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2017 will be the year of great changes, of new trends that will be marked by originality and will be full of style and elegance. You can also see this reflected in the hairstyles of the mens and in men's fashion. We must recognize that these trends have been adapting and prevailing in the world of men since a few years ago, however this year they will tread more strongly. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about the haircuts man new and modern that you can do to surprise and to be aware of fashion.

Man haircuts for the new year 2017

modern man haircuts

You have to keep in mind that the short hairstyles man are many and that they are not something new. However, one of the new trends is that short hair is replaced by long hair and medium hair in men. In addition, the crests of long hair and shorter will be long and in this way you can give your image a wild or natural air. The comb can be combed backwards or towards one of the sides of the head and you can add other details to your hairstyle to complete it.

The trends that will mark this 2017 and the masculine fashion in hairstyles

elegant man haircuts

Keep in mind that usually hairstyles and haircuts of men with ridges also have a shaving. The shaving can be as short as you want to the point of being shaved to zero. On the other hand, you can also make some lines on the sides of the crest and mark it in this way.

Some hairstyles for men with hair a little long and with a tousled style

long men haircuts

Instead, a haircut man with a mane and a longer ridge will help you create the crazy style and give the naturalness that you want. The best way to fix the hair is using foam or hair gel. however, the gel is better than when you try to make hairstyles smoother backwards or to one of the sides.

A hairstyle for short hair shaved on the sides and behind the head and a little longer on the upper part

haircuts short man

On the other hand, the length of your crest can also be done in a very original way and you can create a very modern and original man hair cut. For that, you can make the cut of the crest upwards towards one of the sides of the head that could be the right or the left. In this way on the left side the hair of your crest will be shorter and on the right side longer. These male haircuts will allow you to make interesting hairstyles with a very original crest.

A hairstyle for men with straight hair and bangs to one side

original man haircuts

On the other hand, men with straight hair or who have a slightly longer hair can make a haircut for men with the stripe to the side and with the bangs going through the forehead. It must be taken into account that for this hair the hair is longer on the top of the head and shorter on the sides and on the nape of the neck. In addition you can also shorten the length of the hair when you go closer to the sideburns or the level of the ears.

Hairstyles for men with short hair and slightly tousled on the top of the head

natural men haircuts

There are many styles of hair man that can be very useful and to which you can give a natural and modern touch incorporating the new trends and the new fashion of the year 2017. Boys with short hair who do not want to grow their hair can opt for a very natural hairstyle and crazy in the top part of the head. These men's fashion hair look great and give men a very sexy image.

Giving a natural look to the hair of a man with hair a little longer on the top than on the sides

modern short men's haircuts

On the other hand, if you have shorter hair and you want to give a crazy touch to your image, you can do it with some haircuts of boys and with a little gel. You have to bear in mind that the gel does not have to be much to be able to give the natural air your hair.

A hairstyle for a young boy with a very short hair and a longer hair comb

haircuts male guy

Instead, you also have to keep in mind that male haircuts with a longer crest and shaved hair behind are used a lot by younger guys. In this way if you want to give a more youthful look to your look you can bet on this hairstyle.

A hairstyle for men with longer hair combed to one side

stylish modern man haircuts

However, the strict and serious air of businessmen can be done with a hair cuts longer man combed to the side or you can also opt for a shorter haircut as you can see in the photos below.

A very modern and elegant hairstyle that will increase the style of the image of the man with a stripe on one side

haircuts man style

2016 was a year of constant experimentation and immense creativity shown by the best hairdressers from around the world. Men's haircuts in 2017 will continue with that trend, as we see new short hairstyles, medium length hairstyles and longer hairstyles.

A hairstyle for men with longer hair with rubber to fix it to one side and back

haircuts man guys

We have never seen so much diversity in men's hairstyles. The days of walking with the same old haircuts for years are completely over. Young men are willing to try something new each time they visit the hairdresser hoping to stand out from the crowd.

Making a very original and interesting hairstyle for a man with medium long and straight hair

man haircuts bangs

Messy long hair will look a lot in 2017. We will see a lot of long hairstyles, long stripes, medium length cuts with more length at the top.

Some hairstyles for young boys with shaved hair and a crest that leaves a line on one side of the head

haircuts modern man boy

In 2017, some men's hair trends will continue, along with the addition of some new looks. Take a look at these images of haircuts for men for all lengths and types of hair.

Some very original and interesting man haircuts with a crazy crest of longer hair

modern boy man haircuts

From short to long, these spectacular hairstyles do not skimp on style. Take a look at these photos of men's short haircuts for 2017 to keep up with the latest trends, some classic cuts, and some combinations of the two. There are five different ways to wear slippery hair.

Some haircuts man with a well marked crest with some stripes on both sides of the head

haircut man

Haircuts with discoloration have been a popular addition to men's haircuts for years and the trend will not disappear for now. They can also be low, medium or high cut, depending on the style and appearance desired. We encourage you to mix and match to create your own unique combination. The discoloration of the hair towards the skin creates more focus on the hair at the top as well as on the facial

A hairstyle for men with a ridge of long hair combed back and fixed with hair

hairstyles short hair man

This selection of good hairstyles for men includes some classics, trends and combinations of the two. There are combs with crests, combs, picks and shortcuts that adapt to all kinds of hair and face shapes. All these styles look great for the 2017 season.

A very modern hairstyle for men with shaved hair behind the nape of the neck and with a small ridge raising the fringe

hair cut man

Each classic men's cut or popular style works also for wavy hair. The waves add volume, movement and flow that enhance any style. Wavy hair is an asset for short styles, but it also brings something special to smooth appearances and lateral hairstyle. Short wavy hairstyles hardly need a little fixative product, while some of the longer hairstyles will benefit from a certain blow that dries with a diffuser.

Making a haircut for men with a very original crest that goes down backwards from the head

male haircuts

These haircuts for men are the most flattering classic cuts and some of the latest trends. Whether for short hair or longer, thin or thick hair, all styles of these men look good and are easy to use.

A hairstyle for men with medium long hair with a stripe on one side

man haircuts

Making a hairstyle and some very original man haircuts shaving the head from behind and leaving a longer ridge

haircuts for men

A very modern hairstyle for men with short hair with a ridge marked by thin stripes on both sides

haircuts for modern guys

Doing some very interesting hairstyles for men with long hair on the crest combed backwards or to the side

fashion hairs man

A shaved head with a fairly large and riotous crest

hair styles man

A very natural man haircuts with short hair slightly tousled on the top

modern man haircut

A hairstyle very appropriate for business men with short hair and slightly crazy on top

hairstyles short hair modern man

Combining the crest of the hair back giving it a volume to get a very modern hairstyle

modern man hair cut

Making a very modern and original ripples in the hair of a man with a longer ridge

modern male haircuts

Using the curls and the direction of the hair strands of men with curly hair

modern man haircuts

A hairstyle and a very natural haircut for a boy with a little longer hair on top

male mens haircuts

Combining the fringe and the crest back with hair gel to fix the hair

haircuts for modern guys

Creating an image of your most disturbed hair with some crazy and longer strands

modern man fashion hairs

Impressive haircuts man for season 2017

hairstyles for men

Ideas for haircuts man 2017

haircuts man

haircuts man 2017

Men's haircuts season 2017

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