Make modern and original bracelets in your homes

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Make modern and elegant bracelets in your house

Handmade bracelets can become a very entertaining hobby that will also serve to decorate your hands and wrists and you can also use them as gifts for your near ones. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about how make bracelets at home, we will see different types of bracelets that you can create and also we will tell you what materials you need.

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Make homemade bracelets at home, some very entertaining crafts

Keep in mind that the bracelets that you can do at home are not complicated and at first you can start with the thread bracelets and over time you can go complicating the models and designs of the bracelets. Also why we are going to start by explaining how to make thread bracelets.

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You have to bear in mind that these bracelets never go out of fashion and to be able to make them in your houses you have to have a pair of scissors, cardboard, some hooks to hold, embroidery thread that you can replace with cord, leather or waxed thread and you also have that have some accessories made of wood or metal. With all these tools you can make a four-strand thread bracelet.

make original home modern bracelets

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that when you go to make a bracelet it is better that the thread is longer so that in the end it does not fall short. Therefore, you can first take the measurement of your wrist and calculate the length of the thread in this way. For our example we are going to put some measurements of a thread of one and a half meters of thread. From this thread you have to cut 50 cm. so you can keep the meter of loose thread. To make the strands of the bracelet you will have to fold the strands in half and this way you will get two of 25 cm. and two of 50 cm.

make original home modern bracelets

Then you will have to make a knot with the strands so that on top of them you have to have an eyelet as in the sewing needles of about two centimers. On the other hand, so that you do not undo the knot you can use a thread and you can tie it. Now you have to start making the knots with the four strands. For that, you can leave the strands with the buttonhole on the table and you can separate them so that you can see where each of the strands comes from.

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The next step you have to follow to make thread bracelets is to start making the knots in the following way: the thread that is on the left you have to cross over the two central threads about 10 cm. of the buttonhole. Then with the right thread you have to do the same but crossing it under the two central threads and below the thread on the left. In this way you will have a very loose knot that will wrap the two middle threads. After this step you have to adjust the threads well, keeping the middle ones so that they do not move and with the crossed threads you have to tighten and raise the knot upwards.

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The next knot you have to do with the threads upside down. In this way you will have to cross first the thread on the right and then the one on the left and then you will also have to press the two central threads and raise the knot upwards. In this way you have to keep turning the threads. You have to keep in mind that the threads of the center are shorter because they serve to hold the knots. Therefore, you have to pay attention if the two threads that you cross are actually the longest threads.

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After finishing the knots you can make a knot at the end and cut the threads that will be hanging. In addition to this bracelet you can put a metal clasp or you can also make a ball at the end that you can put in the buttonhole to fasten. In addition the third type of closure that you can do is leaving two longer threads after making the last knot and these threads can be used to introduce one of them inside the buttonhole and in this way you can tie it.

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You have to bear in mind that if you want some bracelets like doing with colored threads that combine with each other. In addition to this form you can also make some very original bracelets and full of color and joy. On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account that if you do the knots only from one side without turning the threads, they will turn and for you to have a straight bracelet you will have to turn them over.

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On the other hand, there are some ideas to make very original and modern bracelets that have a very attractive classic look. These bracelets do with forks that are a bit more difficult to elaborate but they are very interesting. If you wonder about the materials that you have to use to know how to make a bracelet of this type, the main ones are the forks that are preferable to be silver, a pliers, long-pointed tweezers, a stand with a cloth, accessories such as some stones or coins and glue for metal.

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To be able to make these bracelets properly you have to take the forks and fold them in until they are left with an oval shape. Keep in mind that if your wrist is smaller it is better to use smaller forks and when you do the oval you have to keep a gap between the two ends, since that's where your wrist will go in and out. You can also measure the oval to adjust it better at your hand.

make modern smart bracelets home

On the other hand, a very original idea with which you can give a very modern touch to your bracelet is leaving it more open if this is your style. In addition to this form you can adjust the size of the bracelet to your wrist. On the other hand, you can also take advantage of the fork's teeth to increase the style and modernity of the bracelet. However, in order to give them the shape you want, you have to use the support we are talking about, which can even be the living room table. In this way you can give the shape you want to the teeth of the fork without moving and you can mold them.

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In addition, one of the decorations for the bracelet that you can make with the teeth of the fork is using a clip that will help you to form a spiral towards one side or the other. When you have made the spirals, you can take a cloth that you will have to use to cover the fork and crush the spirals of the fork. This way there will not be sharp surfaces with which you can be hurt by putting on the bracelet.

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After carrying out this step you have to give the oval to the fork using the measurements of your wrist which is in fact of those that we have spoken at the beginning. On the other hand, the decorations of the bracelet can be made using the figures of the cover, but if this has a smooth surface you can decorate it with a pattern or stones. Without ebmargo, you have to keep in mind that these decorative details you have to stick with metal glue so they do not detach.

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These two ways of making bracelets are very original but not as complicated as other types of bracelets. You can also ask yourself how to make rubber bracelets, however the process of making these bracelets is very complicated and for this you will need not only the colored gummies, but also a knitting needle and a clothespin.

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In addition to fasten the rubber bracelets you have to first make the balls from the center of the rubber bands. To make the balls you will have to use the knitting needle on which you will have to screw the rubber band four times. It is a very complicated bracelet to do for which you have to have more practice.

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However, if you start practicing with bracelets that are not so complicated, there will come a time when you will not have any problem to make the bracelets more complicated. On the other hand, to make the bracelets at home you have to take into account the colors and you have to combine them so that they fit well and that they combine. In addition you can also make some original and interesting bracelets that combine with specific sets of clothes.

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