Modern ceilings with integrated LED lights - 50 ideas

design wood ceiling integrated lights

In today's article we will talk about the designs of modern ceilings with incrustations of Led lights and we will make a tour of our collection of fifty images that show the latest developments regarding LED lighting integrated into the structures of ceilings and walls, you can not miss them.

Modern ceilings with embedded LED lights

nice design ceiling modern living room

In previous posts we already mentioned some advantages of indirect lighting Led , so today we will see some interior designs in which these elements have been included. Actually models of contemporary architecture have leveled structures that mark shapes and reliefs on ceilings and walls.

Modern living room with Led lighting

modern design led ceiling lights

The purpose of the construction of reliefs is to isolate, soundproof and beautify the spaces. At the same time the incorporation of integrated lights in the structures of the ceilings It allows to play with shapes and save a lot of space, besides providing a much more efficient lighting because it is more economical, ecological and can be placed in strategic areas that ensure a more appropriate use.

Ceiling design with lights by Ettore Sottsass

concert hall piano royal ceiling

Above we can see a design of modern ceilings of Ettore Sottsass . Led lamps in this case are ideal for workplaces because depending on the characteristics the lights cause a low brightness on the screens. These lamps are perfect for modular ceilings and their maintenance and cleaning are quite simple.

Modern living room with integrated LED lights

nice living room modern design lights

It is true that Led lights are the future of lighting and are increasingly seen in models of modern ceilings and all kinds of indoor spaces. In the same way, the designs of the ceilings and the walls have also undergone many changes in the present that have made them stand out as architectural elements that previously went unnoticed. Now modern ceilings have become elements that play a leading role in interior design.

Design of living room with led lighting

nice design living led lights

We continue to present a practical guide for those who are going to make a global repair in an apartment or house and want a home lighting that is comfortable and cozy, unique, easy to maintain, economical and respectful with the environment. To date, there is nothing that meets all these requirements except LED lighting.

Kitchen design with trimmed roof

kitchen modern ceilings lights box

The choice of source, size and appearance of the light is very rich, and your imagination is not limited. Before incorporating your lights, you need to understand exactly what you want to do, and then find the most effective solution from both a practical and an economic point of view. This is not as difficult as it seems.

LED lights integrated in modern ceilings

design ceiling lights led salon

LED lighting is one of the most attractive options thanks to its durability. The life a high quality LED bulb is sometimes greater than that of the bulb of conventional lamps, halogen lamps and fluorescent lamps. However, if you decide to be very careful, since the market is flooded with a large number of defective products of unknown origin.

Design of rooms with Led lights

Design living rooms modern Led lights

There are many extremely cheap brands from China that supposedly have the same technical and economic indicators. Most of these lamps are broken in the first months of operation, those that are lucky to run for a longer time very quickly lose their brightness. The purchase of LED lamps and luminaires from internationally recognized manufacturers that offer the corresponding quality is recommended.

Modern apartment design with Led lighting

design ceiling floor modern design

Another reason why LED lights are used is the low power consumption. LED lights have an incredible energy efficiency since more than 90 percent of the energy they consume is converted into light. It is for this reason that LED lamps can create the desired level of lighting using almost 10 times less energy than traditional light bulbs.

Design of modern ceilings with Led lighting

design ceilings modrnos Led lights

The initial cost of LED lamps and accessories, is recovered during the first or second year of use and then begins to save a large amount of electricity and therefore, you pay less. LED lights due to their high energy efficiency produce virtually no heat during operation.

Children's bedroom with Led lights

Children's bedroom lights Led lights

It is for this reason that it can be used in places where the use of incandescent and halogen lamps is difficult or very dangerous. We are talking about the vicinity of walls, furniture, plants, etc. Another advantage of these light sources is the ease of use LED lights are not only durable, but also very durable.

Living room design with integrated LED lights

super design salon integrated lights

In most rooms we find the presentation of a "main" light in residential areas often involving ceiling lamps. A smaller, but more sophisticated part of the population is experimenting with multi-level ceilings and original lighting with several light sources.

Inlays of Led lights on the ceiling

super design lights encrusted ceiling

We can not deny that a few years ago the luxury of high-quality lighting design was very expensive in terms of performance, maintenance and service. But in recent years the situation has changed drastically due to the widespread use of lighting based on LED technology.

Modern living room design with trimmed ceiling

super design salon wood

Now we do not need the heat and the mechanically resistant structure, since the LED lamps are light and do not heat up. As a result, false flexible roofs began to develop very quickly. LED lights are easy to install both in a normal ceiling and in a multi-level ceiling mounted.

Design of modern ceilings with Led lights

super design modern ceilings lights

The LED strips allow us to add any color tone simply mounted on a semitransparent or opaque roof. Now we let you review these photos of modern ceilings with Led lights and inspire you to create a design and a very attractive lighting in your home.

Shapes and reliefs with lights for ceilings

baby room ceiling flower lights

Luxurious bedroom with inlaid Led lights

Luxurious room inlaid led lights

Room with modern ceilings and integrated lights

modern ceilings room lights

lamps design roof trees led

Led lights integrated modern designs

integrated lights modern ceilings

LED lights headboard bed bands

led lights design kitchen wood

kitchen led lights blue color

led lights embedded furniture living room

led lights integrated ceiling walls bedroom

led lights integrated bathroom

led lights integrated pictures wall

living room led lights integrated ceiling

led lights chair pink

ceiling frame wood led lights

Living room views led lights

living room library lights led walls

living room modern design fireplace lights

salons lights modern loft ceilings

salon led lights integrated edges

Luxurious salon style manor ceiling

modern living room black sofas lights

sofa color green led lights

ceiling design salon views

modern bedroom ceiling led lights

ceiling color gray led lights

wood ceiling led lights integrated

ceiling relief circles led lights

design ceiling salon white yellow

ceiling salon design modern embossed

modern honeycomb design ceilings

modern roofs shape flower relief

modern ceilings led lights panels






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