Minimalist house with bright and functional spaces

elegant minimalist house special design

This minimalist house by designer Yevhen Zahorodnii accommodates a family of four. Located near Kiev in Ukraine the house has about one hundred and five square meters. As we mentioned the minimalist house follows this style to adapt to the needs of residents.

Minimalist house with interesting white accents

minimalist house brown colors curtains

The reason is that minimalism gives it greater simplicity. The house is not complicated with an excess of materials. Especially useful when there are two children who will be running everywhere. In the design some of the rooms have interesting solutions of colour . Odor solutions are located mainly in the child's bedroom and in the office.

Minimalist house with a variety of modern proposals in natural tones

minimalist house comfortable sofa designs

This last space of the minimalist house is shared with the game and the study. If we consider creating a minimalist style, this house may serve as an orientation. To make the design more practical, we opted for a variant in L. Starting with white walls that surround a whole volume of independent panels. It is plywood in a dark tone.

The access stairway to the second level has a fresh artistic and decorative finish

minimalist house amazing lighting plants

If we notice well there are lightweight boards that guide the entire view in space. Finishing in the area destined to the dining room with interesting furniture. The choice of furniture as can be seen is simple. You can not expect anything else from a minimalist house. These furniture combine rounded and softer shapes. In the living room space the geometric details are even more evident.

Warm and soft lights in the corridor maintain the same elegant aesthetics of the ground floor

minimalist house art decorations pictures

The first thing that comes to mind is the great planter of geometric cut. Followed by a cone-shaped floor lamp. All this elegance and functionality in the same way Yevhen Zahorodnii knew how to capture in the entrance. The importance of mirrors is present in several parts of the house. In a transit area they are perfect for checking last-minute details.

A white door seems to merge with the back wall of the hallway in the same color

Minimalist house second floor fountains

A built-in seat discovers the perfect furniture to store shoes. From the living room it is almost impossible to distinguish the kitchen. The solutions for dividing these spaces are based on neutral tonalities. At a visual level this is achieved very effectively including the kitchen area. Behind each sliding panel several cabinets are hidden.

Bright bedroom that integrates an interesting accent wall with a natural theme

minimalist house tree walls cushions

An effective idea that helps to make everything look more organized. On the other hand there will be no need to store in the upper part. With nothing stored in sight in this minimalist house, light can reach more spaces. We reached another interesting point inside this beautiful home. It's about the staircase and all the artistic touch it has.

Mirror near the study area helps reflect light and increase the modern space

minimalist house work zone mirror

As a solution to the usual handrails, white cables are used located in a large part of the atrium. Hanging lights of great dimensions complete the aesthetics of this interesting corner. At a higher point of the ladder a transition of the cables to the rails is established. As a charming aspect to join the second level we must highlight the floors.

Small LED lights are a constant throughout the space of the house even in this area

minimalist house wood flooring samples

It is white plywood. What makes the floor look like a plane of great continuity uninterrupted. From here it is that you have access to private spaces and two offices. One of these offices is for the older child. From the moment an accent wall is entered, it steals our attention. It is wallpaper with tree patterns.

A large window with curtain ensures the entrance of perfect natural light in the kitchen

minimalist house windows large windows

The colors in this case are made available to the studio. Opting for light blue and bright white that together create a comfortable atmosphere. The minimalist aesthetic is followed in the same way by the desk. This adheres to the wall on each side of the window. Leaving as a result a clean and minimalist aesthetic that does not overload the environment.

Decoration of one of the rooms in pink and animal theme in a wide wall

animal theme decoration bedroom circles

Other more attractive shelves are the perfect place for books and all the study material. The small playground is another of the remarkable spaces. With great poufs and in full comfort you can enjoy family games. In the photos you can enjoy more details of this wonderful house located near Kiev in Ukraine.

Variety of colors and geometric shapes in the design appreciated in the top view

girls top view carpet centers

Bed structure includes another shade of rose to all the modern design of the environment

balloons walls ceiling modern floors

The vertical lines on one of the walls contrasts with the fun design of the space

nice pink children's bedroom lounges

The other modern room is intended for a male and has a greater luminosity

house style white male eaters

Small space with a game station for unforgettable fun moments

station games house modern curtains

Floating bookshelves in white wall add a futuristic touch to this youth bedroom

bookshelves furniture beds furniture

The space for the study follows the same minimalist aesthetic of the rest of the house

minimalist industrial office studio decoration

In the main bedroom one area is dedicated to a small contrasting crib

baby shared space work colors

The effect of the lighting increases the dramatic load in the surroundings of this bedroom

main room gray scale lines

The large closet is vital for the organization according to the needs of the family

closet walls prganized special open

Its interior recreates wood and metal in various finishes and shelves to place clothes

wood shelves metal special slats

The furniture is also made up of this interesting sofa with modular backrest

modular sofa idea walls armchair

Lights and some candles give the bathroom the perfect ambience to relax

candles cozy setting bathroom flowers

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