Modern houses - 50 ideas to decorate interiors

living room color white low table

In today's article we're going to take a tour of a fantastic selection of images of modern houses decorated with the latest trends in interior design. We present a selection of photographs of different types of interior spaces with contemporary decoration, we hope you enjoy them.

Modern houses with contemporary interiors

modern houses white sofas wood

The image above shows a living room that is part of a spacious lobby with wood paneling on floors and one wall. The designs in white and wood They are acquiring much prominence in any type of space as we have seen in previous posts.

Interior design by John Lum

design link author john lum

The following loft-type living room design is by John Lum. It is a remodeled house located in San Francisco. After the renovation, it has some beautiful and warm pine wood ceilings that make a great combination thanks to a selection of Scandinavian style furniture, an authentic delight.

Design of modern bathroom with wood and stone

bathroom modern style wall stone

As we have been able to appreciate, wood is the material that plays a leading role in many of the modern house designs, as well as other natural materials such as stone . It is proven that an environment similar to nature helps us to live in peace and harmony fighting the stress of everyday life.

Kitchen design with garden views

crystal ball pendant lamp kitchen

The designs of interconnected spaces and the fusion of interiors with exteriors are also very current. Above we can see a clear example of this fashion thanks to the huge French-style window that occupies the entire wall of this kitchen providing great natural lighting.

Design of modern houses with views

modern houses forest views

Thanks to advances in technology and materials, the designs of today are also very practical functional and ecological. The transparent architectural elements allow the use of natural light as we have seen, so that it can be used for more hours a day without the need to turn on artificial lights.

Modern architecture with connected areas

modern houses current design salon

In terms of interior lighting, this has also undergone several changes as we have seen. In many designs it has come to be dispensed with the lamps having replaced them by incrustations of indirect Led lights. This type of lights allow endless possibilities in terms of lighting design.

Contemporary style room design

modern houses double room design

The most commonly used colors are the neutrals. We seek to expand and join spaces, so that no area is too prominent to be seen. Often we can see designs with an abundance of browns, grays and whites in which the surfaces are straight and smooth, lacking any kind of ornaments.

Modern style bathroom design

bathroom modern white bath

The same thing happens in bathrooms. The furniture share minimalist forms of practically perfect simplicity, giving greater importance to the whole environment. Wood appears again in all types of finishes and surfaces such as floors, walls, furniture, countertops or accessories.

Industrial style kitchen

modern wood kitchen industrial style

The industrial style is very frequent in the designs of modern kitchens. It is basically characterized by a rather rough look in which architectural elements predominate that usually tend to be camouflaged in the designs of other styles of decoration. Also the use of rough materials such as concrete or brick.

Interior decoration with abstract paintings

abstract green toned room picture

To avoid creating impersonal and too artificial environments many choose to include pieces and works of art to personal taste in their interior designs, it is a great way to characterize and personalize spaces by providing notes of color, shapes and figures. Also decorative details of smaller size such as bedding and cushions can transform a design.

Bathroom with wood paneling

wood coated bathroom

Finally, it is only necessary to add that in the interior designs of modern houses the coverings play a very important role. It happens that very often it is the type of floor or wall covering that determines and divides the different zones, as it happens in the bathroom design that appears above.

Modern designs with wooden elements

design modern houses salon stairs

Forecasters and trend designers claim that there is currently a great shake-up in predicted interior trends.

White modern kitchen design

modern white kitchen design patio

Warm materials, such as terracotta tiles, will replace the current cold and white tones. Unlike the 80s, bright tiles are no longer used. Instead, they will now have a natural matte finish and will be used as wall features in bathrooms or for chimney linings.

Modern kitchen decoration

modern kitchen design red wall

The cork is coming back. Not only is it an idea of ​​stylish material that adds warmth and texture to spaces, it is also ideal for absorbing noise in open plan homes. It is used in coffee tables in combination with stone tops, as solid cork stools or as side tables.

Office with cork wall

cork wall

There are designers who say that cork could be used to line entire walls in home offices and used as a tabón to fix notes.

Modern houses - 50 ideas to decorate interiors

The dark shades of green will become the new fashionable dark interior color while we bid farewell to navy blue of war and midnight. Dark green as a paint color for rooms like bedrooms creates a wet Scandinavian backdrop for brown leathers, reindeer skins, brass lamps and natural linen .. Used in an armchair or on cushions and decoration items as an accent, add depth to the spaces.

Modern design of small kitchens

design kitchens small wood

design dining room elements wood

modern dining room design wall paper

bathroom wood washbasin copper

futuristic design white modern houses

modern design living room views

modern black fireplace design

modern black column design

modern living room design black stairs

design living room modern wall wood

modern living room sofa skin

exterior terrace design exterior fireplace

Well-lit modern bedroom

studio modern style black color

island kitchen table wood marble

dining table long wood chairs

furniture dining floor granite bookshelf

wicker furniture modern terrace plants

works art vias wood salon

living room led lights led

living room window view garden

living room white color wood logs

living room dining room modern encrusted lights

living room cladding wood sofa blue

living room modern design white wood

living room modern design gray sofa

living room sofa large white color

living room sofa black cactus bed

living room terrace laminated wood floor

modern living room fireplace fireplace

futuristic armchairs silver color

red color sofa lounge views

sofas salon velvet purple color

terrace covered porch minimalist style

uncle walking modern fireplace room

wood library

modern interiors

boho style

accent wall

velvet sofa

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