Marine decoration tips and 40 stunning designs

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Achieving a nautical aesthetic at home is a way to recreate each of those details that can be found on the coast, boats or ports. It is often thought that it is a type of decoration intended only for houses on the beach and it is not so. In the best case, it is limited to the living room, leaving other areas of the house with great potential for marine decoration. The kitchen, bedrooms or passage areas such as hallways They can become beautiful spaces inspired by the sea. In terms of marine decoration we can say that it never goes out of style. In a general way it is nautical style it is visually very attractive and full of spaces.

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It is really classic and thanks to its versatility we can experiment in any environment. For a marine decoration there are accessories and elements almost of obligatory reference. Each of them can be used to a greater or lesser extent according to the characteristics of the house or our taste. Today we are going to give you some necessary keys so you can decorate using this style.

Marine decoration the basic aspects

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We begin with a fundamental aspect, it is about the selection of colors for the nautical or sailor style. If we have to define the basic or basic colors we will say that they are blue and white in their different variations. We can both use them in pastel or rather saturated tones. As a general rule, blue can be used for walls, upholstery for furniture and textiles such as rugs.

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The surfaces and the different accessories should preferably be white. They are basic colors that we can accompany others to improve their impact. Especially red, yellow, beige and likewise green. The best thing about color for a marine decoration is knowing how to take advantage of blue.

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The palette is wide and we must put it in function of the creation of a warm atmosphere that invites relaxation. At the time of defining the tone of the walls we recommend the white or also the blue. Each of the dark shades that you have in mind use them in the upholstery and some of the accessories of the decoration.

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A marine decoration that gives more prominence to the white color will have a greater relaxing effect. For these cases the blue can be exploited in various accents throughout the environment. If this variant is reversed then the room acquires a more vivid image. In the nautical style red is recommended mostly in accessories. There are good examples of the use of orange in these cases but it is best to use red. It is the classic counterpart of white and blue in marine decoration.

Marine decoration selecting furniture and textiles

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We just have to look at some pictures and we will immediately see the prominence of the stripes in this style. Its use in all the decoration is often very widespread especially in the upholstery of the seats. When it comes to a sofa it will be perfect, a full color can be combined with striped cushions or used on a rug.

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There are several ways to include them, usually it is wide stripes in blue. In general, for a simple and minimalist nautical style, the stripes can be used on a single surface. So it is better to use it in textiles. The most shocking in summary would be the carpets or some selection of cushions.

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On the other hand an accent wall with horizontal stripes would be the ideal accent for any room. This could be the starting point of any remodeling. If we stop to think for a moment it is precisely the white that was present in the palette of the old Mediterranean houses. They were painted with lime while they became the perfect contrast to the ocean.

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This was the image of the towns located on the coasts and that we can recreate in different ways. In a general way both colors should be the reference to guide us in the nautical style. It can be combining them or achieving their contrast on the surface that we select for the stripes. Do not hesitate to experiment with them in their vertical, horizontal form on textiles or walls.


In the same way, red is used in combination with white. The furniture on the other hand is also responsible for giving that special touch in the marine decoration. Each of the nautical style environments is full of magic with rustic furniture. Especially those made with wood in dark or light tone for being the best contrast with the whiteness of textiles.


It can be curtains in this color or fabrics with blue details. With white furniture the walls in blue or pastel red will be the perfect backdrop. Preferably the best for the style are those that have a lighter-colored finish. Among the recommended woods there are many with soft shades such as teak .


Otherwise we always have the option to acquire any design lacquered in white. The range of furniture is very wide and dark wood can look equally elegant. However, we must mention that if all the setting already has dark colors, it is advisable to use light furniture. In marine decoration it is a priority that the environment does not look overloaded.


Whenever blue is used, it must be done in a balanced way given its impact and because it is a cold tone. The restored furniture or those with an aged image are ideal for a nautical setting. It is not common for a very wide mix of prints to be made. What looks better if we want to go a little further are the geometric details.


We refer rather to simple and simple patterns. In matters of accents the nautical style and the marine decoration always need textures. It is rather a necessity given the simplicity of the style. This is a necessary resource to give a greater interest to our decoration. A simple way is based precisely on those details that refer us to the marine world.


