Microcement floors to decorate the interiors

microcement floors

Today's theme will be of great interest to many of you for its originality and its limited use in decoration that is becoming very fashionable in recent years. It's about the microcement floors , a way of decorating that increases originality and modernity in interiors. In this article we are going to talk about the microcemento in particular, the shape of the one that is applied on the floor and you will see many pictures about its decorative power in the interiors of the houses.

Microcement floors to decorate the interior

interior microcement floors

The microcemento is a material that closely resembles the polished cement that is used in construction but is adapted to the decoration of the interiors. You can use it to make a micro cement floor or to decorate the walls because this material offers a lot of resistance, impermeability and elegance. It is a coating material that is applied by hand and for that a model of a few preparatory bases is followed.

The way to place the microcement on the floor

interior microcement floors

The preparatory processes that are followed to apply the microcement for soils can be many but the most used is that first the surface stops because it has to be clean and dry. Then comes the priming process or the creation of a joining bridge because there is something that has to join the surface and the fiberglass mesh that is then placed. The third step consists of applying one or two layers of coarse microcement, then two layers of fine microcement are applied and at the end two or three layers of sealants are applied.

Microcement in decoration of interiors

microcemento floors decorate interior

The polished micro-cement floor can be stepped on smoothly the next day after the last labor has passed. We must bear in mind that microcemento floors are very decorative and create very original and modern designs of the interior so you have to be careful at the beginning with the way to step on the ground. The same procedures are used to decorate the walls with microcement.

A floor with microcement seen from close

interior microcement floor

The decoration with this material is very good in kitchens and living rooms, but you can also use it in other parts of the house. In this photo you can see closely the result of its application in the floors of microcemento.

The decoration of the kitchen with microcement inside

microcemento kitchens

We must also take into account the advantages of this product that arise mainly if some of the layers has not been applied correctly or if there has been some type of movement in the layers. One of the main problems is fissures. To avoid them you have to follow a very simple rule in the preparation of the layers and that is that the layers have to go from more to less elastic starting from the first layer. This will prevent movement in the coating and fissures. In this photo you can see some of the polished microcement kitchens and the modernity in the interior.

Applying the decorating of the microcement throughout the interior of your home to decorate it

microcemento floors interior decoration

On the other hand, impermeability is not usually a problem when the sealants have been placed correctly. On the other hand, if there is a problem with the sealants this will reflect on the impermeability of the microcement and stains will appear on the surface of it.

The combination of the colors of the interior with the color of the microcement on the floor

microcemento lounge floors

On the other hand, the resistance of the microcement is very high to the scratch that is usually a problem in other softer soils due to the needles or the pebbles that remain stuck in the shoes when we enter the house. That is why it is a very resistant and very decorative material that you can use that you can use to create kitchens with microcement or in the living rooms as well.

Using the microcemento to decorate the intreior and a black sofa as a decorative accent

microcemento floors decorate living room

On the other hand, another of the less common problems that can arise in microcement floors also comes from the application and is related to the aesthetic effect. Too much marked water can increase decorative spots on the ground and the opposite can also happen, the lack of water can eliminate staining and thus create a decoration of very bland microcement floors.

An interior with walls and floor decorated with microcement

microcemento floors living room

Keeping these things in mind you already know what you have to be careful with when you decorate your house with microcemento. These keys also serve for the decoration of the walls and you can use this decorative detail for the kitchens microcemento and for all the interior of your house.

Very original and modern interiors decorated with microcement

microcemento floors decoration living room

The use of microcement in the decoration of your interiors

microcemento floors salons

The decoration of the floor with microcemento and of the walls with tiles of the same tone

microcement floors interior home

A bedroom decorated with microcement on the floor and walls

microcement floor

Using more than one material for the original decoration of the interior

microcement for floors

Microcement floors decorating the interior and walls painted a pink tone

microcemento floors

The combination of light tones and microcement in the interior decoraicón and the color and texture of the wood

polished micro-cement floor

A microcemento of dark color to decorate a kitchen with black appliances

kitchens with microcemento

The contrast in the decoration of the interior with microcemento and the color of the walls

microcement floors decoration

A very original decoration for the interior with polished micro-cement

microcement kitchens

Interior decoration with a polished micro-cement for the floor

microcement for interior floors

The texture and decoration of microcement seen from close up on the ground

microcemento interior kitchens

A kitchen with light colored microcement that combines with the interior

microcemento interior floors

Using the microcement to decorate the floor in the bathroom

interior polished micro-cement floor

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