Modern houses, Torcuato House Pavilion the perfect refuge

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Always in terms of modern houses, the proposals are surprising. One of them is the one selected for today. This is the Torcuato House Pavilion project carried out by Besonias Almeida Arquitectos.

Modern houses with functional details in the design

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An architecture studio based in Buenos Aires. This interesting project arises from the need for an enclosure where they can be isolated from the main house. A space where you can work in an easy and relaxed way. In essence when we see the result as in other modern houses, it also highlights the way it is connected to the landscape. From the beginning of the project it was an indeterminate space as well as its use in the immediate future.

Modern houses integrated into the landscape that surrounds them harmoniously

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One of the main premises was the comfort that should reign in this beautiful place. As we can appreciate, this is achieved more than the season of the year. To complete the design, a bathroom outdoor. As well as a small warehouse for the elements that could be in disuse. Besonias Almeida Architects was completing the project from successive folds of concrete. This is important because despite being a small space a high degree of privacy in the visual aspect is achieved.

Different uses of wood in floors and walls fill this beautiful environment with warmth

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The sound aspect regarding the environment was also taken into account given its usefulness as a work zone. As an expansion, access to the bathroom and to multiple uses can be identified. Both seem to join the landscape while the store is hidden. Torcuato House Pavilion is not simply an addition that can be made to modern homes. It is an area from which you can contemplate nature. A perfect place added to the usual home that allows reflection as a refuge.

The detailed lighting of several elements transforms the landscape during the nights

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The location selected by Besonías Almeida Arquitectos can not be better. Located near evergreens the plot is further away from the main house. Simply this environment is enough to scam a break away from modern life. To create this sense of warmth and welcome, the materials were fundamental. The wood natural, concrete and glass were used in conjunction with this objective. Achieving a truly unique floor and wall design.

Plants are another fundamental component in the aesthetics of their design

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In terms of furniture, a very detailed use has been made. It can be said that a minimum use has been made that keeps the interior with this relaxed image. Next to the fireplace an integrated bench extends to the outdoor area. For many modern houses this may be an extra space but it goes much further. The whole structure is a harmonious combination in which Besonías Almeida Arquitectos offers visual privacy. Maintaining at the same time spaces and openings that facilitate the relationship with the nature of this beautiful place.

Angle where you can see the beautiful geometric shapes and the harmony of the building

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The integration with the landscape is perfect and harmonious in every way

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Various elements of architecture create interesting effects with lighting

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Another sample of the plants that have been integrated into the terrace area harmoniously

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The foci at the base of the plants highlight each of its details in the garden

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