Minimalist interiors - enjoy a clear space

minimalist interiors laminate floor

Today we have prepared for you a selection of images of minimalist interiors . If you have not yet convinced yourself of the advantages of this style of decoration, you may do so now by discovering these amazing designs.

Minimalist interior designs

minimalist interiors wood floor

The term "minimalism" first appeared in the middle of the 1960s and is mostly used to describe the sculptures of Robert Morris and Donald Judd. Since then, the meaning of this word has been extended and is now used in different areas; from fashion and music to design and architecture.

Design of modern bathroom in minimalist style

modern bathroom minimalist style

Minimalism in design is becoming more and more popular, but, unlike previous trends that were based on stricter and colder motifs, today the emphasis is on the softer and more vivid variants of this style. The fundamental principles of minimalism are clear lines, solid surfaces, low furniture and pastel colors. Although, milder forms, more colors and textures have appeared lately.

Super minimalist bathroom design

modern bathroom minimalist style 1

The main idea of ​​minimalist design is the use of simple and natural forms. This principle is a basis of oriental style in design, especially the classic Japanese design that became the very basis of minimalism. The famous designers who were the founders of minimalism were members of the "style" art group that was founded in 1917.

Design of modern minimalist bathroom

modern minimalist bathroom

Minimalism in interior design means creating spacious rooms with minimal furniture and details. The main element of this style is the attention to form, color and texture. Planning does not mean dividing space into rooms; furniture, cloth doors or glass doors play the role of separators.

Original minimalist style office design

office office minimalist style

At present, the minimalist design style is made in closed geometric shapes and the asymmetry is very present. The form prevails over purpose. The furniture They must rationalize the space. In this office we can see a strong contrast in black and white in a well-lit environment.

Great bedroom in minimalist style

original minimalist bedroom design

The details and quantity of accessories should be minimal. The floor should be made of materials that are easy to clean and care for, such as wood, or stone tiles. It is necessary to provide enough space to store all your things, the cabinets of simple design would be simply great.

Original minimalist interior designs

interior design minimalist style

And regarding color, we have to say that white is usually the main color for this style. The white should be the base of the walls, the floor and the furniture. As an alternative you can choose neutral colors such as beige, gray, or light green.

Modern bedroom in minimalist style

minimalist modern design room

The base should be soft color, you can add accents of any bright color, but only one. The bright red color is traditional and the most popular option to highlight details on a white background, although this is a matter of taste. Very often people hang a photo or some great details on the walls. Large windows that usually do not have curtains or blinds, create an effect of lightness.

Great modern minimalist interior designs

minimalist interiors in modern style

Minimalism is popular because this style is very light and free. Minimalism is a lifestyle that distinguishes by the desire for order and perfect organization. It is especially popular with businessmen and creative people who value the combination of simplicity, sophistication, beauty and practicality.

Minimalist interiors images of modern design

Minimalist interiors modern design

Minimalism allows you to express yourself without the need to use extravagant accessories or unusual furniture. If you like simplicity and rigor in design, minimalism is what you need.

Original minimalist interior design with cement floor

minimalist floor cement

The minimalist design can be implemented in any modern room. There are wonderful examples of bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and corridors of minimalist style.

Original minimalist bedroom design

original designs minimalist rooms

The lack of large cabinets is typical for all of them, they are usually replaced by wall shelves.

Minimalist style living room design

original design living room

In most cases, the shelves are small. They have a light design and create a feeling of lightness. Designed with a few elements have a function not only utilitarian, but also as a decorative element.

Original design of living room with views

original decoration minimalist style

The shelves are assembled asymmetrically in different heights. The living room furniture with a minimalist design are modern and functional.

Original minimalist style bathroom design

original minimalist bathroom design

Original modern minimalist style living room decor design

modern living room wood platform

Great minimalist style dining room decor

living room minimalist design

Original minimalist style living room furniture design

original minimalist modern living room

Original design of living room modern minimalist style

modern minimalist style living room

Original decoration of minimalist living room

salon modern minimalist style

Minimalist style living room design with white furniture

minimalist white furniture lounge

Original minimalist style interior design

salon modern minimalist style

Minimalist lounge designed by Maria Garkusha

great living room minimalist

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