Modern glass jugs for red wine

glass jars

In this article we are going to talk about some glass jars very modern that have been designed especially for red wines. The reason is that the color of the wine red allows to highlight the shapes of glass containers something that white wine would not do. We are also going to mention the designers of these works.

Very modern glass jars for red wine

glass wine jugs

In general als jugs crystal They are very appropriate for people who like to drink wine, but when it comes to style, elegance and design, glass jars are also ideal for interiors where these characteristics float through the air. In this photo you can see a jar with a very original shape that ends up making a circle.

A very modern and elegant design jar for your interior

glass jugs red wine

People who like wine have to take into account the red wine temperature in order to maintain the properties of the drink. There are some glass jars that can help you in this task because the material they have been made of is thicker and allows you to maintain a regular temperature longer.

A very original jars designed for red wine

modern glass wine jugs

Instead, you can also find jars that have a snake shape. When you pour the wine inside, it will accumulate in the most wavy areas and will spread throughout the rest of the container as you fill it. If you leave it halfway the result will be what you see in the image above, a jar with full depths.

A glass jug with the shape of the letter U

glass jars

Keep in mind that the glass is very good in all interiors and increases style and elegance. In this way you can get very modern and elegant interiors to which to attribute some jars with original shapes that will increase the style of your interior.

A jug with two holes, one on top and one on the side of Matilda Sundén Ringnér¹

glass containers

The jar that you see in this photo is from Matilda Sundén Ringnér. It is a container that has two holes, one on the top that is where you put the wine to the jar and the other is on one side of the jar. You can pour wine into the cups through this orifice.

A jar with a very original and modern design by Williams-Sonoma²

red wine modern jug

The extremely modern and original design of this jug is from Williams-Sonoma. It is a jug with integrated wine glass. The wine in the jar is poured into the glass and goes down through the glass tube that is at the bottom of the glass. On the other hand, when you want to serve it you simply have to tilt the jar to the side.

A jar that seems to be rolled up for your Final Touch³ red wine

red wine original carafe

On the other hand, this glass jug is of Final Touch and its design has rolled shapes, something very original and interesting for your interior.

A jug reminiscent of veins and capillaries in the human body

modern glass jars

A more classic design jug with lid

modern glass containers

A very special jug and its way of mounting

red wine house temperature

The classic and traditional of this glass jug

red wine temperature

¹ Matilda Sundén Ringnér

² Williams-Sonoma

³ Final Touch

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