Modern and dream bathrooms by Dornbracht.

rain shower modern furniture

There is no doubt that if there is one element in modern bathrooms that makes them extremely comfortable is to have a shower. It is the indispensable complement to the morning coffee that makes us wake up and even the air of energy that they inject is indisputable. Over the years they have evolved in an impressive way. They are far from being that additio without character devoid of style that was in the past very distant.

Modern bathrooms, temperature control

modern bathrooms water control panel

Today they exist in a multitude of shapes and styles that fit the most demanding tastes and contexts. Technology has favored a lot in this sense, integrating from lights LED or until the last proposal presented by Dornbracht. We refer to the so-called Dornbracht's Sensory Sky. A wonder that will surely make us spend much more time under her. Bring the whole sensory world of nature to modern bathrooms.

Modern bathrooms, Sensory Sky

modern bathrooms digital shower control

The bathroom experience is no longer common thanks to this German company, a pioneer in design and high quality innovations. The shower It has an easy-to-access digital screen that allows you to control the way water falls. We can experiment in the form of rain, fog or storm. It also includes the effect of light on it and also the smell. In this way, a multisensory experience is recreated, which is always welcome no matter the time of day.

Modern bathrooms, water fall

modern bathrooms decoration design lights

It is completely customizable and we can adjust the water pressure, temperature and light according to our taste. I think there is no better way to wake up and start a new day. Sensory Sky gives us the freedom to make our unique modern bathrooms. No doubt an experience worth living and that places the bathroom at a higher level. For now let's enjoy it in images.

Luxury bathroom by Dornbracht

modern bathrooms shower lights luxury

Spacious luxury bathroom

modern bathrooms large modern shower

Variation in shower water fall

modern bathrooms massage sensory shower

Effect of lights from the ceiling

modern bathrooms lights luxury towel

Rectangular design wide dish

modern bathrooms orifices shower panel

Decoration with rocks in the background

modern bathrooms sensor rocks lights

Modern luxury shower

water channel metal rain shower

Modern wide dish design

wide shower water stools rain dish

Control panel in the Sensory Sky

control controls modern control

modern bathrooms rain water design

control sensors shower sky temperature

shower show lights design launch

modern smart shower lights rocks

shower rain pattern aromatherapy dish

rain shower modern furniture

shower modern spacious dish water

rain style luxury modern bathroom

lights design model led luxury bathroom

modern smart shower lights rain

furniture decoration bathroom shower lights

odor sensors shower lights effects

water temperature sensors luxury shower

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