Models of houses - Fleur Pavilia an oasis in the middle of modern life

House models special concept

Today we share one of those house models that are a real environment of relaxation in the middle of the modern world. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, a home of hidden serenity rises in the northern point, an eastern district of the island of Hong Kong. Fleur Pavilia continues the spirit of the artisan movement that creates an unprecedented urban habitat.

Models of houses Fleur Pavilia and the interior garden

models of houses interior gardens

Fleur Pavilia advances on the principles of the reprinting of modern life, but also highlights craftsmanship in our daily lives. As a result, it creates a new standard of urban lifestyle, in addition to introducing a respite of tranquility in the city. At the heart of the Fleur Pavilia of the development of the new world, the structure develops a landscape of gardens with flora, water and sunlight.

models of houses rock walls

This wonder so different among other models of houses was created by consultants of the design firm Ohtori. Called island of the island, the environment establishes a harmony between the pine, bamboo and plum blossom as a mixture of Japanese and Chinese culture. In addition to the impressive waterfalls of the garden, it incorporates a unique aquatic sculpture called dancing water.

models of houses finished crystals

This sculpture radiates an eternal dynamism when receiving residents at the entrance of the residence. It has been carved so that the light captures the flow of the water and the reflections in the surroundings can be seen. This undoubtedly creates a purifying and fascinating quality that once again fosters the character of serenity and tranquility of the residence.

modern line houses models

This quality, as well as the simplified beauty of the nature of these house models is at the center of the design of the residence, created by designer Shigeru Uchida. The limits of the natural exterior and the interior are not appreciated in the design, with both details reflecting the craftsmanship used. Inside the clubhouse, there is an omnipresent tone of wood and bamboo materials.

Models of houses functional wooden furniture

combination wood furniture fabrics

Both help complement the intelligent use of walls and zoning. This not only establishes a sense of charm and elegance but also demonstrates the architectural expertise associated with the area. As the conceptual leader of chashitsu, that is, tea room, Shigeru Uchida influences the environment of the so-called clubhouse.


The room, interspersed with carefully selected art objects from around the world. Even elements of Japanese ikebana gardening, ensures that each resident feels the comfort of privacy as much as the energy of genuine interactions. It is a tailor-made living space, one that allows people to feel free in a state of peace.


To complete this experience even more, the building offers facilities that include, among others, indoor and outdoor pools. Also gym, arts and crafts room, sauna and steam room, games room for children, music room and library. Through glass panels, the lobby mixes with the garden.


A material widely used in other models of houses for its effect on the brightness of spaces. Incorporating the fundamental principles of the Artisan Movement to collect, connect, fight, Fleur Pavilia has been carefully elaborated to the last detail.


It is like an impeccable showcase of the group's brand culture. To pay homage to the cultural heritage of the area, this oasis urban has been designed around the theme Three friends of winter. Pine, bamboo and plum blossom, known for their ability to bloom in winter, also symbolize perseverance and endurance.



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