Mandalas for children - the benefits of drawing and coloring

mandalas for children

Children love to draw and paint with colors, and to draw or color Mandalas for children It is one of the best ways to turn this favorite pastime into meditation. Nowadays Mandalas are used not only in psychotherapy, but also as "coloring books" for adults or as a tool for relaxation and spiritual cleansing.

Benefits of Mandalas for children

colorful mandalas

Certainly they are increasingly used by children. It is amazing to see how even hyperactive children can enjoy quiet creation, generally apathetic children become alive and children with various disabilities get involved in drawing.

Mandala ideas for children

coloring mandalas

What exactly is a Mandala? The origin of the word Mandala comes from the ancient Sanskrit Indian language, and means a circular shape with a symbolic meaning. The Mandala represents wholeness and life, and can be found in many traditions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Native American traditions, Judaism, and more.

Mandala designs for children and adults

beautiful mandalas for children

The Mandalas are circles. The Mandala symbolizes the essence of our existence because it can be found in the micro and macro levels of life.

Pretty Mandala of colors

pretty Mandala flower

They exist everywhere around us; in the flowers, in seashells, in fruits, in snowflakes ... they are everywhere. In everything that has a center that radiates inside and out, is this perfection called Mandala.

It is good to color Mandalas to relax and meditate

Coloring Mandalas to relax

When coloring with children, we can first explain what Mandalas are. Starting from that they are circles, we can ask the children: Where do you see Mandalas in the room, or outside the room? They can be seated in a circle and therefore form a Mandala; the clock on the wall is a Mandala; the bottom of your water bottle is a Mandala; her earrings; etc.

Mandala template for coloring

Mandala template

Ask the children where they see Mandalas in their bodies. In the eye, the face, the top of the head, the navel? The whole body is a Mandala. The navel is the center of it.

Beautiful design of Mandala with conches

Mandala design snails

Show the children a Mandala on a flower, like a sunflower, or show a kiwi and an orange cut in half to show them the inside. Have your children color their own Mandala.

There are many ways to color Mandalas

shapes coloring Mandalas

Put a nice and quiet background music and make everyone feel in a circle. Deliver Mandalas to color (choose the appropriate level of complexity to suit the ages of the children), markers, colored pencils, etc.

Beautiful Mandala design for coloring

pretty Mandala

Coloring Mandalas is a fun way to meditate. Guide the children to follow the following rules: do not talk, do not look at the Mandalas of the other children (except at the end if they want to show you their creation). Do not rush, color the Mandala as slowly as possible; try to be the last one to finish.

Mandala template with wheel shape

Mandala template rolls

It takes 45 to 60 minutes to color a Mandala, and about 10 minutes are allowed for it at the end of the class (before or after relaxation or instead of relaxation), so write your names on the back and bring back For a few classes until it's done.

Pretty mandalas coloring

Mandalas coloring

If it is a summer camp or another situation where many children are together, we can take a whole hour to concentrate only on Mandalas, leading them to the conclusion.

Original Mandala design

Original Mandala design

When they have created their own personal Mandala, they can hang it somewhere nice in the classroom or at home, and use it as a tool for meditation or as a way to focus and relax.

Pretty Mandala with flowers and ladybirds

Mandala ladybug flowers

Tell them to take a deep breath, look at the center of the Mandala and let all the thoughts or emotions go by without following them. Let them submerge slowly in the center of the Mandala and in the harmony and love it represents.

Original simple Mandala design

Simple Mandala

You can also tell all children to color a large Mandala together, although it is less focused than doing it by oneself.

Mandala with skulls of Catrina

Mandala skulls Catrina

To create your own personal Mandala from scratch (instead of simply coloring an existing Mandala) you will need a piece of paper, canvas or even tree bark, pencil and colors . You can use a compass, plates, bowls, cups, or even a pencil attached to a needle with a thread to create circles of different sizes in a compass mode.

Beautiful designs of Mandalas for children

original design Mandala

Find a place where you feel comfortable and listen to relaxing music. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Think of all the circular shapes that are familiar to you from nature.

Original designs of Mandalas for children

mandala shape sun

Allow yourself to feel circular movements in your body and even let yourself move with these circles. Let any thought or emotion that arises simply flow through you.

Mandala design with flower and butterflies

Mandala flower butterflies

Sit down comfortably with your pencil and paper and draw the symbol or shape that will be the center of your Mandala. You can double the paper in four and reopen it to create four quarters of the circle that can reflect each other for a more harmonious Mandala.

Super Mandala with crystal shapes

Super Mandala Crystals

For Tibetan monks, the Sand Mandala represents multidimensional fields of spiritual awareness and the state of enlightenment. For Native Americans, the wheel of medicine, a form of mandala, symbolizes the sacred ceremonial space and the circle of life.

Pretty Mandala simple design

Mandala simple design

In both Eastern and Western cultures, the Mandala has come to symbolize harmony, unity, integrity and healing.

Pretty design Mandala with kitten

design Mandala kitten

In truth, the Mandala is all these representations and even more. How to activate the healing powers of the Mandala? Mandalas are universally used to promote healing and other positive states of being.

Original Mandala design with robots

Mandala with robots

An explanation comes from its own design. The Mandala is a circular matrix with a central point, a point from which all things are possible.

Mandala with planet and stars

Mandala planet

Infinite possibilities and unlimited potential arise from this sacred center. When you color your Mandala, you are expressing your desire for healing and well-being.

Mandalas for children with smiley faces

Mandala smiley faces

One can think of the Mandala as something energetically alive, a means of creating a path to a desired state of being. What state of being do you want to create?

Beautiful Mandala with flower shape

Mandala flower design

Maybe you want to experience inner peace or maybe you just want to use the circular pattern to express your art. For whatever purpose you choose to work with the Mandala, know that you can achieve it in many ways.

Nice design of complicated Mandala

Complicated Mandala design

Imagine with your Mandala coloring in front of you. All you have to do is establish your intention and awaken your Mandalas by infusing them with color. It is so simple and so powerful.

Great design by Mandala

pretty Mandala sun

Incredible as it may seem, simply coloring Mandalas, you can achieve the following: relax and improve your meditation, balance your body, your mind and your spirit;

Original designs of Mandalas for children

mandalas for children

make a spiritual connection, expand your creativity, increase your self-awareness, encourage self-expression, etc. Just have fun, alone or with your children.

Super Mandala with flower shape

Pretty flower mandala

One of the easiest and most effective ways to experience the healing power of Mandala is to use the Mandala coloring pages.

Fun design of Mandala with lions

Mandala faces lions

Why do Mandalas coloring work as an effective tool for healing? First of all, coloring is fun and relaxing.

Pretty Mandala design with chicks

Mandala chicks

It's a nice way to express your creativity. And, it is an activity in which you can participate fully, whether you are 4 or 94 years old.

Mandalas designs for original and beautiful children

Mandalas for original children

There is no right or wrong way to color a Mandala. You can color anywhere. Coloring raises your spirit and brings out the child inside. You can color at your own pace,

Coloring Ideas Mandalas for children

Colored mandala

and you do not have to follow any rules when coloring. Both children and adults enjoy coloring.





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