Modern and functional living room furniture: less is more

white room black carpet shapes

In today's post we will talk about the modern living room furniture that set trends today. We will see which style is the most used in terms of decoration and interior design and what are the advantages offered by this furniture for each type of space, do not miss our selection of one hundred great ideas.

Modern and futuristic living room furniture

adrenaline sofa colors archi products

We will start with a fun touch of color in the living room; We talked about the "Chew" sofa by Adrenalina, designed by Simone Micheli. Only suitable for the most daring, this fabulous piece has a design of capitone style something more different and asymmetric than what we used to see, draws attention for its originality.

Sofa Lem from Miniforms

miniforms sofa blue archi products

Continuing with the colorful seats for the living room, we will introduce the sofa model from the "Lem" collection of the Miniforms company. Its designer, Francesco Beghetto, has created a tubular structure raised on thin legs and completely covered with fabric. The finish is very soft and pleasant, every detail is designed to provide comfort.

Moon Island sofa set

sofa manutti archi deco moon

And turning to more neutral tones but with no less modern designs, we present the set of seats "Moon Island" by the designer Gerd Couckhuyt for the firm Manutti. In this case we see a design of four islands concentrated around a coffee table. Rounded lines and innovative materials such as nautical leather ensure comfort.

Horizontal living room section black

leisure center repositio salon black

We then go to see more types of modern living room furniture, specifically this section or leisure center called Repositio designed by Felix Schwake. Available in various colors, we can appreciate the luxury in the bright finishes. This horizontal piece of furniture is designed to store the electronic devices in the living room, at the same time providing a note of elegance.

Moore Sofa by Divanidea

divanidea sofa color gray cushion

And returning again to the sofas we show you this model designed by the firm Divanidea called Moore. It has a wooden frame and removable covers in each piece. In addition the interior filling is made of polyurethane foam and acrylic batting, which makes it extremely soft and very comfortable.

Futuristic design armchairs and sofas

set modern white sofa chairs

Let's see now some modern living room furniture with the most futuristic designs, as is the case of this set of seats formed by a three-seater sofa. Its finish is in Touch Barrel leather, a slightly pigmented leather that is very easy to clean; and the interior is made of polyurethane foam.

Asymmetrical metal shelves

shelves modern furniture of living room

One of the characteristics shared by modern living room furniture is the simplicity of its design. In the image at the top we can see the Totem shelves created by Nicolette de Waart. They are made from thin sheets of metal coated with powder that guarantees a long service life.

Sections and modern leisure centers

pink carpet living room section

Well, once consulted the trends in the design of concrete furniture, let's see some examples of decoration of rooms in which the furniture of this contemporary style predominates. We can appreciate in several models that straight lines and smooth finishes are not lacking.

Design of living room with modern furniture

nice living room modern design lights

Another factor that stands out in this style is the use of neutral tones; whites, beige, gray and brown manage to create relaxed environments in which people and their habits are prioritized, leaving the decoration of the space in the background that adapts at all times to the vital human needs.

Decoration of living rooms with futuristic furniture

nice living room led floor lights

In interconnected spaces of shared use such as loft style apartments Many are those who have chosen to delimit the different areas by coating floors and walls using different materials and colors for each place. This also leads to think about the most appropriate lighting for each site.

Modern style interior design

nice modern level living room fireplace

Recreation center with wood laminate

nice living room laminate flooring wood

Living room furniture in bold colors

leisure center color yellow modern

Modular section in green tones

leisure center color yellow green

Section for aquamarine and white room

leisure center color turquoise blue

Furniture section in black

leisure center furniture color black

Modern design TV cabinet

center leisure vertical salon tele

Living room furniture with shelves

center living room furniture section wood

Set of sofa and leather armchairs

leather armchairs sofa set brown

Living rooms futuristic design

futuristic design green wall

Modern furniture for small rooms

modern design furniture living room wood

Living room furniture in minimalist style

design salon carpet green stripes

Modern living room with integrated section

design living room furniture modern tele

Modern furniture for the living room

modern furniture living room wood benches

Sections of shelves for the living room

shelves glass furniture living room section

Modern design shelves Dante

shelves living room model dante archi

Design sofa Icarraro model

icarraro sofa corner ärchi

Minimalism for the design of salons

low table tele wall

Futuristic tables for living room

round white lacquered table

Low bedside table with lacquered finish

white table modern living room levels

modern table led lights salon

black white living room tables design

minimalism design lounge armchairs orange

furniture laminate wood

furniture beige green ornament

white furniture lacquered modern living room

white furniture living room modern design

pretty furniture beige color

burgundy modern lounge furniture

modern living room furniture future style

modern lounge furniture laminated wood

modern living room furniture wood section

laminate furniture wood living room modern

minimalist furniture living room modern section

beige modern living room furniture

living room furniture color brown laminate

white futuristic living room furniture

Living room furniture led lights integrated

modern living room furniture section

modern living room furniture wood laminate

modern living room furniture laminated wood

furniture living room modern black wood

wall color gray furniture living room

wall color brown violet armchair

wall stone furniture modern living room

small white room woman sofa

poliform model santamonica sofa archi

living room shelving wall wood

large living room parquet floor wood

beige living room led lights

white living room large cactus shelf

living room color white table floor

salon colors white black red

nice living room modern furniture design

living room furniture orange color

living room illuminated gray modern furniture

salon industrial style gray color

modern living room design blue color

modern living room buddha white furniture

modern living room space picture ships

salon modern style metal letters

living room modern style wall cabinet

modern living room yellow wall furniture

modern living room furniture design shelves

modern living room very illuminated section

modern salon design black white

modern living room black striped wall

living room modern marble floor tiles

modern living room sofa white capitone

living room green color modern fireplace

white yellow section modern living room

section salon yellow white green

section white aquamarine

section salon white gloss

section salon modern gray color

white armchairs metal pendant lamp

armchairs shape black balls

white rectangle armchairs

green armchairs modern living room library

red armchair modern style tele

modern white black sofa armchair

chair sunbed light focus room

beige sofa furniture wood

brown color sofa ornaments wicker

purple furniture white furniture

black sofa beige furniture

Modern leather lounge furniture

Modern living room furniture beige section

Modern lounge furniture sunbeds

Modern living room furniture archi products

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