Minimalist kitchens - 24 ultramodern interior designs

modern style minimalist kitchens

The minimalist kitchens they are trending today. The contemporary style kitchens are a success because of their focus on function and their elegant form. Today we want to show you 24 fabulous designs of minimalist kitchens equipped with the latest technology, here begins our journey.

Original designs of modern minimalist kitchens

minimalist modern blue kitchens

We have compiled some ultramodern kitchen designs that will give you ideas on what to do with your own kitchen. These kitchens have smooth lines or curved lines, but they all share a clean and impressive look. Some of them are even almost futuristic in terms of design. Above all, you could see some straight lines and the intelligent use of space, whatever the size and shape of the kitchen area. As for the colors, most have a modern color scheme, with earth tones and neutral touches. There are also some designs that show touches of bright colors.

Original modern style minimalist kitchen designs

nice modern style kitchen

This kitchen uses wood for your island and is combined with earth colors. It has elegant lines and very modern kitchen appliances.

Original modern kitchen design with lacquered finish furniture

nice modern kitchen design

This beautiful kitchen has ivory-lacquered finish cabinets. The use of white for doors, dining room furniture and ceilings makes the kitchen area look more spacious.

Super modern gray minimalist kitchen design

modern mimnimalist kitchen

This design is really charming. The combined gray and neutral colors work surprisingly well. White and gray are also seen here creating a very modern atmosphere.

Design of modern white kitchen with wooden floor

modern white kitchen

The White combined with silver details could certainly bring out an ultra-modern environment. Note the wooden floor that provides a very modern Nordic accent.

Great minimalist kitchen with modern design

original kitchen modern design

The comforting palette of beige oatmeal together with details in navy blue is used in this kitchen of avant-garde style. The space creates a minimalist but stylish atmosphere.

Original modern kitchen design with black island

modern black island kitchen

This kitchen in cream tones has a subtle traditional touch due to the three lamps that hang over the island. of its design exudes an ultra-modern feel especially thanks to steel items, retro tiles and wooden stools.

Original minimalist style kitchen modern design

kitchen minimalist style modern design

Located on an open floor plan, this modern design kitchen has stunning views as well as high quality items and durable materials.

Super minimalist white luxurious kitchen design

minimalist white luxurious kitchen design

The bright white color dominates in this space with natural wood flooring. Simplicity is the key in this kitchen with a large island in a minimalist style.

Original white modern kitchen design

white modern kitchen design

A kitchen in white usually offers a futuristic atmosphere. This original design confirms the aforementioned and shows us the possibilities of optimizing the kitchen space.

Original minimalist style kitchen design with exposed brick wall

modern kitchen brick wall seen

Who says that an ultra modern kitchen can not have an industrial touch? This small kitchen has a brick wall and one with a concrete finish. Both elements combine wonderfully with white minimalist cabinets.

Minimalist kitchen design with modern white furniture

modern kitchen design white furniture

A kitchen of modern design well ordered and with the combination of wood and white colors. The stainless steel elements used here add a bit of beauty to the area. And that the picture window is perfect to fix your eyes on the urban landscape.

Great minimalist style kitchen with black island

great kitchen black island

Above we can see a kitchen with contrast in black and white colors. It has a very functional aspect. On the roof are exposed wooden beams, while on the left we see a wonderful modern spiral staircase that matches the dark accents of the kitchen.

Original design of minimalist white kitchens

original design kitchen white design

This kitchen is located in a house with an open design that connects to the living room and dining room. The kitchen island has a beautiful modern design that offers an ideal place to have breakfast in the morning.

Original modern minimalist kitchen design with white furniture lacquered finish

original modern minimalist kitchen design

This compact kitchen is inside a large open space in a house. The lacquered cabinets with white countertops are illuminated by Led inlays and two impressive hanging lamps.

Original minimalist style kitchen design with gray island

original design kitchen gray island

Here we can see again some accents of recognizable industrial type in the gray cement and some other metallic details. The glass spreader brings brightness to a generally matt environment.

Original modern kitchen design with stone wall

original design wall kitchen

This kitchen shows the most rustic aspect that a modern minimalist kitchen can adopt. The furniture set in white and wood forms a nice contrast to the stone wall.

Great set of minimalist style kitchen furniture

super design kitchen furniture

The wood adapts wonderfully to the minimalist and futuristic environments, and here you have the proof of it. A set of minimalist wood laminate cabinets can be the answer to your search, we suggest you try different combinations of woods to find the key that best suits the decoration of your home.

Original laminate wood kitchen furniture set

laminate wood kitchen furniture

If the images have inspired you and you want to change your kitchen and focus on the minimalist, then read on. If you like modern cuisine, minimalist kitchens are a good option. It is very common that there are currently houses with space limitations. Otherwise just the right space we need. Many of the kitchens even have the space extremely necessary for their operation. If it is the case of your kitchen then do not hesitate to change your image based on the minimalist kitchens. As we have seen with all these examples, it is an idea that is very attractive.

Original modern style kitchen design with wooden ceiling

modern style kitchen design

Everything in a kitchen of this type of baby have a reason to be. You can not have details that do not contribute anything to the whole kitchen and decoration. Precisely the decoration of minimalist kitchens when focused on color is based on basic aspects. Basic colors that in addition to the kitchen can be easily extended in the rest of the spaces. The gentle colors and we will be very effective if it is a single tone is better. All this line and concept in terms of color is what even electrical appliances should follow.

Simple small kitchen design in minimalist style

Simple small kitchen design

So that the tonalities of the decoration do not look boring the key is in the combination of two tonalities. This helps to create a greater balance in the minimalist kitchens and making them look more attractive. To put it into practice we can give as an example the combination of a lemon green and white. Even the contrast of black and white in this style is quite an adventure. The weight of the furniture in a decoration and the design of the minimalist kitchens is essential. Not in all cases there is enough space for structures such as islands or peninsulas. Neither to integrate them with a functional dining room.

Minimalist kitchen design by Modom Studio

modern kitchen simple white furniture

So the furniture must supply the lack of space and cover the needs we have in the kitchen. In the case of minimalist kitchens, furniture to decorate them must be a combination of functionality. Modern furniture and that allow to cover several needs are a smart idea. As always the chairs are a basic element and look perfect in metal or designs made of wood. They are vital furniture but the best thing is that they maintain the harmony of the kitchen in general. For example, stools for a bar should preferably be without backing.

Super minimalist white kitchen design

super minimalist kitchen design

Thus with less elements and details they will have a perfect minimalist image. Remember that in minimalist kitchens you just have to put what you need. The crockery and each utensil must be in the same way in the same color line. These are details that can not be separated from the decoration at any time. So they have to maintain all the chromatic environment and the contrasts of textures and materials. Another basic aspect if you prefer a minimalist kitchen is the order that should prevail throughout the design.

Minimalist kitchens - 24 ultramodern interior designs

Avoid leaving things out of place even more in the case of a small kitchen where space is always important. Otherwise, the disorder will seem much greater due to space limitations. When the straight lines are well combined in the design of the furniture and even in the domestic appliances, the sensation of amplitude will be greater. Especially when we select as a backdrop neutral colors that highlight other tonalities.

Minimalist kitchens - 24 ultramodern interior designs 1

It is not a necessity simply of small kitchens. For a large the impact is even greater and will look brighter and brighter. So do not hesitate to implement these tips if you are a lover of minimalist kitchens. We hope that our tips can help you and inspiration for the choice or remodeling of your minimalist kitchen; we come back very soon with more interesting news about decoration and interior design, do not miss them.

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