Modern home on the outskirts of Sofia, Bulgaria

original garden modern pool home

Located on a hillside outside of Sofia, right between the city and the mountains, this home enjoys panoramic views in two directions. Down below the street you can see the urban landscape and up through the garden you can see the peaks of the mountains. This corresponds to the exterior spaces under the projecting roof. The small widening of the street defines an entrance space while the terrace connects the house with the garden.

A modern home on the outskirts of Sofia, Bulgaria

nice modern house design

The Bulgarian practice designed the Pagoda house so that it would fit on the hillside, linking with an elevated garden behind the bulk of the building. Here residents can enjoy views of the city skyline while they remain hidden from the street.

House in the outskirts of Sofia called Pagoda House


Inside, a glass wall inserted between the staircase and a built-in garage makes the owner's classic car appear as a decorative piece when not in use.

Original modern home design in the outskirts of Sofia

modern home outskirts sofia

The hedge follows the slope of the street. Behind it, a series of more intimate secondary courtyards complete the interior spaces of the house.

Original design of natural wood facade

original wood facade design

The first floor is hidden in the hillside, so the main floor is on the ground facing the street and the garden protects the intimacy of the family, explained the architects, whose previous projects include a house with a stepped veranda and a residence with an "elevated meadow" and gabion walls.

Nice design of modern living room with views

nice design living room

Upstairs, an open-plan kitchen, living and dining room occupy one wing of the L-shaped plan, and three bedrooms and a children's lounge fill the other.

Original modern two-story interior design

original interior design stairs

While the facades facing the street are covered with natural-looking planks of warm wood,

Original design of living room with views towards the garden

living room with views

the rear part of the building is covered with sliding glazing that gives access to the elevated garden and the pool.

Original modern style backyard design

original modern patio design

The recessed windows are placed on the wooden siding in the walls outside of the house and lined with a walnut tree and the perimeter hedges, which follow the slope of the street to act as a screen.

Original exterior view of the garage with wooden facade

exterior view garage facade wood

The garage is flanked at ground level by utility spaces, including a laundry room, a toilet and a closet, as well as two other parking spaces.

Original garage design with retro style car

garage area car retro style

Original design of modern kitchen and dining room

black kitchen modern dining room design

Design of modern bathroom

original design modern bathroom

Original design of modern style bathroom


Great design of reading room

great room modern readings

Original design of modern facade in black and wood

modern facade black wood

Original design of modern home with wooden facade

home style modern facade house

Visualizer: I / O Architects
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