For example, it is undeniable that ropes are typical when it comes to the sea. It has many possibilities at the time of decoration or to be used in accessories. There are many DIY projects with which you can learn to frame clocks and even mirrors using ropes. There is no doubt that this will be a very attractive visual point within any space.


Another way to add some texture is through the furniture. Those aged are the best and will avoid having to add other accessories to look for more texture. Simple decorative pieces such as marine shells or a trunk are perfect to complete the personality of our decoration.


Using some decorative accessories


It is impossible to stop adding some accessories so that our decoration inspired by the sea is personalized. In the market there are many of them and with a wide variety in terms of styles and prices. From the starfish to the popular miniature boats.


Anchors or centerpieces with some seashells are another excellent proposal. Use some works of art or the prints themselves to represent them. Many replicas in miniature are very interesting for example in the case of lighthouses for marine decoration.


As with furniture or colors, it respects the balance and dimensions of the space. It is not necessary or advisable to recharge the rooms. With the colors, furniture and some elements to decorate the freshness of any place will always be maintained. Each one of your accessories must be very well selected so that it is in accordance with a true sailor style. Includes, if possible, several old pieces with a vintage image.

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They are the best way to create a rustic wink and make the environment shine with a certain eclecticism. The boats, oars or lifesavers are other of those pieces almost forced. Something that is characteristic is in the same way to the presence of natural elements. The coral or the conches can be found on the shore of the beach.


If they combine harmoniously with the rustic details it is always a success. Think of the baskets, lanterns or glass bottles with which you can make large centerpieces for marine decoration. For material baskets like wicker they always look good thanks to their natural image. Spaces with a somewhat more striking image can resort to the use of sails, rudders or the oars of boats.


If space issues can not be used, there are other solutions. It can be for example with the use of prints and motifs that represent them. Here the best and perhaps most effective way to solve it are the pictures. A whole wall inspired by the marine fauna is of great beauty.


Your pictures can reflect, starfish, fish or octopus. Look for those that best combine with the colors of our design in a fresh and natural way. Try that each of the accessories is not used in excess always watches for certain minimalism. An excess could become too thematic, often enough with few accents. Adding the use of the basic colors of the nautical style that we already discussed.

Taking advantage of flags and maps


Maps and flags are among the accessories that could be counted as typical. Very typical of the nautical world in this style are used mainly to decorate the walls. If you are lucky enough to have old flags, frame them. The ones used for signals and those of countries that can be used combine them in different sizes and frames in terms of style.


Depending on the dimensions some are perfect to occupy the width of a wall. Maps are currently very popular in many dimensions. There are wallpaper models that have been inspired by them creating beautiful accent walls. Otherwise, like the flags, it is possible to frame them. The figures cut out like these fish are another very popular solution to decorate the walls.

Basic aspects for a creative marine or nautical decoration


As we have seen, it is very common to create decorations with the nautical style. The ideas we have shared are the basic principles for any space to look harmonious and beautiful. From conches, anchors and the beautiful effect of the rays, the intention is to approach the sea. Unexpected and economic elements such as driftwood are a way to make a difference in spaces.


Creating an atmosphere that makes us feel at vacation on any beach will always be something relaxing. Remember that it is always necessary to use each of the accessories that evoke these environments. Do not forget the fundamental colors of this style. White blue and red always have to appear in our setting. In the bedrooms the cushions or rugs are the perfect excuse to use these colors.


In the furniture, walls and textiles should be recreated with a very precise aesthetic and harmony. Other tonalities such as black or yellow can be distributed in small details. If it is necessary at the moment of selecting the furniture, think about those that could be used in a boat.


Some baskets or recovered furniture can be a great help for any room. In the image above we see how those made of wicker look beautiful. In combination with other small accessories always look perfect to customize any home. Do not overlook details in decorative objects that can make a difference in many styles.


Your relationship with the marine world must be direct. Although it is small details such as a boat in a bottle or a small lighthouse are precisely those that will give the final finish to our decoration. Enjoy this inspiring collection, surely you find some idea that is interesting to decorate and customize your home.








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