Minimalist and attractive interior design for the home.

minimalist interior design linea lamparas madera

Minimalist interior design and geometric shapes to define your home. A style that appeals to order and above all things to do more with less. Characterized by neutral colors that create an atmosphere of balance and harmony, minimalism is a trend that is here to stay. Its origin goes back to the sixties with the minimal art movement.

Elegant minimalist interior design

minimalist interior design glass house deer

Twenty years later the architecture began to reflect it being a total success. Its use in this sphere was a response against excessive decoration. Spaces of calm peace and straight lines is what this style transmits. The projection of lights and the excessive absence of accessories also help to transmit that feeling of tranquility.

Minimalist interior design with plants

minimalist interior design television magazine plants

Despite being stripped of ornament, minimalist interior design and elegance go hand in hand. Above all, the minimalist decoration plays with the volumes, lights and surfaces. In terms of color, whites are used, and black fundamentally. You can use others such as brown in its different variants. This range of color allows you to play with the right lighting to texture the accessories.

Minimalist kitchen

minimalist interior design kitchen center lamps

On these colors it is advisable not to use textiles or complex designs. More simple colors that go in harmony with the rest of the room. If possible rustic materials such as wood. For fabrics, it uses rustic fabrics in ivory as permissible. Another variant can be to use the linen, the curtains always simple.

Minimalist decor for living room

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Specifically, the accessories can be vases. Try to combine them with furniture in terms of color. For the case of flowers, always decide for a single colour. If you want to separate the environments choose panels, as long as they lack designs.

Balanced design throughout the room

minimalist interior design dining chairs wood

Speaking of minimalist style furniture, we must fill the space with a large number of flat objects. No bright objects are not acceptable, only flat surface. For furniture you can use natural wood and fantasy figures. The best colors are black and white. If you do not want to get rid of all the flashy items you can keep one.

Dark wall fused with door

minimalist interior design rabbit dark lamp

If you can afford more expensive furniture, use natural or polished wood with shiny varnish or a textured surface. Often, cabinets or doors can be made of bronze or mirror. Often, in the interiors designed in a minimalist style there is no countertop made of artificial stone so we advise you to go for natural materials.

Room with wooden desk

minimalist interior design contemporary wood desk

You can also go for upholstered furniture but have a simple geometric shape. The lighting of the rooms designed in a minimalist style implies the presence of large windows for natural light to enter. The curtains are not relevant in a minimalist habitat, they can be replaced by vertical and horizontal blinds.

Few decorative elements

minimalist interior design white floor picture

The lamps are often used with screens made of pure cotton that fits the monochromatic coloration. Also suitable are hidden LED ceiling lights for example.

Scandinavian living room with a minimalist trend

Minimalist scandinavian minimalist interior design skins

The walls in the interior with a design in the style of minimalism are a monotonous color, no more than two colors. A trecero can be added to add a touch of color to the room. The second option of color solutions is to use two contrasting colors.

Blank room for dining room

minimalist interior design bright contemporary picture

To decorate the wall decoration uses repetitive wallpaper as an option without a clearly defined pattern, an embossed surface. Also apply the texture plaster, wallpaper for painting.

Accessories for color accents

minimalist interior design black green accents

Very interesting minimalist interiors make the insertion of wall panels made of natural or synthetic materials, such as stainless steel, polished wood and texture, artificial and natural stone.

Shades of simple shapes

minimalist interior design dark room floor

Each of us can choose what is best for your home. What we can tell you is that the cold minimalism in which everything is "white" noo is fashionable and is now very popular ecological minimalism with natural materials, muted colors.

Centerpiece with green accent

minimalist interior design smooth black walls

Minimalism is the most brilliant and controversial style of the second half of the 20th century. Very often, people think that spaces designed in a minimalist style are uncomfortable and empty. This opinion was formed in the mid-90s when minimalist interiors were very fashionable and it was believed that the combination of black and white is the best.

Minimalist interior design ideas for the kitchen

minimalist interior design center fruits shelves

The essence of the minimalist approach is that things must be concise and there must be few. For a minimalist design, the use of any color, any texture is allowed. As a result, today's minimalist style looks very different.

Accessories made with wood, Carlo Donati Studio

minimalist interior design wooden apartment skins

Austerity and functionality are very important things and you should look for perfection with the use of simple geometric shapes and moderation in colors. Careful planning is another important thing. The large part of the necessary elements must be hidden in furniture.

Living room with two-sided fireplace

minimalist interior design gray double fireplace

We must use colors to give a feeling of light and freedom. A minimum of colors and the right combination of colors help to visually enlarge the space that seems light and airy. Now we let you review our ideas and inspire you.

Decoration for small space

minimalist interior design uneven chairs table

Accents of green with plants

minimalist interior design lemon snake glass

teenager modern minimalist furniture

white black bed lamp colors

decoration elegant furniture wood cabinet

staircase wood railings apartment colors

fruits center cup wood natural

room plant seerpiente black flowerpot

decoration lamps style led wall

luxury minimalist plants led bathroom

wood guitars natural computer table

wood room led space couple

black modern table lamparas sillas

minimalist pink carpet lamparas cielo

minimalitas blue wood natural house

furniture wood lamparas carpet furniture

modern brown style home tones

modern minimalist interesting russia geometric

modern salon skin zebra lighting

orange gray style picture accents

black long sofa modern glasses

branches style jarron salon table

Smart watch salon shine led

retro minimalist lamp decoration tree

salon cushions concept minimal brown

living room furniture white sofa led

pink salon dark brown decoration

section sofa dining room rear light

modern chairs design furniture lamp

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