Modern bathrooms with showers - fifty great ideas

nice design modern bathroom shower

In today's post we will show you a new compilation of images of modern bathrooms with shower , in them you will be able to appreciate some of the characteristics of the designs of modern baths with shower more current and to take some ideas that you will be able to apply in the bathrooms of your own home.

Modern bathrooms with shower and bathtub

tiles bathroom floor walls brown

Specifically, today we will talk about the bathrooms with dish or shower cabin , nevertheless, in many of the models that we will see below, the bathtubs also appear, and precisely the example above presents a design with the aforementioned characteristics. The shower cabin is quite spacious and is protected by a glass partition that extends to the ceiling.

Designs of modern bathrooms with shower coated with blue tones

modern bathroom tiles blue colors

One of the reasons why many opt for shower cabins is its easy access. In the example above, a great cabin with screens of glass, in this case equipped with work benches that allow you to enjoy a relaxing shower from a more comfortable position.

Modern bathroom with retro style washbasin cabinet

modern bathroom furniture retro style

It is also true that the maintenance and cleaning of shower cabins are less expensive and also allow saving space more efficiently. In the case of the top model, the shower cabin also has a small window that provides natural light to that particular area in a subtle and very pleasant way.

Modern bathrooms of small size

modern bathrooms with small shower cubicle

It should be noted that a shower is the best choice in the case of small bathrooms. In the design that appears above confirms what has been said; It is not necessary to have a large bathroom so that it is luxurious and elegant, it is enough to know how to take advantage of the given resources and form a pleasant and modern space with them.

Modern bathrooms with shower and bathtub

bathroom attic dark gray tiles

This year will be marked by the return to the organic, the natural and the unalterable pursuit of functional ideas. So when it comes to a bathroom design the direction will be: super clean colors, seamless lines and the practical and simple layout of the spaces, but with the touch of organic comfort and elegance.

Bathroom design with wood trunks

rustic bathroom design wood trunks

Making life more enjoyable and innovative with materials that are easy to maintain and adjust, can also be a dynamic and playful option. Ensuring an elegant atmosphere, the straight lines and the aesthetics of the masonry cause the use of the same material for the coating of walls and floors. So continuity will be a huge trend for the next season 2017/2018 - a work that provides simplicity and play at the same time.

Minimalist style bathroom design

modern bathroom shower bathtub garden

When one uses a combination of the modern and organic, it creates a dynamic atmosphere that evokes clean and elegant feeling. The juxtaposition of wood and stone to synthetic materials is very intelligent, combinatorial and suitable for many design variations. In the image above we can see a combination complemented by easy-to-maintain synthetic materials. A modern but homely composition.

Quarter bathroom with stone cladding

bathtub classic style metal design

To create a design facility, one must point to an elegant final perspective, that of the feeling that the bathroom has been carefully planned without benign obsession. This balanced atmosphere can be achieved when the combination is classy and modern, mixing minimalism and warmth, innovation and nature comes at a harmonic point that is at the delicate edge, this is the goal of any quality design.

Design of modern bathroom with wooden laminates

bathroom cabinet shower basin red

In the new trend of bathroom design, intelligent creators rediscover the old organic connection between clay and water. In the cultural history of mankind, clay is one of the oldest materials used to create containers for water containment and even today it is still the main material for the creation of zincs and other fashionable bathroom fixtures. A wonderful example of this flow of imagination is the water-dispensing product that leaves behind all known forms, functions and materials: the sea and the shore are made of clay and are a hybrid of a shelf and a tap.

Bathroom with modern and compact shower cubicle

modderno bathroom color blue black

Modern bathroom with bath and shower

modern bathroom bathtub shower cabin

Do not forget to include green, living plants in your bathroom environment that is not only fashionable, but also a beautiful touch of design. Here are some tips in this direction.

Small bathroom with shower cabin

small bathroom shower cabin

Modern bathroom with LED Indure lights

beige modern bathroom design

Modern bathroom with cabin and curved screen

bathroom design modern gray aquamarine

Modern bathroom design in gray tones

modern gray bathroom dark tiles

modern bathroom glass green screen

modern bathroom design all white

small bathroom sink shower screen

bathroom small wall color gray

modern bathrooms with a light blue shower

modern bathrooms with glass shower cubicle

modern bathrooms with gray shower

modern bathrooms with shower cabin

cabin shower tiles cabin gray

fourth bathroom cladding gray color

fourth bathroom design modern style

bathroom furniture luxurious marble furniture

modern bathroom red towel

modern design small bathroom

design bathroom coating black mosaic

bathroom design bathroom brown tiles

design bathroom shower modern style

design bathroom minimalist style screen

design room bathroom much light

design modern bathrooms with green wall shower

modern bathroom design wood paneling

design modern bathrooms with marble floor shower

modern blue light shower design

bathroom tiles brown

modern style bathroom

super design bathroom white views

super bathroom wall color green

super design bathroom futuristic style

washbasin cabinet laminated wood

laminate bathroom furniture dark wood

original design modern bathrooms with shower

original design bathroom minimalist style

wall color blue tiles granite

painting wall color berejnena

luxurious bathroom

minimalist shower

nice design

bathroom cabin

elegant bathroom


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