Modern interior decoration in gray and white

kitchen dining room open large gray sofas apartment ideas

In our article today we have some very original images with ideas for interior decoration in White and very modern gray. For you we have compiled a series of tips on images on how to decorate in white and Gray . Contrary to popular belief, that gray is a sad color if combined with white creates solutions with great precious effect. It is an elegant combination. If you choose furniture in white and gray, this will allow you to create a cozy and sophisticated aesthetic relaxation area.

Interior decoration furniture in white and gray

lovely carpet living room open kitchen white gray ideas

There are many possibilities to use these two colors, you can mix them, use them for furniture or to paint the walls, depending on the tastes of each one. It is true that gray is not only the most appropriate color spaces in classic style, it is a more accessible tone for modern type environments. And in fact one of the fashionable colors of recent years, widely used by architects and interior designers, only because it fits very well with the current decoration.

Interior decoration beautiful paintings in the living room in white and gray

aparatamento walls floor white sofa gray pictures ideas

Gray and white are the perfect colors for an elegant room to flood the room with light or for mixers with more vibrant colors. Obviously, depending on the predominant color they give a design atmosphere and with precise style. A dark gray, for example, fits very well with light wood in places with a rustic design, while a metallic tone is more suitable for industrial style rooms.

Gray furniture and white walls in the modern living room

gray doors cabinets white walls modern living room ideas

The combination between gray and white can be used in all rooms of the house. With a gray wall of focus in the bedroom you will achieve excellent aesthetic results. An idea for a sophisticated bedroom can be to paint with all walls gray, but choose white for furniture and decorations. Even in the space dedicated to wellness or rather in the bathroom this combination is not bad, especially because white is synonymous with cleanliness and hygiene, while gray makes the bathroom look very sophisticated and modern. Check our images with interior decoration ideas in white and gray and inspire yourself.

Modern bathroom with wall of gray and white tiles

Modern spacious bathroom stool decorative flowers ideas

Some people believe that a gray and white interior will be boring and monotonous. The photos that we show you in this article say something else. And if we look, it turns out that this statement is just a stereotype, based on the understanding that something gray is deprived of individuality and "taste". If you belong to the category of people who ignore the gray color inside, you can be sure that when you finish reading this article and see these photos, your opinion will not be the same.

Bathroom with wooden floor and gray and white tiles on the wall


In addition, the union of these colors is good for specios in classic style. But here you have to take its pastel colors. If you combine light shades of gray with white, the interior will be easier to build. A design with this base, can be of any style, even the most modern. If you take a combination of saturated tones along with gray and white, the interior receives a unisex design in the sense that very masculine or very feminine details will not prevail.

Very striking lovely picture on the bedroom wall in white and gray designed by Benjamin Cruz

Benjamin Cruz bedroom contemporary style white gray ideas

Well this combination is suitable for living rooms, and perhaps for the family bedroom. You can use many variations in a design. The many faces of gray can be used to create very original designs. The gray coolor has a large number of tonalities, each of which has a special sense in the company of other colors.

Interior decoration a very spacious kitchen idea with island and gray cabinets

kitchen closets gray white walls wide island chairs ideas

If you want to create a comfortable interior in shades of gray and white we recommend the use of wooden touches in furniture and accessories. The color of natural wood can transform a room, decorated in shades of gray, and give a touch of beauty to the home. Beech, alder, light oak, birch, walnut and many other types of wood combine well with one or another shade of gray. If you aspire to a design with the help of other natural materials other than wood you can use wicker furniture, rattan, sea pebbles as decoration, layers of leather on seats or carpets.

Kitchen with white furniture and gray wall

kitchen contemporary style gray white ideas

Since we were talking about the natural elements in a gray interior, we recommend that you also have the help of living plants. These can be potted trees or flowers in pots for indoor. In the first case, it adds to the atmosphere of the room more comfort, in the second - it makes it more sophisticated. Gray is perfectly combined with artificial materials such as glass, metal and plastic.

Minimalist style kitchen in white and gray

kitchen minimalist style washbasin white table chairs gray ideas

Summing up the combination of gray and white with other shades it is possible but as for any design we must make an introduction of harmonious color in the interior. Everything will depend on the style and size of the room. We must always add the appropriate amount of colors to our room. Therefore, for small rooms, it is recommended to use light shades of gray and complement with any of the neutral yellow and orange or warm white colors.

Kitchen with very large island in white and gray

kitchen island minimalist style white gray ideas

While for larger rooms with large windows we can afford to decorate a wall with dark shades of gray and create color accents with colors such as red, blue, fuchsia, and so on. The tandem of these two colors is noble and fresh and can become an excellent choice for those who have not decided if they want a room too bright or a very simple.

Minimalist style kitchen in white and gray

kitchen furniture gray white walls minimal style ideas

Interior decoration an idea of ​​modern bathroom with gray marble on the walls

bathroom modern shower bathtub wall marble gray ideas

Modern living room with wooden table and gray walls

dining room minimalist table wood natural blanc gray ideas

Bathroom with gray marble countertops and white walls


Modern bathroom with very original chair in white and gray

interior decoration modern bathroom chair design white gray ideas

Luxury bathroom in gray and white

interior decoration bathroom zen bathtub gray round ideas

Modern living room with gray ceiling and white sofas

interior decoration white walls gray ceiling lamparas metal ideas

interior decoration neutral colors furniture ideas

interior decoration gray curtains white walls ideas

interior decoration bedroom bed wall gray ideas

interior decoration room rest cushions carpet gray white walls ideas

interior decoration slabs dark gray floor white walls sofas ideas

interior decoration office chair gray desk white ideas

interior decoration wall gray lighting LED bed leather white ideas

interior decoration wall brick gray tables marble coffee ideas

bathroom shower screen gray slabs white furniture ideas

interior decoration white blind wall gray bedroom ideas

interior decoration living room modern sofa white wall gray ideas

interior decoration gray sofa modern walls living ideas

bedroom picture wall white bed gray ideas

bedroom country style walls wood white bed gray ideas

bedroom minimalist style white bed gray walls ideas

modern bedroom white bed lighting original gray walls minimalist ideas

bedroom walls light gray furniture white ideas

bedroom walls gray closet white crib ideas

island wood house white gray kitchen living ideas

Karen Wolf bedroom white bed walls gray ideas

Kari McIntosh Dawdy room baby white gray orange blue ideas

Scandinavian style living room white walls furniture gray color ideas

living room modern minimalist style gray white ideas

modern living room white sofas minimalist style ideas

modern living room high ceilings luminous gray sofa ideas

living room small modern sofa gray white walls ideas

dark gray sofa white walls modern living room ideas

interior decoration white walls gray furniture ideas

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