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impressive bed headboards design

Are you thinking of changing the headboard of your bed? If yes, it is in the indicated place. Today we want to show you our selection of images of headboards more current, enjoy the tour and discover what is the perfect design for you. First of all, you should know why you want a headboard and what benefits you expect from it. There are many beds that do not have a headboard and that is why you may wonder if you really need it. For this reason, we must first ask ourselves the following question: What is a headboard?

Original designs of modern bed headboards

original headboards


A headboard is a piece of furniture that can be seen at the head of the bed. It usually joins the bed and can vary in style and size. You can even find creative headboards that will give you more functions and have more features, depending on the style.

Beautiful design of headboard with flowers

nice design bed headboard flowers

Before, the headboards were used as a board that separates the head of the person from the cold wall during sleep. This helps maintain the walls and make the person feel more comfortable when sleeping. A headboard also serves to cover the small space between the bed and the wall where cold air is able to penetrate the night. When the bed is attached to the wall, the cold is directly towards the bed, and we want to avoid this.

Original modern room design

nice modern room design

The main material that is popularly used for headboards is wood, because it is moldable and isolates from the cold. On the other hand, there have been a lot of innovations in the design of beds now, and they are no longer forced to have headboards. However, there are still some people who prefer the headboards because of their classic appearance and aesthetic design that makes a room look very homely.

Nice design of upholstered black headboard

nice black headboard design

Let's now see some interesting features of modern headboards. Nowadays the houses are made so that they can heat up better and faster and this makes the use of the headboards no longer as necessary as before, however, they have not yet completely disappeared from the construction of beds, since now they have a new function. Today's headboards hold cushions or bedding. Now, they can also be used as a storage space or they can even function as a shelf for the books of those who love reading just before sleeping.

Original design modern black padded headboard

modern black padded headboard

There are also a lot of activities that can be done with the help of a headboard. It can be used as a back support when sitting in bed and reading a book or watching a movie. You can also lean on it when you simply sit down to rest your back.

Original gray headboard in capitone style

headboard gray color capitone style

Many make use of the headboards as storage places. You can store small things inside such as your alarm clock, books, cups, stuffed toys and anything else. In some cases, the headboards have lateral extensions that act as practical bedside tables.

Original green upholstered headboard

headboard classic style green color

And although there are not many uses for bed headboards, you can still place one simply by design. They have the aesthetic charm that can give life and style to the environment; they are always favorite elements among interior designers. You can get headboards of different colors and materials.

Super modern beige upholstered headboard

Upholstered beige modern headboard

For this reason, you can often see headboards that can be of different styles, painted differently and above all constructed differently. You can try the upholstered headboards, as they are very comfortable, especially for those who love reading. You can choose almost any type of headboard, just make sure that you feel comfortable.

Original headboard separator of rattan environments

headboard separator environments design ratan

You can find headboards in different designs, such as the classic square type that can be seen in the previous images. However today there are other forms for headboard designs such as designs with round corners and arches. There are wicker or bamboo headboards, really exquisite pieces that will give your bedroom an exotic look.

Original designs of modern headboards in a capitone style

modern headboards capitone style

You do not have to worry about the size of the headboards, as they can be adapted to single beds, double beds, queen beds and any other type of bed. That's why you can be free in the search for the best head design you can get for your room. The options are extensive and this may be the perfect opportunity to try something new in your room.

Great upholstered headboard in a tufted style

upholstered headboard capitone

You can find online header designs with great ease so you can get an idea of ​​what you might want. You can also check out the furniture websites and see what are the most popular headboard designs nowadays. Depending on how personalized you want your headboard to be, you can have it built or you can buy one already made.

Original white headboard style

white modern style headboard

Choosing a headboard depends above all on your preferences, but this does not mean that you necessarily have to get one; The final decision is always yours and how much you want a headboard In his bedroom.

Pretty bed with gray headboard in a tufted style

modern gray headboard bed

As for the images, we have started showing some designs of upholstered and padded headboards that are perfect for lying down to read before going to sleep.

Super pink tufted bed headboard

super headboard bed childish capitone

Nothing better than a headboard that is soft and fluffy, whatever they say. The capitoné style is very fashionable, and the best thing of all is that it allows to make amazing combinations.

Original gray padded headboard design

original gray padded headboard

A quilted padding is great in all types of rooms and in virtually any style of decoration.

