Modern bedrooms latest design trends 2015

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When a new year starts the new trends come out that's why today we have decided to show you the latest trends for bedrooms modern 2015 . It's the perfect time to see the innovations if you've thought about renovating your living room. Here you will find the designs that will make the biggest impact this year. The bedroom is the place where everyone's personal taste is a priority in the face of fashion trends and the latest styles in design.

Modern bedroom simple lines and neutral colors

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However for our modern bedroom you can always look for the perfect balance between comfort and design. What we show you today are ideas to create a serene bedroom with true luxurious style. As in the latest trends for bathrooms 2015 the modern bedrooms will also be an exciting mix of styles and designs. Always looking for the supreme relax that they have to offer to attract the attention of the owners.

Modern bedrooms with natural decorations on the wall

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The tone established in 2014 will not be forgotten in this year in which designers try to achieve the balance between the modern and the timeless. The intention of all is to create places that offer a peaceful refuge in the middle of the urban chaos in which we are living. More than a couple of years ago, the first wave of mid-century designs made a big impact on the overall design course.

Purple color in bedding and curtains

Luxurious bedroom style purple color ideas

Now this trend that increases its appeal by adding timeless pieces. If the eclectic style is not your thing then for your modern bedroom you can choose a masculine style using sober and minimalist decoration with dark colored furniture. A more feminine idea for modern bedrooms is the vintage style. But if there is a trend that would reign in 2015 in modern bedrooms and in the other rooms of the house this is the industrial style with retro touches very English.

Very interesting wall paper and velvet bed back

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Keep in mind that the modern style of mid-century is very good in modern bedrooms. This decoration can be completed with a lamp for the ceiling by hanging on top of the bed and also you can also choose a bed with retro shapes on the headboard. The wallpaper for the walls is also very original and looks good when the motifs are appropriate and agree with the furniture and its designs.

Mid-century stylish bedroom

Modern bedrooms bed style mid century ideas

On the other hand to your bedroom you can give a simple and modern touch when you choose for the interior decoration colors that combine well with each other. Also for these decorations you can bet on furniture with simpler design and it is better not to use many additional decorative details because in this way you will be escandoos of simple decoration.

Combination of rustic style with modern

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On the other hand, if you want to make an interesting combination you can use original design furniture with rustic decorative details. On the other hand, modernity can be added with curtains and walls decorated in a way that reflects modernity.

Mid-century furniture in the bedroom

Modern bedrooms furniture mid century ideas

On the other hand, the decoration of the modern bedrooms is also good with colorful paintings on the walls. In this way you will also fill your interiors with color and joy. Also you have to keep in mind that this way of decorating is also appropriate for the living rooms and for the other parts of your house.

Contemporary bedroom with mid-century decorations

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In addition, in the bedrooms the beauty and originality can also come from the hand of the floors decorated with colors with cheerful and vibrant colors. However, you have to bear in mind that in these interiors you have to bet on the balance of the tones and that is why you should bet on the white color for the furniture.

Dark gray for bedroom walls

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On the other hand, the white color can be used also for decorating the walls of the bedrooms and you can also combine it with darker tones. Keep in mind that the combination between dark colors and white color is very appropriate for interiors in which you will add an elegant touch or in which you want to increase the style.

Rustic style bedroom with open wardrobe

modern bedroom rustic style closet open design

On the other hand, originality and modernity in simple or rustic bedrooms can be added with furniture of interesting and modern designs. In this way you can bet on a closet without doors open with curtains collected on both sides.

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Modern bedroom designed by Jamie Bush

modern bedroom bright relaxing relaxing armchair

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Modern bedrooms walls paper mid-century style Corinas

Modern bedrooms bright use stylish colors

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