Modern design washbasins - 38 spectacular models

super design integrated wall washbasin

Today we are going to see the latest news regarding the designs of toilets for bathrooms. Already in previous articles we could see some examples of furniture with contemporary design sink, so today we will continue with the same theme to develop it and see some models of the best known firms worldwide.

Marble furniture with two sinks designed by TCC Whitestone

blocks marble black washbasin

The first example we see above is from the firm TCC Whitestone and is part of its Buenos Aires collection. The whole structure is made from marble calacatta that thanks to the combination of gray tones has managed to form a very interesting contrast with a glossy finish.

Design of basin in the form of ele

modern design basin shape ele

The next model is a single basin with an ELE-shaped glass. It's about the model called "Cubik" from the Ideagroup firm and the first thing that stands out is the finishing and the innovative materials such as the Ecomalte and the unicoloured HPL laminate. This washbasin in concrete also allows to be integrated in the furniture.

High cylinder-shaped sink design

basin high cylinder shape faucet

Next we have a sink with a design that differs from the others. It is a Falper company design, a piece of individual and exclusive use since it is not integrated in any piece of furniture. Its shape is cylindrical and in the upper part the diameter begins to expand forming a greater opening in the shape of a cone. To complete the original vision, a tap with a rod shape begins to extend from the ground.

Furniture with two basins by Royal Botania

two black round basins Royal Botania

The design of furniture with wooden sink that we see above is a creation of the firm Royal Botania. The material chosen for the washbasin in this case is the granite "Black pearl" and together with the laminated wood that covers the entire piece of furniture, it has been possible to create a very pleasant contrast of textures and colors, this is a very elegant modern design.

Marble washbasin and laminated wood drawer

design marble washbasin laminated wood

Design of integrated basins on the wall

design integrated modern washbasins wall

Contemporary design washbasin

vertical narrow white washbasin design

Design of modern washbasin with abstract shapes

modern design wash basin puddle

Two steel and ceramic basins

two pieces white steel

Design bathroom furniture

bathtub color gray washbasins white

Design marble washbasin

marble block furniture washbasin long

Two wall-mounted modern design washbasins

two basins ceramic modern design

Furniture with two modern sinks

double washbasin cabinet modern style

narrow washbasin long garden

integrated washbasin wall color navy blue

washbasin long marble furniture

marble washbasin round marble faucets

beige marble travertine washbasin

basin panel marble minimalist style

washbasin color brown rectangles shape

washbasin modern ceramic white wood

gray modern washbasin

washbasin modern design model lupi

washbasin color black laminate wood

modern flat washbasin modern design

Round basin opening opening center

marble wall modern washbasins

square washbasins gray color

modern washbasins design steel faucets

modern washbasins Redono covered drain

washbasin cabinet block marble white

marble washbasin cabinet modern style

dish basin design oval shape

nice design modern ceramic sink

modern flat design washbasin

washbasin cabinet laminated wood ceramics

washbasin cabinet black doors

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