Minimalist decoration for the hall

minimalist decoration

Again we will discuss the theme of decoration and in this article we will focus on a very special type of decoration: the minimalist decoration . We will see this type of decoration and we will give you several ideas for decorating your receivers .

Minimalist decoration for the hall of your house

minimalist interior decoration

The minimalist style at first had been an artistic current that focused only on the minimum and basic elements. Later on, the term minimalism has been associated with everything that has been reduced to the essential and that does not present any excessive detail or more. In this sense, the receivers that you will see in this article are very practical receivers in which there is not an excess of objects and decoration is usually with small objects.

Ideas to decorate the hall in a minimalist way

minimalist decor

The minimalist interior design is very simple, because as we mentioned it is about putting the basic things. Therefore, the minimalist interior of your hall will have to have the essentials: a mirror, a coat rack, a chair and the other things that are essential for you. If you want your interior to be more cheerful or cool, you can use light colors and combine them with the light color of the wood.

The minimalist style inside your receivers

minimalist decor receivers

You can also opt for a modern minimalist decoration. In this case, you will have to look for more original or designer furniture. In this photo, for example, you can see the originality of the table or the shelf under the mirror. The round shape of what the legs of the table should be is what will give your hall a lot of modernity. You can also add other objects to decorate according to your style, such as statues or flowers and even a lamp with a more original design.

Decorating the hall of your house according to the minimalist style

original minimalist decor

We must bear in mind that when we say that it is about having the basic and essential in the hall we do not mean that these furniture can not be design. The minimalist interior decoration allows us to have an orderly place without an excess of furniture and objects. On the other hand, the style of the minimalist decoration is very appropriate for smaller interiors, because we will have to tighten up. On the other hand, in larger interiors this style radiates much order and harmony.

The modern design of minimalist reception rooms

minimalist original decor receivers

As we have already said, the minimalist decorations can be very original and beautiful. Here we leave a design table with a table on the bottom that is placed on the floor and with curved shapes between it and the top of the table. The black color of one of the curved parts introduces a new touch in the design. At the same time, you can put a mirror or you can decorate the wall with some other original decorative object.

Very modern and original minimalist decoration for the receivers

modern minimalist decor hall

To the minimalist decoration of your receivers you can add some square shelves or others of another form. This type of shelves are very modern and fit very well in all the interiors of the house and in all the rooms. You can use them for the hall and place things that you might need before leaving.

The modern minimalist decoration in your receivers

modern minimalist decor receivers

The minimalist interior decoration can also be done with a practical and original rack. There are a series of racks that are designed to not take up much space. This type of racks, in general, have a protruding part just above the hangers in which you can place your bags or other things. In addition they can have other compartments in which you can place other things.

A minimalist coat rack for the hall of your house

modern original minimalist decoration

Another comfortable and practical rack for the minimalist decoration of your hall could also be one like this. Again it is an elongated coat rack with some compartments above the hangers where you can place your shoe boxes or other things. The table above these compartments can be used as a shelf, if you lack space.

Decorate in a minimalist way with vases and statues

Minimalist interior decoration

Your decoration minimalist You can complete it with small vases or with statues that would fit well in the style of your hall. These objects would look good, too, if their colors are combined with the colors of the furniture and other objects. You can also choose a furniture with hangers and drawers that has a reserved area for shoes.

The different forms of minimalist objects in your receivers

original modern minimalist decoration

The design objects that you could place in a space like that, can have all kinds of shapes. Keep in mind that if you look for modernity and originality, the more exotic and less conventional the interior, the more originality will radiate your home.

Adding flowers and coloring to the hall of the house

minimalist interior decoration

On the other hand, if you want a more traditional and simple minimalist decoration, you can bet on modern furniture and place them in a way that saves space. This type of organization could be similar to the one in the photo, depending on how big your receiver is. You can also put some flowers that will add color and brighten the interior.

A very modern mirror for your minimalist hall

minimalist interior decoration

Minimalist lamps for the modern hall of your house

modern minimalist decoration

Minimalist design lights for your hall

Minimalist interior decoration

Very original and modern lights for a minimalist entrance

Minimalist decorations

Combining the colors to have a modern and original entrance

minimalist interior design

The minimalist and modern receivers can be of various colors

minimalist interior

Pink and warm colors as predominant tones in the minimalist decoration of your hall

minimalist style

A hall with many minimalist objects used for decoration

minimalist interior decoration hall

Decorating the hall with minimalist objects on a table

minimalist decorations

A classic minimalist decoration on the walls of your hall

minimalist interior hall

A practical coat rack for your modern minimalist entrance

minimalist style hall

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