Manicure and decoration of nails for this Christmas

snowflakes nails navy blue

Today we want to propose you amazing ideas for your nails this Christmas, we will show you our collection of photos of manicure with Christmas motives and festive designs that will cause real sensation. Do not hesitate and dare with the glitter and make your nails shine this Christmas.

Manicure with Christmas motives

nail color Christmas golden

As you can see in many models appear the metallic colors, gold and silver provide luminosity and glamor in the manicure, and is that the occasion deserves it. We will also see a lot the red color so typical of these holidays, the dark green symbolizing the vegetal elements and the white one in the form of snowflakes.

How to make the inverted French manicure

how to make modern french manicure

We will see some novel trends such as the inverted French manicure which consists of coloring the half moon of the nail which is below the cuticles. Once dry we must place adhesive strips on top, and then we will paint the nails with the other color we have selected, if possible one that is contrasted.

Nail decoration with snowflakes

white flakes red tips deco

Finally we will remove the strips and apply a clear nail polish top to fix the result. It is a simple but very modern and striking manicure, ideal not only for festive events but also for day to day. At Christmas, we can use a combination of red and gold with glitter.

Nail decoration for this Christmas

decoration nail snowflakes snow

For a fun and original Christmas manicure we suggest using decorative accessories and stickers. This is an ideal time to wear rhinestones, bows or any kind of colorful adornment in the nail , but beware, the complements must not be repeated in each nail, it is preferable that all are different or that the motives are repeated in a random way.

Nail decoration with golden ribbons

red christmas manuicure decoration

The shape of the nails has also varied compared to a few years ago. Now the nails are slightly almond shaped rounded in front of the square-shaped nails before. As for the length, this will depend a lot on the person and their own comfort with long nails.

Painting the nails with glitter

decorate golden glitter nails

Nail decoration for special occasions

decoration nails golden ornaments

Decoration of nails with ornaments in black and white

decoration nails white black

Nail painting with Christmas motifs

decoration nails color red

Nail decoration of different colors

decoration modern style nails

Nail decoration with silver glitter

decoration silver glitter nails

Blue nails with white snowflakes

great snowflake fingernails

Christmas manicure with green glitter

manicure christmas glitter green color

French manicure inverted in red and gold

french reverse manicure nails

Dark blue french manicure with glitter

French manicure dark blue

green red christmas manicure

Christmas motives modern Nordic nails

Christmas motifs painted nails designs

original nails christmas stripes

original decoration nails christmas

original designs nails christmas

original dark blue manicure

original reverse manicure parties christmas

steps draw mistletoe leaves nails

pedicure motifs christmas party

nail polish red gold

golden glitter nail painting

painting nails faces reindeer christmas

paint nails black silvery

painted nails three colors

decorated nails ties santa noel

red gold fingernails glitter deco

painted nails red circles

painted nails gifts red ribbons

red fingernails white snow flakes

nails decorated Christmas motifs

Nails decorated red tones ornaments

decorated nails santa claus

golden nails white red dots

decorated nails beanies santa claus

modern nails white red

black and blue nails hand

nails painted dark blue glitter

red plaid painted nails

painted nails gray metallic color

painted nails christmas ornaments

nails painted white red

nails black paint glitter

decorated nails dots Christmas trees

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