Modern design furniture - 38 exceptional examples

design furniture wood side table

What would you like to include design furniture contemporary to the decoration of your home? Dare and surprise everyone with some extravagant looking piece, it's time to innovate. In today's article we are going to talk about some design furniture from well-known authors worldwide, we hope you enjoy our collection of photos.

Modern design furniture

pretty brown leather padded bed

We will start seeing this great bed of skin of the firm Flou called "Olivier". Also available in leather or Eco-leather, the interlacing finish is very elegant. To complete such a glamorous vision, base structures such as legs have a lacquered brass cover.

Collection of bedside tables and comfortable I-night

boxes benches modern design furniture

Next, news from Italy. The signature Presotto It surprises us with its collection of dressers and bedside tables I-night available in various finishes such as matte, gloss, simile of oak and ecomalta. The drawers have a system of pressurized handles and the pieces can be combined in multiple ways.

Bed "Yang Bed" by Minotti

large bed color gray design

And returning to the beds we present this design of the Minotti fiend. This is the "Yang Bed" and has been designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. Every detail has been created to ensure comfort and comfort, and the design offers the possibility of placing various accessories such as bedside tables to individual taste.

Natural wood furniture set

shelves stairs natural clear wood

Alki is the company responsible for designing this set of untreated natural wood furniture. Its natural aspect fills the spaces of life and youth, at the same time that it contributes that unmistakable touch of Nordic style that is so worn today. Straight lines and simple designs stand out providing a sense of order and balance, ideal sets for indoor spaces of reduced space. However some collections of this same company, even being made from natural wood, have much more rounded shapes that appear soft.

Design of modern wooden shelving

wooden shelf legs legs

Laminated wood shelving design

shelves laminated wood gray boxes

Design of wooden shelving

wooden shelves yellow padded elements

Yang Bed by Minotti

modern room design furniture

Design of modern bed with padding

bed padded green water headboard

Living room furniture with shelves

interesting diselino furniture living shelves

Dining table by Giuseppe Vigano

white table wall colors chairs

Modern table designed by Cappellini

granite table several colors modern

Wooden table designed by Belfakto

wooden table legs belfakto

Modern banks of various colors

modern benches tables various colors

laminated modern wooden tables

wooden sofa table module

living room furniture comfortable white color

bathroom furniture marble blocks white

design furniture comfortable laminated wood

kitchen design furniture

design furniture shelves living room

living room furniture modern design

furniture shelves clear natural wood

natural wood furniture without working

white living room furniture retro style

wall color green table wood

modern chair crazy straps shirt

wood chairs design original shape

modern armchairs large ventilated backrests

spongy brown leather armchairs

armchair minimalist style metal legs

beige modern style armchair

gray puzle sofa bed

large corner sofa color brown

headboard bed leather brown braided

pigeon gray velvet sofa

stool puff color green water

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