Metal fences made of wood and concrete 50 interesting ideas

metal fences vertical garden modern flower pots

In our article today we have some very original images of fences of wood and concrete to protect the yard modern. Many of us have the usual design of gardens, usually organized with a patio in front of the house and a wooden fence or cement on the other three sides, forming a rectangle in the center of which are the grass and flowers Along the edges of the front of the fence, some bushes that have the function of hiding the garden from unwanted looks but we are sure that its own fence is not very aesthetic.

Modern and very original metal fences


This is usually the organization of many classic gardens, but with a bit of originality and an unusual idea, you can create distinctive and innovative boundaries and separation zones. If you want to change the look of your garden and give the whole house a touch of originality, without giving up the classic and comfort here you will find some interesting ideas to improve its natural beauty. The materials most commonly used in fences are wood, different types of metal, concrete and a great variety of stones.

Metal fences with interesting black finishes

black metal fences sun steel bricks ideas

This is why what we have in our images today are just ideas for metal fences of different colors black and white are the most used colors for a fence although if it is metallic you can give it the color you want. For a natural garden the best option is a fence of wood; wood is also very easy to paint like metal but it is better in gardens with many plants. For modern houses we have ideas of concrete walls that are a very resistant option. In case you do not know what to choose we let you review our images we are sure that you will find the best option.

Large garden with wooden fence

house garden broad lawn fence wood ideas

Large garden with grass and metal and bamboo fence

house garden lawn fence metal black bambu ideas

Garden with pool glass fence and one metal

house garden pool fence protect privacy ideas

Stone slabs for the garden fence

garden slabs grass floor balla stone high ideas

White wood sheet to protect the garden

garden floor concrete fence wood house ideas

Modern house with white metal fence

laminate metal white fence house wood original ideas

Very large slabs to mark the limits of the garden

large precious slabs fence modern garden ideas

Ideas for very original walls for the modern garden

stone wall protect space rest garden ideas

Garden with pergola and black fence

pergola wood black fence wood garden wide plants ideas

Wooden fence for the modern garden

living room modern views garden fence wood ideas

White concrete fence as well as the house walls

fence white concrete garden wide lawn ideas

Large bricks and wood for the garden fence

fence concrete wood house garden pool ideas

High fence of dark gray concrete

fence black concrete protects modern house ideas

fence brick large stone pond water ideas

fence wood exterior attractive modern ideas

fence wood garden small plants pots ideas

fence metal steel black column stone ideas

fence metal color orange house white ideas

fence metal exterior garden modern lawn ideas

metal fence brick yellow plaster white ideas

fence wood laminates white brick yellow ideas

black metal fence house precious wood laminate ideas

fences high concrete white garden pool wood ideas

fences wood interior exterior house ideas

fences wood garden stairs house plants ideas

fences wood garden brown floor stones ideas

fences dark wood garden plants stones ideas

fences wood precious garden plants stones ideas

white metal fences modern house ideas

white metal fences modern house exit ideas

white metal fences garden modern serenity ideas

metal fences green color high house exit ideas

metal fences black flower concrete precious ideas

fences metal concrete modern garden ideas

metal fences illuminated night door precious ideas

fences metal garden plants flowers nature ideas

metal fences white sheets modern house ideas

metal fences wood combination garden grass ideas

metal fences wood flowerpot large garden ideas

black metal fences modern house concrete ideas

black metal fences garden pots plants ideas

black metal fences slabs street big house ideas

black metal fences put entrance modern house ideas

fences modern stones surround shower garden ideas

fences high resistant stones protect house ideas

fence green metal bench garden house ideas

white metal door home exterior walls interesting ideas

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