Make up your eyes to surprise

Make up your eyes

After so much writing about the autumn We have finally come to the subject of makeup. In this articles we will talk and answer the question how Make up your eyes in autumn. Autumnal make-up has very special characteristics that again deal with colors and combinations. It is also about giving naturalness to our gaze and not forcing it too much.

Make up your eyes to surprise this autumn

Make up the eyes surprise

Although we do not have to force our eyes a lot, we'll start with night makeup. This type of makeup should always be stronger and, therefore, the preference of the dark ones is greater. You can use a dark blue or dark green color for shadows and this color will look great and with an impressive effect, if your eyes are of this color.

The ideal autumn makeup for night occasions

make up your eyes autumn

On the other hand, you can also use the color black in the shadows. There is something new in this year's makeup and the novelty is that the shadows are also applied to the lower eyelid. If you do, you will probably have a part of the shadows left. This should not worry you and you can even increase this effect of the scattered shadows by adding more of the shadows.

An original eye makeup with spots

make up your eyes surprise autumn

If some of you wonder how to paint your eyes in an original way, we offer you this idea to make up your eyes. It is about making some brown spots on your eyelids up to your eyebrows. You can do these spots in two ways. You can make them by hand with an eyeliner, if you do not tremble a lot and you can be very precise, or if you can not take a mesh with not very large holes, paste it on the eyelid and apply the shadows on top. In this way, when you remove the mesh, the effect of the stains will remain.

Simple and natural makeup for autumn

Make up your eyes lips

You also have to bear in mind and do not forget that if the way you put on your eyes that you have used is quite intense, your lipstick does not have to be a very intense color. On the other hand, if the color of your lipstick is quite intense, it would be best to combine it with a softer eye makeup, making only the line on the upper eyelid.

The naturalness of makeup depends on the colors and tones we use

make up the eyes autumnal colors

There are different ways to make up your eyes and the difference between them is mainly in the shadows that you use. If you are going to use some shades of brown, you can make the line also the same color, especially if you have lighter hair and eyes. In this case, if you put a black stripe the contrast between the two colors will not be pleasant.

Make up your eyes for formal occasions

Make up your eyes easy way

The techniques for painting the eyes also differ as to the occasion for which we need makeup. If it is for a more formal occasion, we advise you not to abuse dark and strong colors. In this case it is better to use softer pastels. In addition, it should be said that light colors are very suitable for women who have smaller eyes and also for those who have sunken eyes, since light colors give more light to the eyes.

Easy way to paint your eyes with spots

Make up your eyes original shape

In a previous photo we have explained the steps to make up the eyes with these spots on the eyelids. To this type of makeup you can add a base and a lipstick color similar to that of the spots or a little darker. However, if you use them to go out during the day, it is better to stay that way.

An eye makeup that reminds the Egyptians

make up your eyes well

To make up your eyes in an original way you can make a frame to your eyes with an eyeliner. This eyeliner has to be applied under the lashes below just in the area where your eye ends. While at the top you have to apply a little over this area. The lines of the frame you can start near the tear and can finish at the height of the eyebrows. In the eyelids you can apply a light colored eye shadow to finish with the makeup. It is important that you play with the contrast between light and dark colors because that way you will create a truly spectacular look.

The cheerful colors of autumn on our eyelids

makeup eyes yellow

One of the colors that you can use for your makeup are those that we directly relate to the fall. The yellow and orange colors combined in your eyelids will create a very interesting makeup. For that, the yellow color you have to apply on your mobile eyelid, while the color orange above yellow.

A very original makeup for the autumn

makeup eyes colors

You can do something similar with yellow and pink. You have to apply it in the same way and here it is advisable that you throw a little white shadow on the lacrimal, because the pink color is darker than the orange and in this case we have to open the eyes and give more light.

Impressing with eye makeup

makeup blue eyes

Make up your eyes easily with natural colors

how to make up your eyes

Making a small tail in the corner of the eye

make up the eyes

Using the warm tones of autumn to make up your eyes

steps to make up your eyes

The combination of colors in eye makeup

ways to make up your eyes

A look made with naturalness

different ways of makeup the eyes

Decorate eye makeup with stone stickers

how to paint your eyes

Combining the naturalness of the eyes with the naturalness of the lips

techniques for painting the eyes

Light and dark tones of the same color for the makeup of our eyes

how to make up your eyes autumn

An eye makeup not marked with an outstanding lipstick

makeup eyes autumn

Strong lipstick is better if we have unpainted eyes

steps to make up your eyes autumn

Remarking the eyes painted naturally with nice eyebrows

ways to make up your eyes autumn

Eye shadows of pastels to make up

how to paint your eyes autumn

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