Mobile home with an impressive interior - Tiny Adventure Home

mobile home wall climbing

Today we want to present something new and really interesting. It's about the Movil House called Tiny Adventure Home, a peculiar home that has a facade created for fun and exercise.

The mobile home called Tiny Adventure Home

The mobile home Tiny Adventure Home

But if we look inside we will be even more amazed. The couple that owns Tiny Adventure Home found a way to get the best out of a very small space. The compromised couple, Breck and Kelsey, did not want to sacrifice their passions, so they devised a place for their own, with a climbing wall and an office loft.

Stunning interior design of the mobile home Tiny Adventure Home

modern interior design arch

The measures of 28 square feet are not so radical, most of the microapartments have the same space; but thanks to a Rockwerx climbing wall placed outside the building, the couple can train daily while continuing their lifestyle.

Original design of modern industrial style kitchen

mobile home modern interior design

When they are not training they can enjoy the impeccable interior finish with a dining room large enough for six people, and a loft area just above the table to rest and socialize.

Loft with sleeping area and large bed

bedroom large bed window

At the other end of the house, next to the fully equipped kitchen there is a full bathroom with a corner soaking tub, on top of which is another loft that serves as a bedroom.

Original modern style interior design

origina interior modern design

On the most pleasant days, the side of the house opens through a large garage door, letting in all the light and fresh air.

Nice design of bathroom with corner bath and subway tiles

nice bathroom design

The combination of materials throughout the interior is really great. The warm wood contrasted with the intense blue of doors, cabinets and tiles has formed a modern and elegant atmosphere, very appropriate for a small interior.

Super modern interior design with natural wood elements

original home small interior

In the kitchen we can see elements of industrial style They are very practical, such as the pendant lamp and the kitchen tap.

Original design of chill out style living room

house living room chill style

In the chill zone, however, we see a more relaxed and trendier style Scandinavian . The cushions show original details in bold, unlike the accessories and textiles of the dining room;

Original dining room design with rustic and ethnic decor

original design dining area

which in turn show an ethnic and rustic aspect. The tapestry brings a very homely and welcoming feeling.

Original mobile home design with facade adapted for climbing

original design mobile home

As you can see, this mobile home has everything and is also very healthy. A really cool design by Tiny Heirloom that has managed to impress us.

Original design blue kitchen cabinets

tiny adventure kitchen color blue

You can find more news of interest by visiting our website, see you soon.

Visualizer: Tiny Heirloom

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