provides an industrial and urban touch.

Design of luxurious beige rooms

Luxurious beige design lounges

Most pieces of furniture in a luxury living room draw their influence from Italian and French designs that are made specifically for high-end luxury. All furniture can be customized by the fabric, color, finish and size. The living rooms, the ornate cabinets, and the glass top tables are some of the pieces of furniture that can be found in a luxury living room. A marble coffee table with neutral colors is also a great addition to this configuration.

Luxury modern lounges

luxury modern lounges design

In a small living room, ottomans or stools work perfectly to add extra space to sit. You can hire a decorator to customize an ottoman for you. It can be soft enough to place the feet on but also sturdy to hold a tray. A long space can be divided into different living areas. Even if the furniture in a luxury living room looks simple, the details can always complement the design.

Luxurious and modern lounges

design luxurious living rooms modern views

The lighting in a luxury living room has to be elaborated to improve the design theme. You can create a unique luxury living room using accent lighting with a richly decorated environment to give you a feeling of warmth. This also makes the room more glamorous and elegant. An intricate spider design in the living room can turn it into a cozy place, loved by everyone. Using ceiling lighting is also another way to make the living room dreamy and highly modern. A silver mirror can act as a central point in the room and add brightness.

Luxurious lounges with views

luxurious lounges design views

The classic friezes can be used as decorative motifs in various items in the living room. They were very prominent in the architecture of the classical era and were also carried through wallpaper friezes. Rare illustrations hung on the wall of a luxury living room can act as a great accessory and also as the focal point of the room. A carpet under the center table would undoubtedly provide an illusion of more space and coordinate all the decoration used in the living room.

Living room with fireplace in modern style

design living room beige modern style

ventilated salon design cover

super design living beige sofa

living room white color garden view

luxury lounges decoration

luxury lounges red cushions

luxury salons led lights

nice design salon white

luxury living rooms modern designs

retro furniture luxury lounges

luxurious modern lounges nice views

living room modern column fireplace sofa

modern living room blue stools fireplace

small salon design luxurious style

white sofa blue led lights

luxury living room

luxury salons

luxury salons designs

Design of modern living room Design studio Nottdesign

modern living room

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