Modern architecture - an impressive house in Sunny West Vancouver

modern architecture

This design of modern architecture It is perfect for lovers of the sea and the outdoors. The house that we see in the images is located on the top of a mountain, and this situation allows to enjoy wonderful views of the sea and the surrounding forests from the terrace. A beautiful view of the sea, and a comfortable terrace from which to enjoy ... What more could you want?

Modern architecture design the house 04-SU

Modern architecture - an impressive house in Sunny West Vancouver

This house was built in West Vancouver, Canada in 2015 by the architecture firm Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses.

modern architecture house

Located in a steep and technically challenging place, this house captures framed views of large-scale maritime traffic in the outer harbor.

Impressive design of modern architecture

modern architecture terrace

The movement in the house is carefully choreographed to disguise the considerable change from the elevation of the street to the living space.

terrace views

Similarly, a split level arrangement allows generous spaces in the main living floors and a closer connection between the upper floor and the main floor.

great terrace

Its terrace, with light wooden floors and comfortable furniture, also offers a swimming pool where we can cool off in the days of intense sun. It is a suspended immersion pool that is an unexpected element of 40 feet in the air.

terrace design

But let's go in; we know it's hard to get out of the terrace and all the wonders it offers, but we assure that there is much more to see inside.

living room

We receive a living room with beautiful walls and rustic wooden floors, decorated with elegant black furniture.

room be clear

In the second room, decorated in lighter shades, we can find two light gray sofas leaning against a concrete wall. Modern art frames add touches of color to the walls, and a floor lamp in the same style serves as an additional source of light. A really great room, right?

modern kitchen

The design of the kitchen presents a minimalist style and a palette of colors in black and white. It also has wonderful views of the sea.

bedroom design

In the bedroom, modern and white design, the wonderful views make us company through the glass walls.

kitchen dining

In the kitchen and dining room, contrast and symmetry are of the utmost importance. If we look top down the image above, we can see a combination of alternating elements in black and white.

modern interior

The contemporary square-edge lines of the 7,000-square-meter property create towering spaces with window walls and spectacular views in the crystal clear waters of the outer harbor that seems to sit just outside the door.

outside entrance

Built in simple decorative concrete lines, Accoya wood cladding, along with all the color of its surroundings, this property of modern architecture seems to have always inhabited its space, and as if it would always do so.

Design: Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses
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