Minimalist interiors: 2 Asian design ideas

wood table large window white curtains big TV ideas

The interior spaces minimalist Sometimes they are perceived as serious and scattered cold. But today we are going to try to change this wrong thinking that some may have with the images of two design-style apartments Oriental minimalist These interior spaces beautifully designed by Fertility Design They will show you an image totally different from what you think an apartment with a minimalist design has.

Minimalist interiors with lovely oriental design

shelves wood wall separator spaces modern ideas

The combination of furniture of unique designs mixed with a lot of textures intelligent storage solutions and splashes of color. As we all know very well in minimalist philosophy, very few elements are used. But in the first apartment we show you, it perfectly combines the best of the old and the new. It is located in the Nam Theun area of ​​Taichung of Taiwan, it is a new home that has a very whimsical appearance in it will feel perfectly a family or a person who appreciates the beauty of contemporary style mixed with the classic.

Minimalist interiors living room with brick wall and large sofa

wall tile living room minimalist oriental design ideas

The details that can be seen throughout the house, which has three bedrooms have a charm that is easy to appreciate. Upon entering, you are greeted by a bright blue wall that sets the tone for the rest of the house. In the living room you will find a red brick wall that gives texture to the space. A wall with shelves for books and television of last generation acts as a separator of environments.

Flat screen TVs for modern living rooms

modern living room decorations precious antique ideas

Wooden chairs and furniture in rustic style

contemporary style dining room rustic wood chairs

Lamps hanging from the ceiling with different shapes as well as chairs

rustic style dining lamparas hanging ceiling different shapes ideas

Dispatch at home with beautiful leather sofa

contemporary style office house sofa leather ideas

Lovely table for the office with black leg lamp

ideas office minimalist style oriental design ideas

Wooden bookshelves for books very original ideas to separate spaces

modern office design minimalist style modern ideas

Bedroom with minimalist design and very large bed and

bedroom bed large armchair romantic ideas

Very large cupboard built into the wall with wooden doors

large wardrobe doors wood bedroom large bed ideas

The second apartment we show you is designed by Huang Yi Feng and Li Yuzhi, this apartment is located in the Taichung area of ​​Taiwan and has a modern design, including a living room, dining room, kitchen, guest room with bathroom, studio and master bedroom with bathroom. It is fully equipped with all the luxuries that a luxury home should have. Enjoy these images of beautiful minimalist interiors.

Modern minimalist style living room with blue armchair

minimalist interiors closets unique white doors ideas

Lovely dining room and small kitchen with white furniture

minimalist interiors modern kitchen dining ideas

minimalist interiors modern dining room white chairs ideas

minimalist interiors dining room wall glass desk ideas

minimalist interiors contemporary style design salon wide ideas

minimalist interiors oriental design armchair stool blue ideas

minimalist interiors table coffee wood stools ideas

apartment minimalist style oriental design ideas

minimalist interiors dining table wood chairs design ideas

white bathroom doors perfect white wall minimalist design ideas

minimalist style bedroom large mirror yellow chair ideas

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modern bedroom minimalist design bedside table original ideas

space save clothing apartment design oriental minimalist ideas

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