Makeup eyes to go out and for important events

eyes makeup

At parties and events women want to impress other women with our makeup and our image and we also want to impress men by capturing them. However the eyes makeup we must know how to do it properly and we must take into account certain parts of our face to achieve the effect we want. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about the makeup of eyes and we are going to see which are the areas with which you have to be careful and which areas you have to reinforce.

Eye makeup to impress at parties and events

modern eyes makeup

You have to take into account the power of makeup before starting with it because with this you can strengthen your strong side, but you can also reinforce your defects if you do not apply it in the right way. In addition, the makeup for eyes is the one that will give the finish to your image and you have to take into account the color of your eyes and the shapes of these, since for small eyes the dark colors will have a negative effect on them and will turn them into More smalls. On the other hand, if your eyes are closer and you apply some dark tones or the black color in the lacrimal, you will be able to bring them closer still.

Eye makeup for modern and elegant women

elegant eyes makeup

On the other hand, you also have to take into account if the make-up for the eyes that you are going to make is for the day or for the night, since the daytime make-up differs from the evening make-up due to its naturalness. With artificial light you have to use darker and stronger shades and colors to highlight the look. However, neutral colors are reserved for day makeup because if you use strong colors you will be able to recharge your image.

Combining the tones of eye makeup with the color of the nail polish

modern women eyes makeup

In addition you have to take into account the eye makeup you can combine with the nail polish to get a modern and elegant image. On the other hand, for night makeup you can add glitter with glitter to the shadows and in this way you can fill your eyes with light and magnetism. In addition, the mascara is also a very important tool to make up eyes. You can also use false eyelashes if you want to give more volume to your eyes.

A very modern and elegant eye makeup with shadows and glitter to illuminate the look

makeup eyes elegant women

On the other hand, the shine and light in the eyes can be introduced using some glitter with glitter placed in some parts of your eyelids. On the other hand, you can use brown tones with orange or yellowish highlights to make a makeup eyes browns In addition to makeup with shadows you can add makeup with the eye liner. If your eyes are closer to the eye liner you have to apply from the middle of the eyelid and you can make it thicker when you are approaching the temple. However, if your are more separated you can apply it from the tear. In this way you will create a makeup according to your eyes.

Using blue and green tones to fill the look with originality

makeup eyes modern girls

On the other hand, brown eyes are also very good light colors like pink and blue that you can apply on the mobile eyelid. However, in the upper part of the fixed eyelid you can use shades of darker shades. In this way, if your eyes are smaller or more inward, they will become larger and more prominent. In addition, the mascara will also help you create this effect.

A colorful look with a make-up for eyes with shades of colors

makeup eyes elegant girls

However, with the combination of colors you can create a very original and interesting makeup with which to give more strength to your eyes. This makeup is very appropriate for summer, since the colors of your eyelids will be related to the colors of summer. On the other hand, with these colors you can make a smoky eyes makeup that will be very good and in this way you will be able to escape from the dark and muted tones.

Using eye shadows to make up the eyelids with pink colors for a brown look

makeup eyes women events

On the other hand, you can introduce originality and modernity in your eyes by making eyes with darker shadows. You can also incorporate a line divided on the outer side of your eye to your makeup. The line below can be done with an eye pencil and the line above can be done with the eye combs. On the other hand, for the line above you can also use the eyeliner and then you can blur it with shadows.

Making interesting and original shapes on the eyelids to fill the eye with originality and modernity

makeup eyes interesting women

In contrast, for green eyes makeup you can use blue and green tones to highlight the look. Also for parties and events you can make a very interesting and original makeup with some shapes on the eyelids. However, you have to keep in mind that to make these forms you have to be very precise and you have to control your pulse.

Making a purple eye stripe and making a combination with the blue eyeshadows

makeup eyes interesting girls

Making a very original eye makeup with leopard motifs on the eyelids

makeup eyes parties

A smoky makeup for parties and events with silvery shadows

makeup eyes women parties

Making an interesting combination with the colors of the shadows to fill your color look

interesting eyes makeup

Using a few colors of different shades to highlight the look with eyes makeup

brown eyes makeup

Using the shades of dark blue and a white eye pencil to make a blue eyes makeup

makeup eyes events parties

Using the greenish tones to fill the look of color and elegance

eyes make up

Betting on the greenish and bluish tones to make a colorful eye makeup

makeup eyes smoked

Making a contrast between the colors of the shadows of the eyes and the color of your eyes

makeup eyes events

An interesting makeup for your eyes with shadows of different colors and making different shapes

green eyes makeup

Using eye shadows and glitter of the same color as the shadows to make a modern make-up

eyes makeup

Making a smoky eye makeup with gray tones to blur the look

make up eyes

Betting on natural eye makeup with neutral shades to make a day makeup

makeup for the eyes

An eye makeup with soft tones that combine with the color of the eyes to highlight the look

day eye makeup

Using the eye shadows and the eye liner to make a makeup with reflections

modern ahumanods eyes makeup

Blending shadows and colors well to make an impressive makeup

makeup eyes brown women

Making a soft makeup for the eyes with shades of neutral colors and with a mascara

makeup green eyes women

Highlighting the look at parties and events introducing glitter in your eyes with glitter

eye makeup women

Making contrasts between the colors of eye shadows

make up eyes parties

Blending the colors of the shadows with lighter tones in the lacrimal and darker towards the temple

makeup for the eyes parties

Using the eye liner to frame the look and to highlight the eyes

eye makeup parties

Using the pink tones to make a brown eyes makeup

makeup eyes smoked parties

Using the silver glitter to illuminate the look

makeup brown eyes parties

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