Modern desks - 24 designs of entrance furniture

modern receivers rebel-r_11

Today we have prepared for you a selection of images of entrance furniture and modern receivers , discover what style will best fit in your home.

Modern hallways and entrance furniture

590 hall unit

In this picture we can see the model 590 hall unit, a W design issmann Raumobjekte. The cabinet with shelf is the business card of any living room. There is no better way to brighten up this space more impressive than with a rack cabinet.

Hallway unit 705 by Caroti

furniture caroti model 705 wood

A lacquered wood sideboard with door and 3 slatted drawers like the Caroti model 705 can be the great element for a classic decoration.

Hallway unit 605

model unit 605 furniture carotti

In contrast, the wooden corridor unit model 605 from the same manufacturer has a stand-up telephone station with a bed shelf and an upholstered cushion. It is available in 4 finishes: classic mahogany (as photo), natural mahogany, mahogany fusion, and lacquered.

Cubus Pure by Team 7

cubus pure of team 7

Cubus Pure offers a very natural welcome to a home. It has a wide range of design options, including an extensive unit and the modular system cabinet, allowing modern receivers to adapt perfectly to your needs. Custom pieces are also available. The glass side panels can be easily replaced at any time using specially developed and patented connection adapters.

Wall mounted unit REBEL- R_11

mounted wall unit REBEL- R_11

The charm of this furniture is aged natural wood with its unique veins that make any piece is unrepeatable. The wood is subject to an exclusive natural treatment that improves the depth of the pore and the variety of colors. The unstructured wall units are freely combined between them according to a logic of open and closed storage units of television and racks of equipment patented by Fimar.

Quattro receiver station

furniture hall model quattro

The industrial style Quatrro console is ideal for the loft or for elegant and modern interiors. These pieces are available on request in different sizes, and also with lacquered finishes in white, black, gray or red. The appearance of steel is an aesthetic choice. The appearance of marble and iridescent tones are random, therefore, they are unique pieces.

Mesilla Do not Forget Me

do not forget me hall furniture

This fabulous wooden hall unit with floor lamp is also available in different colors and finishes.

Hallway set DR • ØNE

DR • ØNE corridor design

DR • ØNE is a wall-mounted corridor laminate unit designed by De Rosso DR A structure without sharp edges or visible joints can be easily made using the different parts. The result is a structure made in one piece.

Telephone station FON

fon gorjo model receiver

Above you can see the FON telephone station that manages to disguise all the wiring in a great way. A functional and practical furniture that can be included in offices and offices.

Bedside design FIND

hall model Find

From the same manufacturer we have FIND, a really practical furniture for placing keys, the mobile phone, the purse, letters, newspapers, glasses, purchase note, etc. It is made of MDF melamine resin with white lacquered finish.

Input unit SCHUH

furniture Schuh signature toho

Tojo Möbel's SCHUH hall unit is another functional and indispensable design for any entrance corridor.

Frames Hinges hall unit

frames hinges design hall

FRAMES & HINGES is the standing corridor unit designed by Natalia Geci. It has different metal frames and wooden hinges that create an innumerable amount of configurations. These self-supporting structures can be clothes hooks, panels, dividing screens, puppet theater for children, etc. The frames can be moved by the hinges to fit any space. When necessary it can be completely folded for storage or transport.

Console Bonheur Du Jour Zen

table top bonheur du jour zen 9 fiderno

BONHEUR DU JOUR - ZEN 9 is a console with rectangular tempered glass table designed by Adentro. This console performs different functions depending on its location: a small desk when in a living room or a decorative piece in a lobby.

Ave hall unit

model Ave signs radis

AVE is a hallway unit designed by Raul Abner for Radis. It is very easy to assemble and without screws. Made of birch plywood and available in various shades. AVE was nominated for the Estonian design award Bruno 2014.

Bench unit of Schonbuch

model Bench firm Schonbuch

BENCH is a wooden hall unit designed by Zeichen and Wunder for Schönbuch. This closet offers ideal storage space in hallways and small rooms. Individual elements of different widths can be used multiple times in modern receivers. The front panels are painted, and have no visible handles.

Woodman Industrial Unit

Industrial firm woodman

The INDUSTRIAL model hallway unit from Woodman features a steel tube structure with white powder coating. The baskets are made of metal nets and the bottom rack and part of the seat are made of veneered and varnished oak veneer.

Secret Unit of Colé Italian Design Label

Secret signature colle

SECRET is a true hybrid between a chair upholstered retro with a minimalist mirror like a thin backrest and an element for hanging clothes. The wooden structure on the upper part has a 45 ° cutting joint to improve the craftsmanship. Available in lacquered or matt and in black or white. The upholstered seat is available in a variety of plain or patterned fabrics.

Tonic hall unit

model tonic furniture

TONIC is a wooden corridor unit designed by Reinhard Dienes Díaz for Ames. Reinhard Dienes Díaz set out to create a furniture solution for modern receivers.

Umbrella stand model Elic

parador Elic red color

ELIC is a polyethylene umbrella stand with two spaces designed by Lanzillo and Martinengo for DECLIC ÁREA

Interrogative Point Unit

interrogative point furniture design

The PUNTO Interrogativo hallway unit is a Carpanelli Contemporary design. Also available in ivory white and gloss black.

Sideboard S7 by Schönbuch

suspended sideboard S7 lacquered by Schönbuch

The high suspended sideboard lacquered S7 by Schönbuch and designed by Dante Bonuccelli consists of a wardrobe, mirror for wall and other matching accessories that create this extremely versatile system.

Shelf Vanity Shelf by Ligne Roset

vanity shelf by ligne roset

Hall unit Platz

modern hall furniture

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