Models of landscaping designs with a pool - 75 ideas

design modern style garden pool

Do you already know the latest trends in landscape design? Today we present seventy-five photographs of gardens and modern terraces with swimming pool. In practically all Models we will find features that are repeated, and also many other innovative and original, we hope you enjoy our selection of images.

Models of landscape designs with pool

garden minimalist style pool porch

We would all like to have a garden that has spaces and areas of different uses, which is why the most current landscaping and gardening designs are very functional and practical. The pool is now not just a place for bathing, now it also has advanced whirl systems and the best views of the place.

Modern garden design with pool

shed pergola covered garden pool

The pergolas They are acquiring great prominence as we can see in several of the photographs. Thanks to them we can also create covered and sheltered leisure and dining spaces for those colder months. The most commonly used coatings for swimming pools and surroundings have also varied compared to past seasons.

Design of wooden terrace with pool

terrace wood pool deckchairs orange

We will see many ceramic tiles in the form of large tiles and also natural wood. This example of a modern terrace with a swimming pool is located on the roof of the Casa do Pego in Portugal, designed by Pedro Ferreira Pinto . The pine wood slats are great for relaxing and enjoying the sun.

Modern garden with wooden fence

design fountain corner models pool

We will also notice some eastern influence in some garden models. In the designs of zen style stones and rocks are often used as decorative elements that help with meditation, and today many designers around the world try to include these elements in their work.

Modern terrace with level pool

design futuristic style pool terrace

The pools have also evolved in terms of appearance. One of the favorite models of many users are the infinite pools, that is to say, those whose edge merges with the landscape itself, creating the sensation of emptiness. They are ideal for terraces or high places, although they can also be built in low places if the terrain is leveled.

Modern garden with pool and jacuzzi

design garden pool beige tiles

Others, on the other hand, opt for the pools at ground level in the form of a sheet. These models provide a sense of continuity of the surface of the floor to not have edges, but also manages to create an optical mirror illusion depending on the lighting of the place. The pools with transparent walls of fiberglass are another of the most requested proposals in the designs of modern gardens.

Garden with swimming pool and pergola of work

design gardens tropical style porch

In some cases you can access the pool from certain areas of the interior of the house, or on the contrary, there are landscape designs in which it is necessary to cross a bridge or a stone path that passes through the pool to access the area of relax or dining room. The main idea is the function of the spaces and the free movement them.

Garden design with pool and fireplace

design gardens modern swimming pool fireplace

Another very important detail is the lighting of outdoor spaces. As we can see, the use of LED lights embedded in the most strategic areas of the garden, such as borders, stairs, camouflaged between the floors or even inside the pool, predominates. Also cascade fountains are quite common elements in the most modern designs.

Terrace covered with natural wood

design garden pool platform wood

In the image of the upper part we can see a design that presents some of the characteristics we have mentioned, such as the terrace covered with long slats of natural wood. Although the garden does not have too much space, it has managed to create a place for each respective action.

Garden design with porch and pool

designed garden porch pool deckchairs

Covered porches are an increasingly requested element in architectural works throughout the world. They are a great way to create semi-covered places that are very resistant to weather conditions under which furniture that is also suitable for indoor spaces can be placed.

Gardens and patios with minimalist design

minimalist style modern gardens design

Another feature in common of several of the models we show is the minimalist style already well known for its geometric shapes and straight lines that set the pace in the landscape. This style has dispensed with all pomposity to leave only the most essential and necessary elements.

Design of modern gardens with swimming pool

design models gardens modern pool

What makes decoration in this type of landscape designs are the visual effects and the combination of textures. We will see that the different zones can be delimited only by means of the use of different materials or by being illuminated or highlighted with some color. Finally, although not in the last place is the selection of vegetation.

Garden with pool and wooden platform

design models gardens pool

Currently the world of gardening has evolved considerably providing advances in terms of systems of cultivation of numerous plant species. For a more specific selection the place must be studied to know some of the most important factors that will intervene in the development of the vegetation.

Garden porch with integrated lights

design models pools wood

Such factors are, among others, the meteorological conditions of the area and the compounds of the terrain. To choose the specific species we must know their necessary care, their resistance to pests and also their shape and size for landscaping issues, this last factor being the size and size of the plant.

Minimalist style garden designs

modern garden design minimalist style

In modern gardens with pools the lights on the outside are very important not only to decorate and illuminate, but also to highlight some parts of your house. You can add small saplings planted in pots near the pool to complete the decoration in this way.

Terrace with Moroccan style pool

Garden design pool Moroccan style

You can also choose to make a decoration in the Moroccan style. In this case you will have to bet on umbrellas that define this style and for a few chairs with some cushions of a strong color. Keep in mind that in these countries vibrant colors are used a lot in decoration and that is why to recreate it you will have to bet on them.

Selection of plants for landscape designs

landscape design many plants pool

Design of pool with tropical island

round design pool island palm tree

Modern gardens with large pools

design large modern garden pools

Marble coated garden design

designs gardens modern rectangular swimming pool

Original minimalist style design

building color white minimalist pool

Wooden pergola with integrated lights

Super pergola white modern daybeds

great pool beams pergola work

Great pools edge models leveled

great terrace models floating garden

great terrace views pool sea

super design background pool spots

beach simile pool design

super design natural wood platform

super garden brick design seen

minimalist gardens modern pool porch

narrow garden three wicker sunbeds

modern garden lights sunshades fireplace

minimalist modern garden models pool

modern style garden small pool

modern garden sofas browns fireplace

design garden pool mosaic white

garden pool palm trees tall chairs

garden pool platform wood porch

garden pool bridge wood porch

garden design pool covered area

models pools modern garden design

models pools style modern lawn

patio decoration zen style

patio garden pool corner fence

modern style patio white color

modern style patio white building

pergola round work pool garden

pool stepped edge modern porch

Infinity pool head buddha paradise

pool fountain waterfall fence glass

Infinity pool fireplace giant flower

pool pond round wooden platform

floating pool modern garden design

Pool large plaza cover pergola

pool island tree lawn views

pool jacuzzi platform wood deckchairs

pool laminate mosaic night wood

modern pool effect beach model

modern pool blue mosaic steps

small pool elongated rectangle shape

Modern swimming pools whirlpool system

transparent pools fiber glass edges

pool fiber glass pond jacuzzi

varnished wood platform deck boat

covered porch bamboo roof

white wicker chair modern pool

terrace bar chairs high metal

terrace wood platform modern pool

terrace infinity edge jacuzzi pool

terrace pool wooden platform

terrace platform wood furniture dining room

terrace view wicker chairs rattan

several pools modern garden design

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