Metal fences to surround the garden islands

colors edges metal stone plants

The vegetable areas of the gardens need their own and isolated space to survive, for this reason we show you twenty-five examples of metal fences and stone borders to surround the garden islands beautifully and create a very pleasant environment for our flowers and outdoor plants.

Metal fences for garden paths

edges garden road large tiles

As for the metals used for this work, we will see different galvanized and cast iron in different variants. An advantage offered by this type of metal fences is that once placed it takes up little space and is very resistant. In addition, the panels barriers They are usually extensive and few pieces are needed to form the fence.

Large metal fence for garden island

fence metal wide garden island

In the image we can see that there are many possibilities of placement of fences metallic, levels can be created, or metallic fences can be placed at ground level so that they pass unnoticed but at the same time fulfill the function of separating each zone from outer space. In addition this type of metal barrier prevents the passage to organic materials found in the ground,

Metal fences for zen garden

metal fences pebble stones zen

so that it makes it possible to elaborate a natural decoration with stones and pebbles of different colors and sizes without them mixing. But we will also see examples of edges for gardens of other materials. Whether they are made of stone, cement, wood or pieces of bamboo, a low fence for the garden plants will also give you a lot of style.

Edge for garden with bamboo canes

fence fence garden bamboo reeds

However, we can create a custom garden fence with any material that we have at hand provided it is strong enough and durable enough to fulfill the fence function. We can see great barriers for plants made with old glass bottles, broken dishes and dishes or even everyday metal objects in disuse, an ideal way to recycle turning waste into real works of art.

Near garden for plants made of logs of wood

edge garden fence wood trunks

Edge of stone garden

edge stones beige flowers guiijarros

Edge for large stone garden

edge white stones gravel garden

Garden edge with white stones

edge stones pebbles garden lawn

Barrier for garden island

edges red plants garden flowers

Edges for the area of ​​plants with wooden trunks

edges plants fence trunks wood

fence green glass bottles

steps metal edges large barriers

structures metal fences brown pebbles

edge garden grass floor tiles colors

super edge balls several plants

garden tree center fence barrier

large flowerpot edge metal plants

fence flowers bottles cans colors

fence flowers boards wood colors

metal fences wide large edge

metal fences edge garden lawn

metal fences grass gravel plants

metal fences rose geranium pot

metal fences via train hammer

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