Modern houses functional design by Christopher Ward Studio

modern houses special-country design

During all this time we have been sharing amazing projects of houses with different styles and designs. Today will not be the exception and we have selected a home located in Reggio Emilia, Italy. It is a beautiful project carried out by Interior Design Christopher Ward Studio. A living place that within the modern houses design and all its configuration occupy a privileged place. The entire conception of work began in the year two thousand and twelve and concluded three years later.

Modern houses design by Christopher Ward Studio

modern houses simple design-rocks

The first thing that catches your attention when you appreciate this beautiful architectural work is its exterior. AS unlike other modern houses exterior design with wood and stone is what sets it apart. The contrast of dark wood with stone creates a really special visual effect. The best thing about this exterior design is the way in which it is integrated into the entire landscape that surrounds the house. Especially with the gardens that border the entire property.

modern houses design sliding doors

With a very precise selection of trees that maintains absolute privacy throughout the space of the outdoor areas. Being large species as in other modern houses design and gardens even improves the privacy of the interior with these species. Thus the sensation is extremely pleasant when you are outdoors or in any area inside or outside the house.

Modern houses seen from outside areas and modern furniture

modern houses hanging design-spaces

This building created by Interior Design Christopher Ward Studio has several spaces to relax. In the house, the presence of several terraces and different rest areas. In all these areas the presence of furniture is a guarantee of rest and elegance. Hanging chairs, or a large sofa are some of them. The combination with wide cushions comfort in the company of the landscape is absolute.

modern houses design slopes-steep

This makes this house located in Reggio Emilia a perfect place to share with friends and family. Another aspect that attracts attention unlike other modern houses designs and exteriors is the floor of the terrace. It is an aged wooden floor that makes the outdoor furniture look differently.

modern houses islands-tropical design

For a better socialization and enjoyment of the outdoor areas in the same way a dining room was added. This outdoor dining room is surrounded by abundant vegetation that also guarantees adequate privacy. In combination with the outdoor lounge are two details that make this terrace a space that you never want to leave.


Inside the house Interior Design Christopher Ward Studio opted for modern furniture. They are present in many of the areas as well as several works of art. An exquisite detail that also separates different notes of color through the spaces. All the comfort and the sense of relaxation of the exterior are transmitted to the interior of the house.


Each space maintains a level of comfort that invites relaxation and meditation. In essence, as in other modern houses, design and decoration have been put at the service of warmth. In addition to modern furniture, each of the decorative objects occupies a very special and strategic place to create a charming and warm atmosphere.


All the modernity of the interior of the house has a lot to do with the materials used. Above all, a selection of concrete and wood has been made. Both can be seen in the walls, the ceiling and the floors of the house. Another material with which wood has been combined is with glass.


Perhaps the most notable point in this case are the handrails of the wooden staircase made of glass. A point of reference in the interior and that guarantees access to the second floor. The entire tour of the interior must stop in the kitchen. The first thing that stands out in this modern kitchen is the island.

forms-salons-private-dining rooms

It is not a common island that can be seen in modern homes designs and other interiors. Here you can see a stainless steel island with a large presence of storage spaces. A structure that in addition to being very functional has a great visual impact throughout the interior.


Near the kitchen a small modern dining room is perfect for any celebration. The perfect accent is a black lamp with a contemporary design. Another interesting piece of furniture is a cabinet with a very different retro image. With just looking at it we realize the great wealth of styles in the interior of the house.


A mixture of styles that share the same space. Despite having several pieces of furniture and areas visually, the spaces are closely linked to each other. For example, in the dining room, large glass doors allow you to see the kitchen.


A perfect choice that allows a visual continuity of the entire space although the doors are closed. Another of the dining rooms has a fresh and different appearance in light green tones. Access to this space is through glass doors. It draws attention precisely all the color of the design.


To discover the second level, we use the wooden staircase with glass rails mentioned above. On this floor there is a bedroom furnished with modern pieces and works of art. The characteristics of the roof are different in this area. It is a roof of greater height and the beams cross from one side to the other.


Similarly, the bathroom is another example of the prominence of wood. With all this material they were covered from the floor to the walls in a beautiful contrast with the white color. Undoubtedly a different way of conceiving the bathroom by Interior Design Christopher Ward Studio . Enjoy the images and all the details of this beautiful example of a modern and functional house.


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