Original bed with headboard upholstered in luxurious style

original white upholstered bed

The luxurious and elegant accent of this upholstery adapts in a great way to any design making the bed look majestic and stately.

Original soft bed headboard design

original spongy bed headboard design

In the most minimalist bedroom designs, the capitoné also has a place, everything depends on the decorative elements that accompany it.

Original capitone style headboard design

original design headboard capitone

The type of headboard, according to its size or shape, will help to make the best use of the design of the room. Look at the image above; a small room that has a tall headboard creates the widest visual effect.

Super modern gray color headboard design

super design deco headboard

On the contrary, if the headboard wall is large and the room It is spacious, you can try with a low headboard but that protrudes from the sides of the bed.

Original headboard in modern style

modern deco style headboard design

A headboard can be that element that accentuates and stands out inside a room,

Great design of upholstered headboard

modern style headboard design

or it can be the unifying element that connects the elements to the same style of decoration.

Headboard design with chevron style patterns

headboard design chevron patterns

Let's see now the designs of headboards that are not padded. They appear in a wide variety of designs and materials, some of them are even very simple to make at home.

Great modern room decor

great decoration spacious room

Sometimes a headboard can have a mere aesthetic function inside a bedroom, but this does not mean that we should dispense with it, quite the opposite.

Original bed head design

super bed headboard design

Sometimes, the lack of space or the owner's tastes make a bedroom look scarce furniture and decorative details. It is in these cases when a headboard can be of great help.

Original modern blue headboard

original double headboard color blue

A design that is modern and original can give character and personality to the room, without hindering or taking space available.

Original headboard model Tetris by Lola Glamor

original bed headboards Lola Glamor

This original headboard design by Lola Glamor is called Tetris is made of plywood and is available in different finishes and compositions.

Design of bed with wooden headboard and platform

bed with wooden platform headboard

If you prefer, you can choose a headboard that reaches the ceiling and also has a platform that raises the bed inches from the ground.

Vintage style DIY bed headboard

headboard bed DIY vintage style

We are going to see now some designs of very original DIY pitches, so it will take some interesting ideas that can be of great benefit to you.

Original retro style black plank headboard

headboard planks retro black blinds

Old wooden doors or shutters can create a great vintage or shabby chic effect in a room.

Original design of children's room with headboard DIY

original children's headboard DIY

Choose several planks and renew their appearance by giving them a sanding and several layers of paint. They are ideal for any room, even for children.

Super white bed headboard with shelves

super headboard white shelf

Placing a stanzas as a headboard can be a good idea, as long as the shelves are secure and there is no risk of hitting the head when getting out of bed.

Design of children's headboard with white shelves

headboard nursery white shelves

The shelves are ideal to complete the decoration of a headboard, they can even be placed some plants to give natural life to the room.

Original headboard design with shelf and vine plant

headboard plant bindweed shelf deco

It is not recommended to sleep with plants in the room, but there is no problem with placing one or two.

Super natural wood headboard

super headboard piece wood

There are even bed headboards with free and pretentious shapes. You can use almost anything to create a headboard; Pillows grouped in the form of a screen, pieces of driftwood or bamboo poles against the wall, even old books that form a backrest.

Stunning natural wood headboard design

impressive bed headboard design

A free-form headboard can infuse your personality and interests into a one-of-a-kind creation. If it is your passion, you can become a focal point in your bedroom; With a free-form design, the roof is the limit.

Super shabby chic headboard

super shabby chic style headboard

And, of course, pallet wood can come great if you want to build your own design headboard .

Original natural wood headboard

nice headboard natural wood bed

Also the doors, blinds, window frames, pieces of the fireplace and barn wood make excellent backdrops for a bed, and the versatility offered by the wood for your bedroom is practically endless.

Original Diy wooden headboard design

original Diy headboard design

For example, you can make a very stained masterpiece or reuse some chipped vintage style door frames for your bedroom.

Original diy wood headboard design

original design headboard palet diy

The weathered blinds form a perfect headboard if you want a beach environment at home. Wood offers a multitude of finishing options and styles at a reasonable cost.

Original design of natural wood plank headboard

round paper lanterns wood headboard

Original ideas for headboards

headboard original ideas oars

Original wooden headboard with retro style image

wood headboard retro image

Original Diy headboard made of wood pallets

headboard wood diy palet glasses

Original design of recycled wood headboard

original wood headboard design

* Image: Favela bed designed by Fernando & Humberto Campana
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