Minimalist design - Casa VMS by Marcos Miguélez

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The selection of minimalist design is a trend that has been in fashion for a long time. Today we have an example of one of those interiors that is really striking. It is a work of the architect Marcos Miguélez. This building was punished to serve as housing for a young couple. Both are equally interested in the architecture contemporary One of the interesting features of the VMS House is the space it occupies.

Minimalist design Casa VMS

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It is located on a triangular plot on the outskirts of the city. All the space around it is very beautiful and very cozy. The house has several fruit trees nearby grouped in an orchard that surrounds it. In space there is also a small dirt road without much pretension and a larger street. From the moment we look at the house, the outside steals our eyes.

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For the construction of this great granite blocks were used in a pale hue. The exterior of the ground floor has been covered with these blocks. It is an interesting finish that among other sensations transmits a robust finish and a beautiful rustic aesthetic. Another interesting structure details lies in the beams. Several of them protrude above the steel structure.

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In general, the building and the minimalist design is a new way to reinsert and represent the traditional work of masonry. Especially for the big ones walls of thick stone. An effective way to give protection to the domestic area, according to Marcos Miguélez, creator of Casa VMS.

Minimalist design of interior spaces


To take advantage of all this triangular plot the plan of the house is based on two different axes. Both following the limits of the whole place. To avoid a rather monolithic composition different resources were used in the minimalist design. Especially based on large windows, as well as several sections of the facade designed in a staggered manner.


For one of the edges of the house there was a garage and two bedrooms. All of them placed along this edge of the house. While other common environments branch off at an angle. So it is an open plan that includes the dining room and a very bright and functional kitchen.


As an interesting detail we must mention the distribution of the elements inside. It is designed to follow the movement of the sun throughout the day. What makes the rooms receive direct sunlight in the morning. While in the afternoon the light of the sunsets is taken advantage of. To this end, a vertical opening was integrated in the façade of the western part. So in the rest areas all the light that is obtained during the sunset serves to illuminate.


So each area of ​​life is always bright for any activity. All the minimalist design leaves the coldest part of the facade for the entrance. It is the northern part that also contains other functional areas. There are located the laundry, a storage area and the garage. On the other hand, the facade that faces the southern part is the one that incorporates windows. With it, a kind of framing effect of the whole landscape surrounding the VMS House especially in the kitchen part.


However, the views can also be enjoyed from the dining room and an interesting library that has been accommodated in the mezzanine. In general, the library occupies an additional volume. It is framed in the upper part of the main room. It is its exterior that precisely distinguishes it from the whole lower level and the stone cladding.


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