Marble in the kitchen - visit these 34 luxury designs

modern kitchen by Katty Schiebeck

Symbol of luxury, marble is the dream material for many kitchens. Whether it is black spots or white streaks, each panel of marble It is different and is unique, without the same marble effect. Not only for dashboards and benches, the marble adorns marvelous chairs, floors, and even ornaments. These thirty-four kitchens show a variety of ways in which marble can add class and sophistication to a kitchen, creating a truly luxurious environment.

Designs of luxurious marble kitchens

pretty kitchen on white wood

The Scandinavian style works well with marble. The white walls and wooden floors are combined with a dashboard, a bench and a slightly marbled table for a discreet effect. Wood features add elegance.

Original kitchen design by Tolko Interiors

nice kitchen Tolko Interiors

A kitchen the color of a black cinema can also house marble. A block marble bench sits in front of textured gray walls and charcoal-colored cabinets, lit by oval pendant lights. Green velvet chairs add interest.

Original modern kitchen design

nice white modern kitchen

Minimalist with a touch of interest, this marble that appears on the dashboard creates the contrast for a kitchen covered in white panels.

Original white kitchen

marble kitchen white color

This white kitchen features a white marble siding with gray stripes against a minimal backdrop. Cabinets and chairs made of wood and coal help to mix the palette, while white decorations float on the ceiling.

Super modern kitchen design by Daniel Nagaets

contemporary kitchen Daniel Nagaets

It is possible to evoke the mood of the dressing table in a space to eat. This lightly marbled marble wall complements the white cabinets beautifully. The black chairs contrast and are illuminated by a jellyfish lamp.

Original modern kitchen designed by lsa

modern kitchen island design lsa

Trying to find the X factor in your kitchen? This boasts a marble island on elegant wooden floors and simple white cabinets.

Original kitchen design by Isa

modern kitchen modern marble lsa

The color contrast kitchens allow the white marble to shine. On a polished wood floor, the slightly striped marble adorns a central table and a kitchen bench. The lamps Blacks hover to emphasize.

Super modern kitchen design by Studio Melesi

modern kitchen Studio Melesi

The unusual shape of this kitchen is best seen in marble. A long and varnished hallway gives rise to marble in striped gray, framing two thirds of a wall and two square kitchen spaces.

Great black kitchen design by Tomek Michalski

black kitchen Tomek Michalski

This marble kitchen is a darker shade. A concrete floor wraps a textured wallpaper and an impressive marble slab, the multi-colored masterpiece of the room.

Modern kitchen design by Arent Pyke

marble kitchen Arent Pyke

Seen bolder by rose gold and varnished wood, the gray and white marble is wrapped around this contemporary space. Black stools and a bonzai tree add the focus of interest.

Original kitchen design by Alexander Zenzura

Alexander Zenzura kitchen design

The marble effect can stretch and lengthen a space. This smaller room uses marble as a feature to keep the light in the room bright.

Original kitchen design by Chamberlain Javens Architects

kitchen design Chamberlain Javens Architects

The black blocks are the marble feature in this black kitchen. With a bank of broken blocks, who would not want to come to dinner?

Great kitchen design by Fiona Lynch

kitchen design Fiona Lynch

In this kitchen the gray marble elements are distinguished by black features and wooden stools, producing maximum impact.

Original kitchen design by Marina Tsishyna and Nastya Ivanchuk

design works Marina Tsishyna and Nastya Ivanchuk

Light can change the effect of marble. This white kitchen and taupe shines a glow in the marble of the entrance, making it hot.

Original kitchen design by Gabbe

kitchen design by Gabbe

Resplendent in panels, this kitchen uses marble as a design feature. The varnished wood strips on a roof and under the bench meet the mottled marble on the kitchen island. The white cabinet provides a canvas.

Modern kitchen design by Minosa Design

modern design Minosa Design

Marble does not have to be the main feature of the decoration. This kitchen, marked in varnished wood panels, adds a cover as a final touch.

Original kitchen design by Katty Schiebeck

Great kitchen by Katty Schiebeck

The Art Deco and Scandinavian styles clash in this light and artistic kitchen. The light wood cabinets and a zigzag floor have an unusual frame, secured by a square and a gold tap. A matching dashboard is hidden behind a triangular lamp.

Nice white kitchen design by Revelateur Studio

white kitchen island Revelateur Studio

This totally white kitchen was looking for an easy to clean floor and hide the marks. The gray chairs have white lacquered cabinets next to a vase of flowers.

Kitchen design by Tyler Mandic

kitchen island Tyler Mandic

Framed by a black lamp, the white cabinetry set creates a stylish place to cook.

Original kitchen design by Stanislav Lukianchuk

kitchen island of Stanislav Lukianchuk

There's nothing like the natural stone for a classic kitchen. The black and white French panels are combined with marble in gray and white, creating a modern touch in the space of retro style.

Original design by Palmerston Design Consultants

Big Island Palmerston Design Consultants

This monochromatic masterpiece features a bench made of snow white quartz. Two different marbles are joined on a porcelain floor.

Original kitchen design by Elizabeth Hattersley Design

Marble Island Elizabeth Hattersley Design

A fusion of styles can also be hosted by this luxurious material. Another block kitchen island meets white cabinets with some wood accents.

Original kitchen island design by Woods Bagot

massive island Woods Bagot

The minimalist style can be seen in this kitchen, as it adheres to simple geometric shapes.

Beautiful kitchen design by Jakub Komrska

kitchen design Jakub Komrska

This amazing kitchen island and mini dashboard act in harmony with a low extraction fan, black flat utilities and wood cabinets.

Modern kitchen design by Stanislav Borozdinskiy

original design kitchen Stanislav Borozdinskiy

Embrace your artistic side with block-shaped marble. This gray material is reflected on a dashboard, while an extractor fan and papier mache lighting join the party.

Great kitchen design by Talcik Demovicova

original kitchen by Talcik Demovicova

The classic and the modern are mixed in this unusual space. A Florentine plaster ceiling frames dark wood cabinets, black and gold stools and a sprig of white flowers. An alternate floor conserves the visual interest.

Kitchen design by Tyler Mandic

original kitchen by Tyler Mandic

This mineral can also work well with bright colors. Here, a silenced marble bench and floor are compared and contrasted with a six-piece ocean scene.

Original kitchen by Monika Siwinska

original design Monika Siwinska

This totally white kitchen has two walls in veined texture. A three-pointed light and a black quilted sofa draw the shapes.

Original kitchen design by Elena Ovcharenko

original design Elena Ovcharenko

Light golden in color, this dark and dangerous kitchen is the place where storms are prepared. Dressed in stone from top to bottom, a constellation lamp illuminates the space.

Original kitchen design by Extra Architecture

original design Extra Architecture

Gray is the color of the moment. The marble shows its depth, in a framed bench and a mottled dashboard in a range of gray tones. Clear wood and glass give it space.

Original kitchen island design by Rosee Sa

original cooking island Rosee Sa

Create your own restaurant in beige and gray tones. An oblong kitchen island with a low vault creates a sophisticated and elegant space. Two hanging glass lights darken the area.

Modern kitchen design by Sergey Galochkin

original dashboard Sergey Galochkin

This modern kitchen incorporates many elements. A beautiful dashboard joins the white cabinets, an LED chandelier and clear acrylic dining chairs.

Stunning kitchen design Raya Todorova

original design Raya Todorova

This set of charcoal and stone cabinets accentuated by light wood, rose gold and bursts of red is a sure way to attract all eyes.

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