Modern house in Melbourne, by Austin Maynard Architects

living room modern house

The house "Alfred House" is an addition and reconfiguration of an existing two-story house with terrace and two bedrooms, with an inclination that had little relation to the outer space. The client wanted to reproduce one of the previous projects of the firm called Vader House, since he liked the idea of ​​a centralized patio.

The "Alfred House" by Austin Maynard Architects

living room modern design

It was an interesting idea for the designers, since they could push the concept even more because of the connection of the property with the street. The big challenge was that the Alfred house had less than half of Vader's budget.

Original design of yellow bathroom

toilet bathroom yellow color

The space was redesigned to include an internal garden, a kitchen with laundry, a living room, a bathroom, a office and a garage for the client's valuable motorcycle. Instead of placing an addition directly in the back of the house, the small patio that is found in most of the houses, in a complete garden, was transformed. The walls fold easily to activate the space in a more natural way.

Minimalist kitchen design with white cabinets

minimalist style kitchen white furniture

The ground level of the back of the addition is sunk to a depth of 600 millimeters (2 feet) from the height of the street. The fall of the floor results in a generous internal height, but reduces the height of the building externally. To maintain soil levels between the old and the new, the four-foot level was lowered. Using glass panels that slide back completely, the view of the old house is completely unnoticed and creates a wonderful relationship.

Modern design kitchen with white minimalist cabinets

white kitchen modern design

Alfred was a true adjustment exercise, relentless in every detail while working with a tight budget and restricted. The way the kitchen doors come together without the use of a central column, the sparkling mirror of the dashboard, the use of perforated steel to filter the light, ... everything has been designed to suit the needs of the owner. There is also the original street graffiti of Order 55 that adorns the rear facade, specially commissioned by the client, and the yellow canary bathroom that dazzles in the otherwise pure white.

Original set of white kitchen cabinets

white modern kitchen design

The glass facing north and a perforated metal awning have been introduced to allow sunlight to enter. All windows They are double glazed with thermally separated frames. White roofs drastically reduce urban heat and heat transfer internally.

Design of patio facade with colorful graffiti

design facade graffiti colors

High performance insulation is everywhere. Together with the active management of the shade, and the demands of passive ventilation on mechanical heating and cooling are drastically reduced. A large water tank has been buried inside the courtyard.

Original entrance to the house with sliding door

modern house design facade door

All water from the roof is captured and reused to clean the toilets and water the garden. Whenever possible, the materials and accessories of local businesses were used. The new slab of heated hydronic concrete provides a large area of ​​thermal mass. Partial immersion reduces the surface area and stabilizes the internal temperature.

Set of minimalist kitchen cabinets

white minimalist kitchen cabinets

Original dining room design

Classic style dining room furniture

Modern interior design

original white modern kitchen

Entrance design with glass door

original design corridor entrance hall

Original modern garden design

original design patio garden

Dining room interior

original interior design salon

Yellow bathroom

original design bathroom

Modern interior

living room with white staircase

Visualizer: Austin Maynard Architects



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