Minimalist houses - 24 designs of architecture and interior design

design architecture style minimalist houses

Minimalism has become very popular in recent years as a philosophy of design and way of life. The theory of minimalism with respect to architecture is about achieving a better design through simplicity; the simplicity of form, space, materiality, detail and color. Discover these stunning designs minimalist houses going through our selection of images.

Original designs of minimalist houses - facades and interiors

original designs minimalist houses

In our article, we have focused on a modern and minimalist design approach. We like clean and open spaces that allow the architecture , the furniture and the materials of the place breathe. Designs that are simple, nothing superfluous and simple materials. We like the creation of these minimalist spaces because we appreciate the tranquility, the warmth and the beauty that this type of spaces distill.

Great minimalist houses with modern design

minimalist houses modern design

The characteristics that we find that exemplify the modern minimalist design are: The simplicity in form and function, the coatings and finished the walls without complications, the spaces clean, open and full of light. The strategic use of materials of visual interest, textures and personality.

Original designs of modern houses in minimalist style

modern houses in minimalist style

These minimalist architecture projects well illustrate the idea of ​​"less is more" of the mentality of minimalist architecture. Many minimalist houses have a simple, simple design, an efficient plan with the volumes of stacked spaces. This creates clarity in the plan, where the spaces are predictable and uncomplicated.

Great facade design in minimalist style

white minimalist facade design

That common the use of perforated openings without complications for the doors and windows that mark the facades. In general, the houses are of simple design that avoids a great amount of entrances and exits, curves or complex angles.

Original designs of modern minimalist houses

original designs minimalist houses

The lines of this minimalist house are simple and clean, but certainly not boring and ensure a happy home.

Original modern facade design in minimalist style

original modern facade minimalist style

New research is showing that the lighting of homes, space and interior design can affect moods. These studies have led to the creation of a new field of architecture called, Neuro-architecture.

Original simple white modern interior design

Simple white modern interior design

This is a very exciting and innovative development through which neuro science is combined with architecture in order to create modern designs that are effective, functional and even possibly curative.

Original minimalist style office interior design

office interior design office

These clean and uncluttered houses, however, remain cozy. This minimalist style is what you should try to replicate in order to achieve a home environment with less stress.

Great modern interior designs in minimalist style

modern interiors minimalist style

But remember, it is important to have some memory around, as it can help you feel connected to the world. After all, your favorite books and family photos make you happy, right? If your house is too sterile, it can have the opposite effect and cause feelings of loss, emptiness or sadness.

Minimalist interior design in white and wood

interior minimalist style white wood

The minimalist houses are healthier thanks to the fact that having fewer objects there are fewer surfaces in which dust can accumulate.

Minimalist interior design in modern style

Minimalist style interior modern style

Our brains are complicated organs. We may never fully understand how the brain works, but there are studies that show how the brain reacts to symmetry, and it is a positive reaction.

Original minimalist style interior design with wooden floor

interior style minimalist sulo wood

The most obvious test is the stress that some people suffer when they find themselves in very disordered and overloaded places, although they do not notice it at first.

Original modern interior design in minimalist style

Minimalist modern interior design

This connects again to our discussion of minimalist dwellings that tend to be simple and symmetrical in design, but give a happier perspective.

Minimalist style wooden interior design

modern interior minimalist style

The color of the rooms and the lighting can affect the mood. Large windows allow a house to be spacious and well lit.

Original wooden minimalist interior design

ofriginal wood interior design

Perhaps, we should all consider embracing a more permanent minimalist approach in our design for the home.

Original minimalist patio design with hanging stairs

original design patio hanging stairs

Most minimalist interiors have a simple color approach that stays light and simple. You will notice that minimalist houses usually have rather large windows that allow natural light to fill the room.

Original zen minimalist style bathroom design

zen minimalist style bathroom

You can also observe that the colors of the wall are usually quite neutral, with a touch of modern striking colors such as reds or others used sparingly through the accent walls or accessories.

Minimalist style corridor design with wooden floor

hall style minimalist floor wood

Nice bedroom design in white minimalist style

nice design white minimalist bedroom

Super luxurious bathroom design in minimalist style

luxurious bathroom minimalist style

The Plus House, a design by MOUNT FUJI ARCHITECTS STUDIO

super minimalist architecture design

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