Modern design kitchen or dining tables - trends

The kitchen tables or dining rooms have become the essential element that marks the most modern style of design for spaces intended for lunches and dinners. See our fantastic selection of images that will undoubtedly draw your attention, the latest trends in dining room decoration.

Modern kitchen and dining tables

laminate kitchen wood dining table

For this type of spaces many designers They have opted for the fusion of several styles trying to create an ideal place for different acts of everyday life. The kitchen tables can now be placed in living rooms or living rooms to become in this way essential elements for the time we spend together in society.

Modern Orange Graphics Dining Room

dining room orange round lamps black

In the picture above we can see a fabulous design by Orange Graphics called "Atakama". Despite the search for minimalism, we can appreciate that every detail is of great importance. Colors Neutral in harmony they have managed to create a very pleasant atmosphere with a touch of youth.

Industrial style dining furniture

rectangular black table metal dining room

The following model by designer Enrico Cerica, on the other hand, presents a somewhat more industrial and heavy style, and this has been achieved thanks to the dark colored metal chairs. In turn, the table is an extension of the Island of cooking , so it has managed to combine beauty, functionality and modern style.

Modern design dining furniture

dining room glass terrace terrace wood patio

Then, Atelier Crilo presents a model of dining room located inside a solar lounge or closed terrace very well lit. A rustic touch is appreciated thanks to the elements of wood such as the laminates of floors and walls, and also bohemian-looking notes thanks to the numerous chairs of different designs.

Minimalist style dining furniture

modern wood dining table bench

Also the wood is very important in the designs of kitchen tables and dining rooms in general for PartiDesign as we can see in the image. In this case, it has also been tried to take advantage of the space to the maximum, so that practically all the elements are of straight and smooth design, minimalism abounds.

Contemporary style dining room with glass table

modern design table dining table

Let's now look at the dining room model by Kleiton Oliveira. Actually the space seems to be a place for pleasant meetings with family and friends, although we also find the kitchen on one side to facilitate access to food products, a simply great design.

Modern dining furniture

dining room small floor wood piano

The kitchen tables of EkeInterior instead have something more important visually. The example of the image shows a minimalist table design to the naked eye, but if we look at the huge central base of solid wood we will understand that this detail gives a great effect to the overall decoration.

Decor of rustic dining room with wooden furniture

cabin cottage wood rooftop table

As we will see, the rustic style is also very influenced by fashions and trends. The dining room design by Hodidu presents modern furniture with a traditional air that can be appreciated above all in the forms. In addition, wood also plays an essential role as a protagonist throughout the decoration.

Arthur Carvalho's modern dining room

arthur modern table dining room wood

In the following example of dining room with kitchen tables Arthur Carvalho has prioritized light and free space dramatically. Each piece of furniture is precise and compact without highlighting the other elements, but when contemplating the set we understand that each detail is intentionally located.

Kitchen island with dining table

kitchen beige island laminate table

The Black Haus kitchen tables, on the other hand, bring a new look to the dining spaces. The extension of the marble countertop on the kitchen island becomes a table at certain times of the day, for example during breakfast and dinner. The finish of the laminates is also highlighted by its original contrast of colors.

Modern kitchen with wooden laminate table

white kitchen wood laminate table

Another possible option for the dining tables of this firm is the one that we can see above, a variant of the previous model also with laminated wood, although in this case the large table acts as a completely independent element to the other kitchen furniture with a own space for meals.

Wooden lataula table

Table Lataula

The design of this table extends without composing the general appearance. Thanks to its table divided into strips, it keeps its appearance in a compact or extended position. The extensions are stored inside the structure so that the user can, by modules of 20 cm wide, stretch or shrink the table in convenience. Available with lacquered legs and wooden top, with natural beech legs or walnut paint and lacquered top, or the entire lacquered table.

Original table model Lati

Lati table

With this timeless table you create a perfect workspace, a charming dining place or an efficient conference environment. The Lati table is known for its elegant inspiring frame and is available in 3 sizes. Each chair easily matches the Lati table thanks to its pure design.

Arc model table

modern table

Above we see a design inspired by the lightness of the tent, a feature of contemporary architecture, such as the huge dome of the Millennium of London that extends over one hundred square meters, built as its name suggests to celebrate the new millennium. The base of the Arc table is made of an innovative material that mixes cement and organic fibers. It is strong and elastic at the same time, waterproof and colored en masse in two shades, white and gray. Light and fluid, the arch has a round top in tempered glass with diameter 130, 140 or 150 cm, and 200 x 130 cm oval, in extra light finish.

Slim Table Midi System

Slim table

The Slim table is thin, anodised in silver, black, white or Ral lacquered aluminum structure. The lid comes in lacquered finishes, veneer, glass, compact wood, marble or solid.

Apollo Table MTM XXL by Heerenhuis

Modern kitchen with white design

modern white kitchen dining piano

Modern dining room with wooden table and metal chairs

kitchen white wall modern bricks

Modern dining rooms with wooden tables

modern dining room wood table design

Large kitchen and dining tables

large dining room chairs beige many

Dining room with large wooden table

large dining room three lamparas chairs

Minimalist style kitchen tables

minimalist modern minimalist white dining room

Dining room furniture in purple tones

dining table chairs light lilac

modern dining room hanging lamps three

modern dining chairs orange white

original dining room black color

rustic dining table high wood

dining room living room white curtains chairs

dining room living room wall relief table

dining chairs white capitone luxurious

four lamparas mesa madera comedor

table kitchen wood chairs

great kitchen wood dining terrace

lamps three white dining table

light lilac white chairs table

high table glass brown chairs

white table modern white chairs

brown laminate kitchen dining table

white dining table modern style lamp

dining table chairs colors several

kitchen table

Super dining table glass chairs

long wood dining table chairs

small round table wood dining room

white round table black chairs

kitchen tables design miysis

wood kitchen tables

indigo wall dining room modern wood

lounge library table dining chairs

living room white dining table light natural

modern industrial style dining room

yellow chairs modern white table

blue chairs modern design wooden table

white chairs classic style manor

white laminated brown leather chairs

white kitchen chairs legs wood

ethno latin upholstered chairs

chairs glass table table large wood

black modern metal table chairs

black chairs luxurious dining room

yellow sofa dining room bohemian

industrial style kitchen tables

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