Models of modern bathrooms - 42 designs

original luxurious bathroom design

At first glance it may seem that the bathroom is the most boring space in the house, but if you think about it you will see it is one of the most important places in the home, so why convert the space into an emanation of style and beauty? Discover these fantastic models of modern bathrooms and discover the trends of this season.

Models of modern bathrooms - latest trends

bathroom bathroom wall mosaic

What are the trends for the next year when it comes to models of bathrooms, colors and materials? What will be fashionable and will it be easier to maintain? What are the latest creations and innovations of the most renowned designers and brands?

Super modern bathroom design

original modern bathroom

To begin, keep in mind that 2017 will be marked by the return to the organic and natural, and the unalterable search for new and functional elements.

Original design of bathroom splashback with shiny tiles

original design dashboard washbasin

So when it comes to a bathroom design the guidelines are: clean colors, seamless lines and the practical and simple layout of the spaces, but with a touch of organic comfort and elegance.

Original design of luxurious bathroom

original luxurious bathroom design

So let your imagination and creativity flow and turn the functionality of the bathroom into a work of art, a contemporary creation of style. Here you can see some models that can inspire you.

Original bathroom tiles with shiny metallic finish

glossy metallic finish tiles

Making your life more enjoyable and innovative with materials that are easy to maintain and adjust, can also be a dynamic and playful option. Ensure the elegant and elegant atmosphere with straight lines and the aesthetics of the masonry that cause the use of the same material for wall and floor coverings. So continuity will be a big trend for the next season 2017/2018; A game that offers simplicity at the same time slips into the design of the bathroom.

Super modern bathroom design

modern beige design bathroom

When a combination of the modern and the organic is used, a dynamic atmosphere is created that evokes a clean and elegant sensation. The juxtaposition of wood and stone to synthetic is very intelligent, combinatorial and suitable for many design variations. In the image above we can see a combination complemented by easy-to-maintain synthetic materials. A modern but homely composition.

Original bathroom design with turquoise walls

bathroom walls turquoise

Creating a design facility can be quite difficult, one should point to an elegant final perspective, which gives the feeling that the bathroom has been carefully planned.

Original design of large shower cabin with gray tiles

shower cabin opared gray

This balanced atmosphere can be achieved when you create the combination of class and mode, minimalism and warmth, innovation and nature at a harmonic point that is at the delicate edge; This is the goal of any quality design.

Original bathroom with bright black tiles in metro style

original bathroom black tiles

As you know, dark and changing colors make a great comeback in the interior design fashion scene this season and if used well will exude luxury and relaxation. Considering the tendency of the use of natural materials, slate tiles will be very popular this year.
Super luxurious large bathroom design

modern bathroom large pool

The most modern color of this season will undoubtedly be gray. And make no mistake the gray may sound boring, but it works wonderfully in a rich variety of shades and nuances. Add a changing or calm, elegant or dynamic environment to any premise.
Minimalist style white vanity unit

nice white washbasin cabinet

So, take our advice and note that a lot of attention will be paid to clean colors this year. No more tiles and shiny surfaces; Matte and neutral colors are increasing.

Original design of modern bathroom with colorful LED lights

original design bathroom led lights

These will be perfect combinations for the darker grays, and will introduce some contrast to the total color scheme.

Original design of bathroom with mosaics

fourth bathroom mosaic walls

Do not forget to include a little green, the living plants in your bathroom environment are not only fashionable, but they are also a beautiful touch of design.

Original design of bathroom with laminated wood wall

fourth bathroom laminated wall

Another natural material that brings back the domination of nature in our homes is undoubtedly the wood . It is evident that innovations and research in the field of material use allow the rich variety of wood, stone, metal and ceramics to be used in a new and previously unknown form.

Super design of natural wooden washbasin cabinet

natural wood washbasin cabinet

It is understandable that designers admire and follow the greatest creator; nature. Their organic products present a great variety and multiple possibilities for unique design creations and exciting sensations.

Original design of cream modern bathroom

cream colored bathroom

The rich tactile sensation that the surfaces of stone , the warmth of wood and other natural materials can bring also are playing a decisive role in its use in the design of bathrooms.

Nice bathroom design with beige tiles

bathroom bathroom beige tiles

The marble cladding for the walls and metal accessories in shades of brass and gold are an elegant return to the aesthetics of the 70s, and in combination with colors and shades is a very fashionable bathroom project. It seems that brass has the tendency to become the new hottest metal for the bathroom. In combination with the nobility of marble it becomes an irresistible composition.

Nice eclectic style bathroom design

nice design bathroom

When we talk about the most popular interior design trends today, it is inevitable that industrial style appear in the conversation. What started in factories as a form of design that was defined by efficiency, frugality and necessity several decades ago has now become a fashionable way to give your home a totally new look.

Original design of bathroom with exposed brick wall

fourth bathroom wall brick

It is the modest charm of the industrial style that makes it so endearing to many of us. However, we often only stumble upon kitchens and bedrooms that embrace this stripped-down style, so let's take a look at some magnificent industrial bathrooms.

Original industrial style bathroom design by * Jane Kim Design

industrial style bathroom

By effortlessly combining two different surfaces with apparent ease, the glass shower cabin in this bathroom immediately catches your attention. Exposed metal pipes, a separate bathtub with metallic finish on the outside and the distinctive design of the sinks help complete the space. This is another bathroom that works deftly around the limitations of space and design.

Industrial style bathroom by TONIC Design

original modern bathroom decor

With a raised platform and a bathtub with sophisticated black finish and an attractive brick backdrop, here we can see a bathroom that combines the modern with the industrial in an exquisite way. The silhouette of the window and the rough wooden surfaces accentuate the industrial side of the design, while the elegant spa-like atmosphere is left intact.

Industrial style bathroom design

modern bathroom design

The timeless tendency to use black and white works eloquently in this industrial bathroom that achieves beauty with simplicity. When painting exposed pipes, faucets and black metal surfaces, the contrast that is created is elegant and palpable. Instead of using concrete or brick, it is the tiles that are used effectively to achieve a balance between traditional and industrial styles.

Original industrial style bathroom models

designs industrial style models

As you can see by looking at the images, the industrial style bathroom models can adopt a relaxed atmosphere for the most intimate moments.

Original design of retro style bathroom

bathroom retro style

Then you can see the rest of the images in our gallery, enjoy the tour and be sure to visit our website, see you soon.

Original design of independent modern bathtub

separate modern bathtub design

Super modern bathroom design

modern bathroom design

Original design of modern bathroom with laminated wood floor

modern bathroom design

Stunning design of modern bathroom

modern bathroom design

Modern bathroom design

original design bathroom

Super modern bathroom design with separate bathtub

super modern bathroom design

Nice design of rustic style washbasin cabinet

modern design luxurious washbasin

Original modern style bathroom models

modern style bathroom models

Original industrial style bathroom models

models bathrooms rustic industrial style

Wall covering with mosaic tiles

models walls bathroom mosaics

Original design of modern washbasin cabinet

bathroom cabinet washbasin modern

Original modern style bathroom

original bathroom modern design

Original bathroom design with red mosaic wall

original bathroom red wall

Original industrial style bathroom design

original industrial bathroom design

Original design of bathroom with cement floor and walls

original design bathroom cement

Original design of modern bathroom with indirect LED lights

original modern bathroom design

Original bathroom design with white subway style tiles

bathroom white tiles metro style

* Jane Kim Design

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