Modern design kitchen bars - 50 ideas

super design island kitchen concrete

Today we bring you news, we present fifty fabulous images of kitchen bars or islands with a countertop. In previous articles we saw some of the most requested materials for this type of furniture, so today we are going to see some designs that include trendy kitchen bars, you can not miss them.

Wooden kitchen bars

bar kitchen laminated wood bar

First of all we can see the laminate wood countertops. In this case the wooden bar is dedicated to the dining area as there is another countertop more appropriate for cooking and handling food on it. Here we see very current trends such as the combination of white and wood, and also furniture with gola handles.

Islands of modern design kitchen

modern design kitchen bars

Then another variant in white and wood, although in this case the bar is minimalist design and is made from Corian. This design also has a set of furniture turquoise blue pantry with glossy lacquered finish that completely transform the look of the kitchen.

Kitchen island with green bar

green countertop kitchen bars

Also here we see a note of intense color. The Island of cooking in the form of ele is made of Corian and also has a superimposed structure of lime green that serves as a bar. It is true that in such a white decoration any element of color will attract a lot of attention, but in this design a practically brilliant harmony has been achieved.

Kitchen design by Patrick Y Hong

modern bar color green water

The following design was created by Patrick and Hong in the year 2011. Here you can see combinations of styles, materials, textures and colors. The result is a place with a very welcoming appearance, with different areas delimited but at the same time interconnected. The kitchen bar is aquamarine, a detail that brings a retro touch reminding us of the designs of half a century that are so worn today.

Yellow kitchen island design

island bar yellow lacquered kitchen

The design and style of your home can give a very elegant and modern look to your kitchen with kitchen bars of bright and cheerful colors that combine with the other shades of your interior. The yellow color is very original and will look great in the kitchen when the interior walls are white or ocher tones.

Design of Corian kitchen bars

modern white kitchen bar chairs

On the other hand the kitchen bar can be placed making an island in the center. In this way the island can be used not only for cooking, but also for eating as if it were a table. Also near the island you can place high chairs modern design and colors that combine with your interior.

White kitchen island with wooden bar

white wood kitchen bar woman

In contrast, wood also looks good when combined with white. Keep in mind that with the color white you can combine a light colored wood and dark color. On the other hand, the black color will be very good with the light pine wood. On the other hand, the wood of the bar can be combined with a wooden decorated floor.

Islands of modern design kitchen

modern design kitchen bars

In addition, in modern and elegant interiors, designer furniture is important to maintain the style of the house. This way in als kitchens you can bet on some modern bars with an original design.

Futuristic style cooking islands

futuristic style kitchen bars

On the other hand, in modern and elegant houses futuristic type furniture is also very appropriate. These furniture will also increase the style and design of the house. Also, if in your house you have a pool, they will be very good as a piece of furniture in which you can place cocktails and drinks.

Retro style kitchen islands

retro style kitchen bars

On the other hand, in the interiors of the retro kitchens you can bet on the furniture that has an antique look and that are made of wood. In these kitchens colors are not so important, however the design of the furniture is what will help you create the decoration you want.

Light wood kitchen islands

light wood kitchen bars

You have to take into account that you can opt for clear wood for decorating the kitchens and you can opt for some black appliances. In this way, the clear chrome of the wood will introduce the naturalness in your home and the black color will increase the style and elegance of your kitchen.

Solid wood kitchen islands

solid wood kitchen bars

Minimalist style cooking islands

beige minimalist style kitchen bars

Kitchen bar with black mosaic

bar kitchen mosaic black color

White kitchen island of modern design

modern kitchen bar white chairs

kitchen bar light beige tones

kitchen bar glass blue color

green smooth kitchen bar

gray modern kitchen bars

white modern kitchen bars

countertop kitchen countertops corian

laminated wood kitchen bars

white modern kitchen bar

Nordic style kitchen bar

modern small kitchen bar

retro style kitchen bars

Japanese squares kitchen bars

glass bar lights led island wood

kitchen steel modern style

modern kitchen minimalist gray bar

white kitchen island orange stools

spacious luxurious island modern kitchen

kitchen industrial style black ceiling

white wood kitchen Corian

modern kitchen all white yellow

modern kitchen gray color

modern kitchen orange chairs

modern kitchen views TV

kitchen design all natural wood

modern style kitchen design

kitchen countertops marble wood

great island kitchen yellow stools

super design kitchen color light blue

fabulous island kitchen wood lights

island kitchen concrete bell steel

kitchen island black countertop

module furniture kitchen bar table

black chairs a white island

black stools hanging lamps cylinders

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