Modern design pool using shipping containers

modern-special design pool

In terms of pool design and exterior decoration the models do not stop evolving and surprising us. There is no doubt that having a pool at home is like a dream. There are many things that can be done outdoors when it comes to relaxation. With a modern and functional design pool these possibilities are increased. If we have one, several areas can be created to have fun in our playground . The difference would undoubtedly be marked by the style of the pool. Today we bring you one of those amazing models.

Pool design with shipping containers

Pool design different-cozy-patios

It is a design by Modpools, a company based in Vancouver. What is interesting is precisely the material of the pool. It is an elaborate style with shipping containers. An interesting twist to the way recycling is used and its ends. Modpools in the design pools and this specific model also incorporates an area with transparency as a window. To create these pools, they take advantage of the characteristics of the containers . Fundamentally its rigidity is what allows to form the whole structure.

pool design floors-concrete-polished

An important detail is that this feature in the same way allows them to move. So it will not be a problem to create a new configuration of our patio without much effort. In terms of functionality, this company based in Vancouver goes much further. During the winter or very cold days the pool can be used as a whirlpool. Naturally the change is made with the help of a divider that is added quite easily. So simply our private spa can be configured simply in a matter of minutes.

pool design casliente-aguas-estandar

This makes it easy to use throughout the year. Thanks above all to the integrated heater that is capable of increasing to the temperature up to thirty degrees Celsius. As any modern pool does not escape the technological advances that make our life easier. Although it is made of shipping containers this pool can be controlled from the owner's smartphone. With some touches you can change aspects such as lighting, water temperature and the jets that fall. The dimensions are at eight by twenty feet or two by four meters. The price of these interesting pools starts at $ 26,900.

Swimming pool design for hydromassage


Like other pools you will always have your positive or negative points for our patio. In general, although it is not a design similar to that of Modpools a pool will be a great help. In aspect as the gardening can be complemented with several green areas in our yard. Even with a certain tropical tendency to make it more attractive. On the other hand almost automatically a pool will generate a festive atmosphere at home. So it will become the ideal place for any celebration between friends and family. According to the dimensions, the impact on our health will be very positive. Remember that swimming is an activity that integrates very well with exercises that improve our general condition.


So we will have just what we need at hand to do some sport to be in shape. As a negative aspect, maybe the first one is the cost they can have. In relation to each pool design and its style can raise costs. So the type, material and dimensions should be well studied. In this way we will be better organized to face an investment like this. The second of the details is related to the maintenance of the pools. For many it can be a somewhat tedious task, but there is no other way out and requires a little dedication. According to the works that are going to be done, they can be distributed during the month or during the week.


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